This is my third fan-fiction, In honor of Lilpurplekitty aka Spottedkit. Yes im very aware her name was Hawkstar but i would have preferred Aspenstar much better (don't tell her o,o) I will be editing a chapter or more in everyday after 4:00 (Most of the time) and any time after i wake up on Saturdays and Fridays, so... don't expect any edits then xD. If you see any problems with grammar or part of the story doesn't make since then feel free to tell me and/or correct me!

if you would like to be in the story just comment ill be happy to add you in! Current users in the story are: (Keep in mind the following are mainly on Animal Jam Clans Wiki)

  • Lilpurplekitty as Aspenpaw/heart/star
  • Me (TheSilentHowl) as Crimonpaw/light
  • WondahWomen as Ripplestar
  • KazureSenpai as Rustfur/Griffinshade (Deputy, only Griffinshade)
  • XxMoonFeatherxX as Nightpaw
  • Le Venom as Darkfang
  • EliteNinjaWarrior as Bircheye
  • Finchtail as Branchtail/Stormpool/Thornstripe
  • XxAutumnDragonxX as Autumnflight
  • XxLastChancexX as Midnightdove
  • Xxspilled inkxX as Inkface
  • Scaree as Feathersong (Medicine cat)
  • XxDaskerxX as Paleflower
  • (Figgle I forgot your name ) as Blueleaf
  • XxWillowstarxX as Creampaw
  • KhromeExx as Fatepaw
  • Panda86 as Charlie the Kittypet
  • Me also as Crimonkit's Brother, Jetkit
  • Peacefulvally as Shadowblood
  • Xx Horse Whisperer xX as Stonewhisper
  • Hjlee as Stormstrike
  • A Wikia Contributor as Silentpaw (Medicine cat Apprentice)

Glossary/Description Edit

This section is for if you don't know what something is or what is looks like :3 if you want me to add anything then just ask!

  1. Starclan Clearing - A small, starry clearing with one tall, skinny oak tree in the center.
  2. Main Streamclan Camp Form - The Streamclan camp is surrounded by a medium sized stream. The current isn't very strong, only during big storms does it have a possibility of flooding or overflowing This helps during training so that newly appointed apprentice learn to swim as soon as possible. The center is a clearing, most of the time its damp but at other times it can be very dry. The camp in general is very large and can fit the entire clan in it if every cat was from nose to tail tip.
  3. Streamclan Nursery - Brown, stone, cave-like den. The edges have been carved out to where (with a certain hollow sap) Fireflies can be caught and put in. Ivy has grown around the edges and is used to line or replace the nests with.
  4. Streamclan Medicine den - A tree-like thicket with lush, thick leaves to block out most bad weather. Feathersong keeps her herb stock in a relatively large log, this is also where she sleeps. A pool of water has formed in a corner of the den and this is where she keeps her moss incase needed.
  5. Highstump - A tall Willow stump. The Highstump is surrounded by a small pool and reeds. a thick root creeps out the back of the stump and the inside has been hollowed out to make a den suitable for up to 3 cats. 

Streamclan Territory: Edit

Each clan has a fairly large amount of territory due to the area there territories are in.

Mossy Stones: Edit

A small clearing filled with a variety of different types of rocks and boulders, Mostly covered in leafy moss. Beneath these majestic rocks is a maze of tunnels and burrows. This gives Streamclan and advantage; The ability to train underground. This is much like Breezeclan does therefore that is an advantage they will not have. Streamclan is also able to learn underground hunting and fighting, although apprentice aren't aloud to until there at the age of eight moons. The prey here is plentiful as well making it one of the most popular hunting areas. Prey: Woodchuck, Gray squirrel, All types of rat and mice. Threat: Red Fox (not common/frequent)

Death Shock: A very tall leaf-less tree with odd, hard, gray, slick stone that gives a powerful electric shock once touched by fur. Prey: Many birds like to perch atop the odd and thick black strings that are attached to the deadly tree. Threat: Gives off a deadly electric shock once touched.

