" Ghoulkit is chased out of RiverClan and into ShadowClan, but when Ghoulpaw goes into a mysterous land of marsh and swamps in a dream.Ghoulpaw makes a vow that changes the lives of many and some cats it causes their demise".

 Allegiances Edit

Shadowclan: Edit


Blackstar: A white tom with black paws


Rowanclaw- a ginger tom

Medicine Cat:

Littlecloud- a very small tabby tom


Crowfrost- a black and white tom

Tawnypelt- a tortoiseshell she-cat

Apprentice, Grasspaw

Owlclaw- light brown tabby tom

Scorchfur- a dark gray tom

Tigerheart- a dark tabby tom

Apprentice, Artoxpaw

Ferretclaw- black and gray tom

Apprentice, Spikepaw

Pinenose- black she-cat

Stoatfur- tortoiseshell and white cat


Ghoulpaw- Tortishell she-cat with  icy blue eyes

Grasspaw- pale brown tabby she-cat

Spikepaw- dark brown tom


Thistletooth- a massive ginger and white she-cat

Snowbird- white she-cat

Dawnpelt- cream furred she-cat


Snaketail- dark brown tabby with a stripe tail

Whitewater- white she-cat with long fur and blind in one eye

Ratscar- brown tom with long scar across his back

Oakfur-small brown tom

Smokefoot- black tom

Kinkfur- tabby she-cat with fur that sticks out from all angle

Ivytail- black, white, and tortoiseshell she-cat

RiverClan: Edit


Mistystar- gray she-cat with blue eyes


Reedwhisker- black tom

Medicine cat:

Mothwing- dappled golden she-cat

Willowshine- gray tabby she-cat


Mintfur- light gray tabby tom

Minnowtail- dark gray she-cat

Mannownose- light brown tabby tom

Grasspelt-light brown tom

Duskfur- brown tabby she-cat

Mosspelt-tortishell she-cat with blue eyes

Shimmerpelt- Silver she-cat

Lakeheart- a gray tabby she-cat

Heronwing- dark gray and black tom


Lizardpaw- light brown tom

Havenpaw- black and white she-cat

Perchpaw- gray and white she-cat


Icewing- a white she-cat with blue eyes

Petalfur- gray and white she-cat

Thunderclan: Edit


Bramblestar- dark brown tabby with amber eyes


Squirrelflight- dark ginger she-cat with a single white paw

Medicine cat:

Jayfeather- gray tabby tom with blind blue eyes

Leafpool- brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes

WindClan Edit

Leader: Onestar

Prolouge Edit

Ghoulpath pad in the forest, Rowanstar was behind of her, she hid the smirk on her face. How dare Rowanstar pick Crowost over her, she deserved to become leader. Rowanstar spoke" What do you wish to speak about Ghoulpath"? She smile, her icy voice normally spook most cats" Not here, it's to close to camp, I need to speak to you in private".

Rowanstar shrugged but pad on anyways, she almost laughed, Rowanstar was soft, too trusting. Ghoulpath already was aheaded and climbed up a tree, Rowanstar yowl made her ears twitch"Ghoulpath"? Ghoulpath clung on to the branch as Rowanstar yowl again" Ghoulpath, where are you".

Ghoulpath leaped out the tree, landing on Rowanstar's back hissing in his ear" It's my turn to lead ShadowClan". Rowanstar gasp" Ghoulpath, why , you traitor". Ghoulpath spat," You betrayed me, you left me as a captive in RiverClan". Ghoulpath gorge her claws into Rowanstar's neck, then replace them with her teeth. Rowanstar claws lashed on her shoulders, Ghoulpath clamped her jaws around his skull. When a snap echo loudly, she dig her claws into his torn throat, Rowanstar fell limp. She watched Rowanstar struggle then fall limp.

She smirked, Rowanstar was dying 9 times, she watched Rowanstar until he fell limp forever. Ghoulpath grabbed Rowanstar's body, she pad towards the pond near camp, earsing any signs of tufts of fur in his claws and her scent.

Tawnypelt was the first to notice, she was Rowanstar's mate. Tawnypelt yowled" No, no, no Rowanstar". Soon the whole clan yowled their shock. Dawnpelt crouched beside her father body, while Tawnypelt crouch beside Rowanstar's body, Ghoulpath dipped her head, as if grief weighed her" ThunderClan attacked us while we was patroling".

Tawnypelt closed her eyes, and Ghoulpath almost gasped her surpise, she expecting Rowanstar's kits. Atroxpath almost wanted to hiss, Rowanstar's legacy will live on.Ghoulpath stood near Rowanstar's body, Tawnypelt's kits must be killed, for her to keep her leadership alive. Any traces of Rowanstar must be removed, Ghoulpath knew that ShadowClan will be the greatest and feared clan of all of them, when she's done.

Chapter 1 Edit

Ghoulpaw pounce on Spikepaw,yowling in truimph" Take that WindClan warrior". Her best friend, who was Spikepaw and Grasspaw who was play biting Ghoulpaw's tail . Ghoulpaw couldn't wait to become a warrior, I will make sure no cat attacks shadowclan, thought Ghoulpaw. After the great battle, many warriors became elders, she had to get the traitor Tigerheart as a mentor. Ghoulpaw smirked, no clan cat not even Lionblaze could defeat her. Spikepaw slam a paw on her head, Ghoulpaw slammed her's paw into his face and kick her hindlegs out.

