Dark forest by aker89

Author's Note~ Edit


This story is about the pack the Forsaken on the Animal Jam Clans Wiki. Most of the information and events given in this story does not apply to the true and real events going on in the Forsaken. In other words, most of this story is fake and is just made up. This is to prevent any secrets or unnecessary information to be exposed. For example, battles and drama. Those will specifically be false events.

This story is a collaboration between the Head Combatant of the Forsaken, Zahra, (Thedarkomen21, Thedarkomen), and the Delta of the Forsaken, Chevell. (Verduisterend, Thekewlman)

Thank you for picking this story to read, and I hope you enjoy it!

(This story may get a little edgy.)

There will be Zahra's POV, Chevell's POV, and Obsidian's POV. (The Alpha of the Forsaken)

Other POVS may be added.

POV - Point of View

Prologue Edit

"Go Obsidian, just go and make your pack...and you better make it well."

Obsidian smirked, a devious glare displayed onto her abnormal, prodigious frame, directly focusing onto her mother's stern glare.

"Maybe I will, mother," Obsidian sneered, baring her pearly teeth, "Maybe I will..."

"Farewell Obsidian, I will not even doubt nor ever miss you. You had been a 'no good' to both your father and myself, as well as anyone's soul.' Her mother spoke clearly, slightly turning her head. Her face portrayed no expression as she had watched her daughter for long enough.

Obsidian tilted her head down, eyes forced to oversee the older female as lightly, she stepped towards her mother, not knowing whether or not she will strongly regret the following decision that was brought to her attention...

She chuckled ever so faintly as her laugh broke into a malicious snarl, fearlessly lunging at her darkened mother. Obsidian locked her jaws around her neck, compressing her windpipe, her gaze relaxing in pleasure to hear abnormal amounts of small bones crackling between her teeth. Her canines began to draw various amounts of bright vermilion blood, curling around her mother's throat, seeping out of her neck pores.

"Neither will I," Obsidian mumbled sadisticly on her mother's neck before jerking diagonally, tightening her grip. She could barely manage to break into a grin, clenching her canines, feeling the creature in her grip go limp.

She stepped back, admiring her work. Her mother was laying limp, a deadened glaze shadowing her eyes and a large gash evinced among her neck.

Chapter 1 - A New Beginning Edit

Though heavily exhausted, Obsidian continued her journey, the farthest one from her past.

She didn't really know where she was heading, but it didn't particularly matter to her. She had easily ended her mother and she was confident absolutely nothing was in her way. She had padded to a nearby stream, slurping down water she had missed during her extensive journey. Obsidian came across an unfamiliar scent, curiosity overtaking her. She picked up her head, furthermore followed the aroma willingly.

Obsidian reached a tall Sycomore tree and as she peered around it, she had spotted a very obscure-pelted wolf. She narrowed her eyes, unaware of the events about to happen.

Obsidian launched herself at the stranger wolf, unsuspecting a brief retaliation. She had clutched the smaller frame, digging into its lower back and as she did so, she was having a hard time.

The obscure wolf turned sharply, gaping her jaws to reveal pointed teeth. It had leapt at Obsidian, striking her lower neck, soon sinking its teeth into Obsidian's shoulder, standing quickly to pin her.

"Who are you and why are you here?" The wolf snarled, its lip drawn back. Her face was angered, starting to clench its teeth, pressing its tongue against the back of them.

"I'm Obsidian, an-and I'm jus-st passing through," Obsidian stuttered, her breathing accelerated. She watched the movement of the shorter wolf, quickly silencing.

"Hmph," The wolf murmured, stepping off of Obsidian, "I'm Illusion."

Obsidian admired Illusion's strength. Strong and brave, mighty and persistent, independent and-maybe, her mind struck an idea, she could start a pack with her...

Obsidian stood up, silently rasping her tongue over her hind-paw. Illusion watched her, poised to leap. She had stood tall, tufts of fur scattered around her.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you," Obsidian mumbled over her paw, "I was actually thinking if you wanted to make a pack with me..."

Illusion gazed at her, almost if she was playing dumb...

Soon after Obsidian's statement, two wolves emerged from the undergrowth, their tails held high with confidence. As soon as the darker hazel-colored wolf caught a glimpse of an unfamiliar soul, she backed away slightly, at her side, the shaded wolf began to growl in protection.

"Chevell, Sharne!" Illusion exclaimed, bounding over to them. Her tail was waving rapidly, almost as if she hadn't seen her initiates in years. She looked at them with a smile from ear to ear, the shady wolf glancing past her.

"Who is this furball?" Chevell slurred, glancing from Illusion to Obsidian. "She looks-" llusion snapped her jaw facing Chevrolet and just shrugged in response.

"This is Obsidian, she wanted to make a pack with me," Illusion explained, soon narrowing her eyes against the rays of sun penetrating through the canopy of the surrounding trees. "And Chevell, don't judge someone by their appearance. Chevell stared down at her paws and glared back to Obsidian.

"A pack, you say?" Sharne questioned, peering over at Obsidian, "Maybe we all can be apart of it..." She acted confused and suggestive but hoped to be one of the higher ranks. She tilted her head, leaning into Chevell as the darker of the two pushed her off.

Chapter 2 - More Wolves Edit