Reed Lands: Edit

Acre long land of thick, tall reeds with the occasional pond/puddle. The damp mud makes it difficult for cats outside of Streamclan to walk without sinking into the mud. Thanks to Streamclan cats webbed paws they are able to walk across the ground with ease. Prey: Beaver, Muskrat, Marsh Rabbit, Water shrew. Threat: Possibility of young apprentice dry-paws (don't like the water/mud/wet things)or non-webbers to sink in the mud. (Not common)

Sawtooth Woods: Edit

Sawtooth woods is a small forest, about half an acre. Just because its called Sawtooth woods doesn't mean its only full of Sawtooth Oak trees. There American Beech trees, Pear trees, and even Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees! Other creatures such as raccoon's and ringtail's live in the small Forest as well. Something that no cat except was that Red Wolves live in the Forest as well. Prey: All types of rabbit (except the Marsh Rabbit), All types of squirrel and chipmunk, Woodland Vole, American Mink, Possum, ringtail's. Threat: Red Wolf, Raccoon (not common)

Bush Valley: A small valley in Sawtooth forest full of and oddly large amount of leafy bushes. Prey: American Mink, Woodland Vole. Threat: Red Wolf (very uncommon)

The Falls: Edit

Beautiful and massive waterfall. Many fish such as Salmon and Spotted Basin like to travel in the waters making it a big attraction for Streamclan.. but not only Streamclan. Its very rare in the times Streamclan hunts there, but every now and then a Bear will show up. The order for this is to retreat on sight. The Stone underpaw are very slippery due to erosion and moss. A Waterfall is at the very edge of the clam flowing with shear and jagged cliffs. Not a place for newly appointed apprentice. Prey: Spotted Basin, Salmon, Redtail Cockweed, Shrimp. Threat: Bears, Shear cliff at edge of the slippery stones.

The Stream:

A thick stream that flows between Streamclan and Darkclan. Both clans are open to the water source but are not to cross it. It is used as a border between the two territories. Smooth rocks are used as stepping stones to get across. 

Twoleg Place: Edit

Twoleg Place is located in Forestclan territory at the very edge of the clans. Even though the Twolegs commonly roam around the woods of Forestclan, they tend to venture into Streamclan and Breezeclan. Prey: Its forbidden to hunt on other clan territory. Threat: Twolegs and there Canines.

One last thing, The clans i will be using is Streamclan, Darkclan, Breezeclan, and Forestclan.

Streamclan Edit

Leader: Ripplestar- Bluish shecat with white flecks all over her body

Deputy: Griffinshade- Shaded brown shecat with miniature pale tan spots on her face and back

  • Apprentice, Aspenpaw

Medicine Cat: Feathersong- Black and white Birman

Warriors Edit

  • Rustfur- Rust colored shecat with one white paw

Apprentice, Jetpaw

  • Bircheye- Cream tan tabby tom with dark brown stripes
  • Willowbreeze- Black shecat with pale gray tips and tabby-like markings on her face
  • Shadowblood- Very Dark reddish tom
  • Stonewhisper- Dark gray tom

Apprentice, Creampaw

  • Inkface- Sandy tortoiseshell shecat with a black face
  • Blueleaf- Dark brown shecat with black splotches and tan underbelly
  • Branchtail- Brown tabby tom

Apprentice, Fatepaw

  • Stormeye- Light gray tom with black tabby marks.
  • Midnightdove- Midnight blue shecat with diamond-like spot on muzzle

Apprentice, Patchpaw

  • Thornstripe- Ginger brown tom with one gray stripe along back
  • Stormpool- Black-and-white tortoiseshell shecat
  • Echosong- Black tom with lighter patches

Apprentice, Crismonpaw

  • Buzzardfrost- Black shecat with white frost-like paws and muzzle
  • Applebelly- White tom with reddish underbelly
  • Stormstrike- Dark Gray tabby tom
  • Duskfur- Gray tom with brown splotches and black underbelly

Apprentice Edit

  • Creampaw- Sandy tabby shecat
  • Fatepaw- Long haired Pure white shecat
  • Jetpaw- Jet black tom
  • Patchpaw- White tom with black spots
  • Aspenpaw- Golden brown-and-tan spotted tabby shecat
  • Crismonpaw- Rust red shecat with black back and tan tips.

