Like any wiki, we have Policies that all editors, including righted users (rollbacks, chat moderators, administrators, staff, bureaucrats) and regular users are expected to follow or face punishment.

These rules are an altered version of the guidelines of Animal Jam Clans Wiki. Permission has been given to use these rules.

Regarding Story Creation

  • No spam pages.
  • Creating an article and leaving 'wip' as its only content is considered spam.
  • "Adoptables" stories are also considered spam. Please make them blogposts.
  • Use the forums, blog posts, or user pages for announcements,signups, stories that are not about feral animals (unless you are writing an alternate universe story that features your OC/RP group as humans) 
  • Pages that have their primary focus/theme revolve around death/mental-illness/violence or a commonly disliked/touchy subject are not allowed.
  • Any pages that stray away from the original focus of the wiki (i.e. unrelated pages, just-for-fun-pages, unbelievable joke stories) are not allowed as articles. Though they are allowed as personal blogposts or user pages.
  • Please do not keep or recreate pages for the comments.
  • If the group is not a feral species, its page should not be a mainspace article. Groups that are not feral species can be blog posts or forums.

Regarding Page Editing

  • Absolutely no vandalism. Vandalism, as directly defined by the dictionary, "is the deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property".
  • Be thoughtful when editing another user's page. It is not recommended you do unless it is removing vandalism, correcting categories, or fixing minor mistakes such as grammar. Otherwise, being reported for vandalism is a possibility.
  • If someone vandalizes your page, don't vandalize it back or you are both in the wrong. Simply report it to a staff member.
  • Do not spam-edit to earn badges. This is called badge-farming and is prohibited.
  • Use grammar to the best of your ability.
  • Please do not put emoticons ("o3o", "XD", ":D", ".-.", "._.", ":(", ":)", etc) in articles or on votes.
  • If Soundcloud URL tags are being used, do not have them set on "autoplay". This goes for anything and everything on the wiki, userpages, articles, blogposts etc.
  • Please do not use the display title template or have symbols in article titles. Symbols are allowed if they're a part of a username in the title.
  • When making a mainspace article, you are not allowed to create a sandbox for it. All sandboxes must be user subpages.

Regarding Banned Story Content

  • Stories with inappropriate content are prohibited.
    • This includes explicit sex scenes, pedophilia, and sexual abuse
  • Stories that promote suicide and other forms of self-harm are prohibited.
    • Direct scenes with an individual self-harming themselves by  'cutting' are prohibited. (Gentle implications of self-harm are allowed, however, as long as they are not too direct)
  • Directly bashing other users purely for personal reasons is prohibited.
  • This is a wiki designed for story-making not ranting about other people. 
  • Posting work of others without their legal consent is prohibited.

Regarding Warning Tags 

Some content that might be unsettling to some is allowed if the article has a filled out warning template.  Allowed Content with a complete warning template are:

  • Casual swearing 
  • Depictions of violence or gore
  • Non-detailed or implied instances of suicide or self-harm (including starving oneself and excluding cutting)
  • Mental Illnesses (as long as the story does not revolve around this and the author accurately portrays the illness) 
  • Intoxication

If you want to add material that might be triggering to some viewers and are not sure if a warning template is needed or if the material is not allowed at all, please contact a staff member!

Regarding Coding

  • Coding should be kept to a minimum. Sometimes having too much coding on an article can lag users.
  • This includes borders; too many borders can still cause lag. The border limit is 4 borders maximum. These borders must equal less than 25 pixels. This doesn't include box shadows.
  • Having a background in articles is also prohibited. Images or tables serving as backgrounds will be removed as they are considered loopholes. This is most commonly seen by putting an image into a cell with a background.

Regarding Images and Media

  • If a photo is not allowed for use by the photographer/creator, don't upload it. Not all images are for stock use.
  • Similarly, do not upload art unless it is yours, or you have credited and received permission from the original artist.
Copyright diagram made by EliteNinjaWarrior
  • Off-topic photos or spam photos are not allowed on articles.
  • Images (regarding gifs) that are flashy or contain epileptic movement are not permitted. They will be removed. In the case of videos, please give a warning.

Regarding Categories

  • You are not allowed to create new categories. Please contact a staff member first.
  • Do not add categories to blog posts. A category is automatically added and that is the only valid category for blog posts.
  • Allowed categories of blog posts are Blog posts, Open To Criticism, and Candidates for Deletion.
  • Please do not categorize pages incorrectly. If you are unsure about a category, ask a member of the staff
Categories List

Page Categories


A general category for all stories. For any group pages that do NOT classify under Clans, Packs, or Multi-species.


For stories that are about clans. Used with the "Stories" category

Multi-species For stories that feature groups that consist of different species of animals. Used with the "Stories" category


For any stories that are about packs. Used with the "Stories" category

OC Stories Categories For stories that revolve around a specific character(s) such as backstories.

Cats For stories that are about a cat oc. Used with the "Stories" category


For stories that are about a canine oc. Used with the "Stories" category

Big Cats

For stories that are about a big cat oc. Used with the "Stories" category

Nontraditional Species

Used on any OC page where the character is not a species listed above (Cat, Dog, Wolf or big cat). Used with the "Stories" category

Article Management Categories (Often added with templates, see the template section below for more info on those)

Article stubs

Used on pages that lack content. Should only be applied through the {{Stub}} template. (Add the stub template and it will automatically appear.)

Candidates for Deletion

Used on pages that should be deleted for a valid reason. Should only be applied through the {{Delete}} template.(Add the delete template and it will automatically appear.) Candidates for Deletion

Used on pages are looking for constructive criticism so they can be improved. Should only be applied through the {{Critique}} template. (Add the critique template and it will appear automatically)

Content Warning

Used on pages that have content that could be disturbing to others (see 'Warning Template' above and learn when this template should be used in an article. Should only be applied through the {{Warning}} template (add the warning template and it will automatically appear)

if you are unsure if a category should exist or not, contact a staff member.

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