Queens Edit

  • Autumnlight- Light and Dark brown tabby shecat
  • Morningdew- Silver shecat with white tips
  • PaleFlower- Pale brown shecat with brown spots and black underbelly. (Expecting Duskfur's kits; Amberkit, Beekit, and Chivekit)


  • Wolfkit- Large dark gray tom
  • Cherrykit- Creamy reddish shecat
  • Tanglekit- Brown-orange-and-white tortoiseshell, tabby shecat
  • Silentkit - White shecat with black patches and icy blue eyes

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Quick thing, this has been confusing some of you guys so i just wanted to clear it up. Jetkit and Patchkit had there ceremonies a day early due to the lack of apprentices. Crismonpaw is the oldest followed by Aspenpaw, Jetpaw, then Patchpaw. For some reason Ripplestar decided to give the youngest ones there ceremonies first then the older kits. Why you may ask? Idk.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Following Series

Second: The Frozen Plight

Thirds: Jetfang's Revenge

Fourth: The Lights Beyond

Prologue Edit

A starry brown shecat padded into a small clearing where to other felines waited.

"Where have you been Mouseshine? Your late, we should have started long before this," A large black tabby tom meowed, flicking his tail in annoyance. Mouseshine simply sat on her haunches and curled her tail around her paws.

With a simple board meow, "Got caught up in something. Starclans a big place Nightshade. Can we begin now?"

With a sigh Nightshade swiped a single paw through the air, creating a vortex to the Solid World. Mouseshine and a Silver Calico calico shecat beside her looked into the square vortex. Inside of the frame was a clear picture of the Streamclan camp. "Zoom in, i cant see a thing," The calico shecat wined. Nightshade looked back with another annoyed look, then remembering that Solareye was an elder, he zoomed in with another swipe of his paw. Now the picture showed a warm-looking den with a dark golden brown shecat huddled around four tiny kits. "Aww there ador--" Mouseshine began to purr but was quickly shushed by both Nightshade and the silver Calico. Mouseshine looked over at Nightshade and let out an annoyed snort. A pale silver shecat sat close by giving out a purr. Just then A tom black as a cloudless midnight sky padded urgently into the den, which was crowded with several cats already. The tom sat down behind the beautiful tabby and looked over her back and the four tiny bundles. "There lovely Autumnlight, what have you named them?" The dark tom murmured. "That ones Jetkit," The golden tabby meowed, running her tail over a jet-black tom. "Those two are Crismonkit and Patchkit," Autumnlight purred sleepily, brushing her tail over a Tricolored rust red, black, and tan shekit and a white tom with black patches. "And that ones...hmm, i haven't come up with a name for that one yet," The Patched tom thought for a moment. "How about... Aspenkit?" He meowed. "Aspenkit sounds lovely. Aspenkit, Sandkit, Patchkit, and Jetkit." Suddenly the screen switched from the warm, lite nursery to a shaded willow tree thicket. The leaves trickled to the ground to create a well sorted den. The smell of herbs seemed to leak through the screen and Nightshade even cringed back. "Solareye, you where a former medicine cat. you have to tell Feathersong about Aspenkit. About her destiny. About her Fate," Solareye gave a small nod. With much effort the old, almost completely faded shecat padded through the portal.

Feathersong P.O.V

As the Pale gray and white Birman sorted through the herbs that she had used for the birth of Autumnlights kits, in the corner of her eye she could spot a shimmering object at the back of the den. She whipped around to come face to face with her former mentors mentor, Solareye. Slightly startled she backed away and dipped her head to the Starclan elder. "Greetings Solareye, is all well in Starclan? Have you come with a message?" she meowed hastily. Why would Solareye come now? Right after Autumnlight has had her kits? Solareye dipped her head back to the fellow medicine cat. "I do have a message for you," At that moment her eyes went black has she recited the prophecy. "The Aspen tree will rise, stable and strong, and the Jet black night will bow in its shadow." It took a moment for Feathersong to comprehend the words but when she looked back up to ask Solareye what she meant, Solareye was already gone.

Chapter 1 ~ Jetkit's and Patchkit's Ceremony Edit

6 moons later...

"Hey! Get off me Patchkit! I'm the oldest i get to go first," Crismonkit yowled as Patchkit tackled her. "Only by 59 seconds, if you want to get technical. I'm the third oldest though," Jetkit meowed. Aspenkit padded up to him and swatted him on the ears. "Stop being a bee brain we where born like 2 seconds after each other," While Crismonkit and Patchkit continued wrestling and Jetkit recited pointless facts, Aspenkit had other plans. It had been 5 moons since they where born and Jetkit, along with Patchkit was going to become and apprentice very soon. It was also the first time out of the nursery! Aspenkit slinked towards the vines that hung over the entrance of the nursery. Before she could leap out and into the world a large, soft paw pulled her back.

"Awww mom!"

"You haven't been groomed yet Aspenkit, im not going to let you go out infront of Ripplestar looking like this," Her mother Autumnlight meowed as she began to lick her. Patchkit snickered and whispered something to Sandkit. She shoved him aside. Aspenkit looked around for Jetkit and for a moment but she couldn't find him. Now worried she twisted around. Something shuffled in the corner off her eye. Squinting she managed to spot Jetkit pacing at the corner of the den. He must be so worried about his ceremony today. Poor Jetkit.

Jetkit P.O.V

Jetkit paced around the den in an endless loop. Okay Jetkit, keep it together. Its just a ceremony you can do this! Just then Ripplestar, the Leader of Streamclan called out the traditional gathering words. "Let all cats old enough to catch there own prey gather under the highstump for a clan meeting!" She yowled. With a massive, confident sigh Jetkit padded out of the den followed by Crismonkit, Aspenkit, Patchkit, and finally his mother Autumnlight. He took his place at the front of the highstump. Aspenkit and Patchkit sat beside him on both sides of him. Once all the cats where gathered Ripplestar spoke, "Cats of Streamclan, Jetkit and Patchkit have reached the age of 6 moons and are ready to become an apprentices! I call on my warrior ancestors to look down on these kits and guide them threw the life of an apprentice. Rustfur and Midnightdove," She rest her gaze on a quite large Rust red shecat with white forepaws and Dark Dark blue shecat with a white diamond-like spot on her nose. "Do you promise to pass down all of your bravery and wisdom to Jetkit and Patchkit and teach them all you know?" Ripplestar meowed. Rustfur and Midnightdove looked at each other then back at Ripplestar. "I do," They Meowed in union, i hint of a purr in there voices. "Then, from this moment forward you both will be know as Patchpaw and Jetpaw!" The clan rose up in a powerful chant;

"Jetpaw! Patchpaw! Jetpaw! Patchpaw!"

Ripplestar sat on the highstump, waiting for the cheers to submerge. "I would like you too take your apprentices out as soon as the gathering is over and show them around the territory, Perhaps take them on a quick hunt," Rustfur and Midnightdove nodded. With that Ripplestar leaped off the highstump and padded into her den.

Chapter 2 Edit

Rustfur looked down at the two newly appointed apprentice with a warm smile."Its time to start your training, follow us," As they got to there paws and followed there mentors, Patchpaw noticed that Jetpaw was much quieter than usual. He was quiet in general but at least he would recite one of his useless facts right about now. "Jetkit? Are you ok?" He whispered in a low voice to his brother. Jetkit looked over at Patchpaw, with a snort he meowed "Its Jetpaw you mouse brain," and padded closer to Rustfur. Patchpaw sighed, this definitely wasn't like Jetki- Jetpaw, He had to remember that. But what was wrong? With another quiet sigh Patchpaw continued to what looked like a burrow under a thick barrier of thorn bushes. Patchpaw could have swore he heard a clam churning on the other side of the thorn thicket but he wasn't sure. When they reached the tunnel Rustfur signaled with her tail for them to stop. Unfortunately, Patchpaw never really listened when his mother had taught them the tail signals. He dove right into the hole and crawled through. "Patchpaw stop!" Midnightdove yowled. Patchpaw looked back, still walking, when suddenly the ground under his paws vanished. It took a moment for Patchpaw to realize what had happened but by then he was already underneath the surface of a slow running river. "Help!" He tried to yowl but only bubbles came out of his mouth. Patchpaw struggled, his legs flailing as he tried to reach the surface. Suddenly, firm grip tightened around his neck as he was dragged to the surface of the water. A black figure was carrying him up to the surface but he couldn't make out who it was. His head bobbed above the surface then back under. Patchpaw looked around him, a slight panic creeping up until.. his head hit something hard under the water and he blacked out.

Patchpaw woke with a start, Remembering how he almost drowned and the black figure saving him. Then he realized he was in a clearing full of mossy rocks and several burrows. How'd i get here? Where are the others? "Patchpaw your finally awake!" Called a familiar voice. Patchpaw looked behind him to see the hard, stern face of Jetpaw. "Are you ok? You still breathing?" Jetpaw asked with a worried look on his face. Patchpaw was startled by the sudden questions. "I-I think so, nothing hurts that much, except my head," He replied. Jetpaw let out a relived sigh and Patchpaw returned it with a smile. "Good," Patchpaw was about to reply when Jetpaw wacked the left side of his head behind his ear. Hard. "Then what where you thinking you mouse-brain!? Did you not see the river, did you not hear the river? For Starclan's sake you scared me to death!" Patchpaw looked down at his tiny black paws. "Sorry Jetpaw," he mumbled. Jetpaw snorted and padded off. Patchpaw quickly followed. Where are we going? Is this part of the Training or did I just wash up here? He wanted to ask his older brother but Patchpaw was pretty sure he would just snarl and walk faster.

They continued across the mossy boulders for a bit longer until the boulders turned to pebbles, and the pebbles turned to soft, moss filled grass. Patchpaw spotted Rustfur and Midnightdove a few tail lengths away. "Over here!" Rustfur yowled. "Ok," Midnightdove trilled, demanding the apprentices attention. "Lets begin with the basic hunting. Do you know about the hunting position?" Both the apprentices nodded and immediately as well as simultaneously got into a hunting crouch. Midnightdove circled them for a moment while Rustfur watched not far off. "Very good, for your first day out im surprised you know this," Patchpaw had remembered what there mother had taught them back in the nursery. Jetpaw didn't show any emotion, like Midnightdove's praise didn't mean a thing. Patchpaw couldn't worry about the right now, they where in the middle of training. He would have to consult with Jetpaw later. "Now, do you see that Woodchuck over there," She flicked her tail over to a fat creature Watch me." Midnight creeped up on the tiny rodent, getting closer and closer without making a sound. Once she was about a tail length away Midnightdove leaped up in the air and dove down, crushing the Woodchuck under her weight and ending it quickly. Midnightdove picked up the Woodchuck and padded back to the 3 cats. "Your turn, Patchpaw you go first." Patchpaw held back a gulp and started to search the area. That's when he spotted a Grey Squirrel closer to the mossy stones... or pebbles rather. He began to stalk towards it, copying his mentors movements exactly. But when he was about a Fox-length away his paw landed on a twig and the grey squirrel darted towards Forestclan territory. Patchpaw dashed after it, unaware of his closeness to the border. He was in pounce length of the miniature animal when he heard Midnightdove's call and skidded to a stop. Patchpaw was only inches away from Forestclan's markings. If Midnightdove hadn't called him he would have passed right over! Feeling defeated he headed back to the others. Jetpaw let out a snort of discussed but was quickly silenced by Rustfur's quiet growl. "You did fine Patchpaw, everyone makes mistakes. Its your first day don't be to hard on yourself," His mentor murmured softly. Maybe shes right, it is my first day... but i could have caught that squirrel! I have failed me clan. "Your turn Jetpaw, try to catch that Gopher closer to the bigger boulders," Rustfur meowed, indicating a large gopher searching for bugs under the shadow of a boulder. Jetpaw nodded and dashed off and out of sight behind a mossy stone. Moments later he returned with the the gopher limp in his jaws. "Excellent Jetpaw! Fast too. Im sure you will make a great warrior," Jetpaw placed the gopher down by Patchpaw. "Beat that runt," He snorted quietly. Patchpaw didn't respond to Jetpaw's nasty comment, only hoped that they would be heading home soon. Rustfur looked up at the sky, as it was a purplish-blue. "We should be heading back to camp, its getting late." With a sigh Patchpaw followed the two shecats back to the camp, all while looking at his paws.

Chapter 3 Edit

Aspenkit looked after her two brothers as they padded out of the camp, jealousy raging inside of her. Then she remembered that those cats where her brothers and she should be happy for them. Crismonkit padded up to sit beside her. "Don't worry about that," She flicked her tail towards Patchpaw and Jetpaw padding out of camp. "They where just a day early. Will be apprentices by tomorrow!" She purred to her little sister. Aspenkit suppressed a sigh and nodded in agreement. Suddenly her sister leaped onto her and pinned her down. "Gotcha! Im your leader now! Crismonstar the great!" Crismonkit laughed. Aspenkit laughed along with her. Everything's going to be fine. Me and Crismonkit will become apprentices by tomorrow. What could go wrong? (Don't say that ):L) "Crismonkit, Aspenkit! I told you to stay close to the nursery!" Autumnlight called after them. Paleflower padded out to sit beside her. She murmured something in her ear and Autumnlight seemed to relax. "Good thing Paleflower's here to keep our tail out of trouble," Aspenkit chuckled. Crismonkit nodded in agreement as they padded closer to the nursery. Autumnlight meet them when they where a few fox-lengths from the entrance. "Its time for you to sleep. Your ceremony is tomorrow you need all the rest you can get. Aspenkit looked up at the sky. It was a bright blue, showing mid-morning. "Mom. Its Sunhigh." Autumnlight let out a purr. "I know that, but you still need rest. Off you go." She meowed, pushing them with her tail closer to the nursery's entrance. Crismonkit and Aspenkit grumbled simultaneously and padded under the hanging vines into the shadowed den. "...FORESTCLAN ATTACK!!" A shecat screeched from outside. Crismonkit and Aspenkit shot up, quick as a startled thrush. Aspenkit was the first to poke her head out of the nursery. "Brushstar your making a mistake! Leave now or watch your clan perish!" Ripplestar yelled down at a white-and-brown tabby shecat from the highstump. Brushstar just snarled and leaped up at her. Ripplestar simply backed out of the way leaving Brushstar to tumble to the ground, Ripplestar leaped down on top of her in a raging fury. Autumnlight rushed in followed by a Silver tabby. Aspenkit was pulled back from the entrance and sharp thorns covered both sides. Screeching and yowling came from outside, some awfully close to the nursery. Oh Patchpaw, Jetpaw please be alright. The thorn cover shook violently. Aspenkit looked in horror and backed up closer to her mother who had a stern look on her face with lips peeled back. Then the shacking stopped. I have to find them! There must be a way out of here. She began to sniff around, looking at every crack and every nock and cranny but she found nothing. "What about Patchpaw and Jetpaw! There only became apprentice today they don't know how to fight yet!" Crismonkit meowed worriedly to her mother. Autumnlight curled her tail over Crismonkit's mouth as the Thorn shade rustled and a screech came from outside. "They will be fine. If anything there mentors will keep them out of sight and the battle will be over. Aspenkit couldn't take the thought of her brothers being hurt in this battle. I am there big sister. I have to make sure there safe at all costs. All costs. That's when Aspenkit did the bravest, most mouse-brained thing in the world. She built up all the courage in her tiny form and raced out of the nursery into the storm of claws and screeches. "Aspenkit!" She heard her mother and Crismonkit yowl but shes didn't look back. Staying hidden in the shadows she slinked around, keeping an eye out for her brothers. Aspenkit spotted the brambles and ferns shake a bit and two tiny apprentices padded threw. There eyes where filled with horror and confusion. That's them! She wanted to screech but she stayed silent. She watched closely as Rustfur and Midnightdove rushed them to a nearby den. Good there safe. Now I have to ge-- There was a sharp pain in her flank and she whipped around to find herself face to face with a savage-looking white tom. His claws and teeth where blood-stained and dripping.

"Kits shouldn't be out of the nursery during battle. Where's your daddy little one?"

Aspenkit looked in horror at the massive white tom. "St-Stay away!" She stuttered. The tom chuckled and drew a paws into the air. Aspenkit closed her eyes, ready to become crow-food. "Stay away from her you piece of Foxdung!" Yowled a familiar voice. She looked up from her paws to see her father not far off, his teeth bared. Before the white tom could answer Echosong barreled into the tom with such a force it seemed to knock the air out of him. Aspenkit took this moment to run. She darted past the two as her father tore into the toms underbelly. Before Aspenkit could reach the nursery she was thrown to the side. She landed on her paws just in time to see a Creamy tortoiseshell shecat heading straight for her. She didn't look the size of a full warrior, for she wasn't that much bigger than her. Maybe I can take her on. Aspenkit braced herself for impact, her claws unsheathed. Before the apprentice could reach her Brushstar's voice rang around the clearing, "Forestclan, RETREAT," She yowled than turned to Ripplestar, "We will return and we will bring our full clan, more skillful and powerful than ever. Then Streamclan will fall!" Ripplestar let out a hiss of disgust and racked her ivories across Brushstars face. She let out a yowl and followed her cats out of the clearing. "Blueleaf, Stormpool, and Buzzardfrost, make sure they make it all the way out of the territory. Renew the border while your at it," She order the 3 shecats. They nodded and raced after the Forestclan raid. "Today we have won a savage attack from Forestclan. They have done much damage to our camp. Tomorrow i want everyone up by dawn, ready to perform all patrols. Aspenkit and Crismonkit apprentice ceremonies will have to wait until late sun-high," She gave a sympathetic look to the two kits then continued. Aspenkit noticed that instead of the cats sitting around the highstump they where scattered about, licking at wounds our caring for more wounded ones. Ripplestar had said something else about rest and Feathersong but she was too intent on caring for her own wound to notice. That tom had clawed her flank pretty bad but it didn't hurt to much. When she looked back up several badly wounded cats had gathered around Feathersong's den. Feathersongs going to be busy. I wish i knew more about herbs. "Mom can I help Feathersong?" A small Silver kit with white tips begged her mother. Morningdew sighed and replied "I want you back before it gets to dark Silentkit." Silentkit cheered and raced off to Feathersong's den. Aspenkit finally realized how late it was, and how tired she had gotten. She padded to the den drowsily to find her mother tapping her tail. Aspenkit plopped down in the warm moss as her mother began to lecture her about safety and how she could have been killed. About half way threw she fell into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter 4 Edit

2 moons later...

Crismonkit padded into a foggy clearing, her paw pads crunching on dead leaves. She looked around nervously as the fog began to swirl and suddenly spoofed out of existence. It took a moment for Crismonkit to realize what was happening, then suddenly she heard a tom yowl, "This was a racket, you promised!" He snarled. Crismonkit looked around to see where the voice was coming from but the near distance was covered with thick fog. She twisted her ears around to where the voice was coming from. "Oh dearie, you may not understand how this works. I perform the deals and you perform the action. Got it?" Said another tom, slightly younger from the sound of his voice with an accent that she couldn't put her finger on. "No, NO! This was a gaffe, a mistake! I won't kill her." The tom hissed. That's when Crismonkit realized who the voice belonged to; Her father, Echosong. "Shes my daughter I wo--," There was a sharp whip-like sound and the smell of blood rushed towards. "You shall kill her! If you want your precious family to survive. Jetpaw is already turning evil. You will kill Aspenkit."


Crismonkit shot up out of her sleep in a cold sweat. She looked around and let out a relived sigh. She was back in the nursery where her mother and Aspenkit slept. Aspenkit. What if the dream was real? How could a father kill his own daughter. I have to look after her. I won't let anyone hurt her. The sun had already risen and its soft light shined gently down into the clearing. Crismonkit new she couldn't get back to sleep, nor would she dare. With a heartfelt sigh she padded out of the Nursery into the soothing sunlight. Sitting smack dab in the center of the clearing, she began to groom herself. "Crismonkit! What are you doing up so early?" Came a welcome, familiar voice. Crismonkit turned around to see her two beloved little brother, Jetpaw and Patchpaw. "Well, Ripplestar said for all cats to be up before or at dawn, before preferably. Seems that no one but you two and me followed the preferred order," Crismonkit replied, barely taking notice to the scowl forming on Jetpaw's face. "Your acting like your the apprentice and were still the little kits in the nursery. Your no warrior yet! Get back in the nursery where you belong." Crismonkit looked up at her brother, shock and slight hurt covering her face.


Crismonkit managed to utter out in the silence. Patchpaw seemed to share the same surprise and shock. "This is our sister not some random kit from the nursery. Show some respect, at least for your family!" He meowed with a slight snarl forming in his throat. Jetpaw simply snorted and padded off to where cats where beginning to gather around Griffinshade for orders. Patchpaw gave Crismonkit a sympathetic look and ran after him. That's when Crismonkit figured it out. The words bounced back to her.

"Jetpaw is already turning evil."

It was happening. Her brother was being corrupted. If she didn't do something soon she might lose him forever.

Chapter 5 Edit

Jetpaw padded towards the group beginning to gather around Streamclans deputy, Griffinshade. A slight guilt was ebbing at him. I knew it was wrong to speak such harsh words to his sister but.. Jetpaw let out a sigh. He had been keeping his head down in deep thought and only realized this when he face-planted in Creampaw's side. "Hey! Oh its you Jetpaw, I was about to claw your pelt off! I hope where on the same patrol together," She purred padding off towards Stonewhisper, Inkface and Stormeye. "Jetpaw go with them, you could use the training. Stonewhisper can you fill in for Midnightdove? She's on a hunting patrol," Stonewhisper gave a curt nod and signaled for Jetpaw to follow them threw the tunnel. It seemed that moons had pasted when they finally reached the The Stream. It flowed quickly over the smooth rocks that lie underneath the white foamy surface. Once the low cliff that hung a little way over it Stonewhisper, Inkface, and Stormeye meowed turning. "The bank is right below us. Today where going to show you how to mark the border and where," With that Stonewhisper signaled with his tail for them to follow, racing down the slim path that lead to the bank. Jetpaw and Creampaw raced after them. In that exact moment Jetpaw realized how beautiful Creampaw actually was. Her long, cream tabby pelt looked magnificent in the sunlight and those eyes.. Sadly Jetpaw was to busy admiring Creampaws slim, amazing form that he didn't see the rock right in front of him. He tripped and fell the rest of the way down the path landing in a dusty pile. "Oh my god! Are you Ok, are you hurt?" Creampaw meowed looking over her black friend. Jetpaw's cheeks where hot with embarrassment. "Uh yea im fine, its just dirt," He meowed, even though there was a searing pain in his left forepaw. Creampaw let out a sigh of relief. "Good, because then who would a race with?" They let out a chuckle and got up. Jetpaw let out a small hiss as pain shot up his left foreleg. "Are you sure your ok? Did you hurt your paw or something?" Creampaw asked again, worry in her eyes. Jetpaw hesitated, but only for a moment. Should I tell her? No jetpaw, you don't want to look weak, especially infront of Creampaw. "Nope, perfectly fine here." He meowed then half padded, half limped to wear the other part of the patrol was waiting. 

Creampaw P.O.V   Creampaw knew there was something wrong as she watched Jetpaw half pad half limp to where Stonewhisper, Inkface, and Stormeye were waiting for them at the edge of the stream.  

"Took you long enough." Stonewhisper snorted. Creampaw looked down at her paws. Jetpaw gently placed his tail on her shoulder but she shrugged it off. She could feel Jetpaw's hurt filled eyes stinging into her back. When she turned around Jetpaw had already walked over to Inkface who was one the other side of the group. Stormeye padded to the front of the group and Stonewhisper and Inkface padded behind him.  

Jetpaw P.O.V   "First lesson that every Streamclan apprentice must know is how to swim. I shall go first, Stonewhiper and Inkface will be on both sides of the bank ready to help," with that Stormeye leaped into the cool waters. He quickly caught onto the current, his legs matching the current with ease. Jetpaw and Creampaw watched carefully as Stormeye dove under the water and popped back up with two plump salmon in his jaws. He slid out of the water, his fur slicked back outlining his thick muscles. "Your turn," he meowed. "Jetpaw you go first and Creampaw shall follow." Jetpaw gave an anxious nod crept into the stream. The water ran over his injured paw and suddenly the pain was gone. He slicked further into the water until his entire body was under the slowly flowing waters. He memorized Stormeye's movements and in no time was swimming swiftly through the current. There was another splash behind him and he spotted Creampaw gaining on him fast. Jetpaw round-abouted and barreled straight into her. For just a moment Jetpaw could see a glint of love in her eyes and then it was gone. There was a loud screech back at the bank and a muffled yowl. Creampaw and Jetpaw looked up in alarm and spotted several cats gathered on the other side of the bank. As they quickly swam closer to the shore the odd small of pine trees hit there noses. Darkclan. They thought at the same time. Suddenly the yowls became more clear;  

"Streamclan has owned that bank for to long! That territory is rightfully ours!" Yowled a deep, yet powerful voice. Stonewhisper replied with a snarl and spat, "We have been over this Snakeshadow, we won that battle fair a square." while the cats continued to argue a white tom with massive brown paws murmured to a russet tabby shecat pointing with his tail to the apprentice who where swimming towards there clan mates to help. The shecat swiftly leaped into the water, managing to snag Creampaw's scruff and drag her to the surface. Jetpaw without thinking whirled around and leaped onto the larger shecat. He dug his claws deep into her shoulder and bit down on her nape, hard. Scarlet blood spewed over his face but her didn't care. All he cared about right now was Creampaw and her safety.  

"Get off me you Streamclan scum!" She yowled, throwing Creampaw over to the white tom who pinned her down under his large, brown paws. Jetpaw say Creampaw hiss something at the tom and he unsheathed his claws digging them into her side. Jetpaw leaped off of the russet shecat and darted over to Creampaw. Before he could realize what he had done the Darkclan cats had surronded them into a not-so-protective circle. "Once you give us the bank we shall return your apprentices too you. Everyday you refuse is another scar on the pelts. I suggest you make your decision quickly. You have until the next gathering to make your decision." With that Snakeshadow raised his tail and the patrol set off with Jetpaw and Creampaw. 

Chapter 6 Edit