Grasspaw stragger, yowling" That's not fair". Ghoulpaw shook Spikepaw off , " What do you mean it is not fair"? Grasspaw mewed " You can beat us both ". Ghoulpaw nudged Grasspaw" You be able to fight good as me, and we show that stuck up Lionblaze, any ShadowClan cat can defeat him". Spikepaw licked his paw, grumbling" Lionblaze thinks he all that". Ghoulpaw laughed" Don't you forget that Ratscar beat him once ". Grasspaw laughed" That's true, I wish Stoatfur was still an apprentice".

Ghoulpaw mewed " She probably happy, we don't annoy her anymore". Grasspaw yawned glancing at her meowing" I guess your right, hey lets see if we can defeat the rest of those dark forest cats". Spikepaw gasped " Are you frog-brained, they rip us apart ". Ghoulpaw didn't say anything, she trained in the dark forest, Thistletooth made her. Thistletooth was never a mother, she always hissed at her, she killed Ghoulpaw's littermates because they was to 'weak' to rule the clans. Thistletooth got them droven out of RiverClan because Thistletooth stayed at RiverClan for a while until she tried to kill Mistystar. She missed her father, Reedwhisker, Ghoulpaw remember Reedwhisker's face. His face twisted with anger and his words when Ghoulpaw begged him to let her stay in RiverClan.

" I wish I never fell in love with your mother, she doesn't deserve to be call a clan cat and either do you". Ghoulpaw remember leaving, her mother spatting curses at the RiverClan cats. Ghoulkit, Bonekit and Bloodkit followed to scared to speak a word. Bonekit's and Bloodkit's cries as Thistletooth sank her jaws into their tiny neck.

" Ghoulpaw, are you alright"? Grasspaw glance at Ghoulpaw, while Spikepaw meowed defensivly" Of course she is". Ghoulpaw felt Spikepaw's tongune swipe over her ears, as he whisper in her ear " You are okay right"? Ghoulpaw mummured " Of course, I'm okay". Grasspaw rolled her eyes" Are you going to the Dark Forest with me"? Ghoulpaw yawned " Fine, we'll come". Ghoulpaw curled up in her mossy nest, she felt Spikepaw beside her. Ghoulpaw closed her eyes, sleep overwhelmed her"

The mist swirled across the leaves as Ghoulpaw stepped into the dark forest, Grasspaw meowed" Wow, we are here". Spikepaw was already yowling" Show yourself Dark Forest warriors". Grasspaw bounded up to Spikepaw's side yowling the same thing. Ghoulpaw heard a rustle in the bushes" I hear something", she hiss. Spikepaw tensed, his ear pricked while Grasspaw unsheathed her claws. A gray tom, a tortishell she-cat and a silver tabby pad out. Spikepaw hiss" Your Thistleclaw, Mapleshade and Darkstripe". Darkstripe purred" Someone remembers me, Spikepaw your clanmates doubted you when you could be the greatest clan cat alive". Mapleshade meowed" I think Ghoulpaw could be better".

Thistleclaw's growl rumbled" All you have to do is train with us and you will be the strongest clan cat alive".Spikepaw nodded eagerly, while Grasspaw meowed" Even stronger then snuck up Lionblaze". Mapleshade wound around her" Exactly, even all of the clans put together". Ghoulpaw meowed, her voice strong as the mountains" I will train with you". Spikepaw nodded and Grasspaw mew" We be the best warriors in ShadowClan".

Chapter 2 Edit

" Come on, reach higher Grasspaw, Spikepaw can do why can't you"?

Thistleclaw's growl echoed as Ghoulpaw was being double teamed with Mapleshade and Darkstripe, Ghoulpaw reared up as Mapleshade lunge toward her, swiping her muzzle keeping her tail tucked in. Darkstripe lunged towards her belly and she sprang back and lunge toward Darkstripe, swiping Darkstripe's face. Ghoulpaw felt Mapleshade teeth tug at her tail and she yelp, flipping she swiped Mapleshade's face. Darkstripe lunge for her neck, and she dodged just in time. Mapleshade meowed" Stop". Mapleshade's muzzle had claw marks while Darkstripe had a long wound over his eye. Ghoulpaw start to lick her wounds on her flank, but Mapleshade hiss" Worry about your wounds later". Mapleshade then crouch and sprang at her, Ghoulpaw slide under her belly and swiped down it, Mapleshade screech in agony and collapse. Ghoulpaw gasped, Darkstripe cowered in fear.

Ghoulpaw hissed at Darkstripe, " Your a coward". Mapleshade struggled to her paws, rasping" Nice attack Ghoulpaw, wake up your clan needs you". Ghoulpaw woke up, her mossy soft nest was scattered. Blackstar yowl" Let all cats that can hunt gather around the clan branch for a clan meeting".

Ghoulpaw slid out of the apprentice's den, Grasspaw and Spikepaw was sitting down. Dewpaw, Sparrowpaw, and Mistpaw bounced out of the den jumping on their paws.Ghoulpaw sat down next to Grasspaw.

Blackstar yowled" Today we will take the twoleg's clearing". Berryheart hissed" About time". Blackstar stood" All apprentices and warriors will fight". Mistpaw leap to her paws," Our first battle". Sparrowpaw meowed, pouncing on Dewpaw" Take that Dewpaw". Mistpaw pounce on Sparrowpaw, yowling" Got you". The three apprentices rolled on the marshy earth, Grasspaw snapped" This is a battle not a playing fighting group of kits".

Dewpaw shook the dirt out her fur, Tigerheart growled" Ghoulpaw, Dewpaw, Grasspaw, Spikepaw, Sparrowpaw, we are leaving". Ghoulpaw raced out of camp, she wasn't nervous, Thunderclan's weak. The Twoleg clearing was a empty place, amber eyes shone and she narrow her owns.

A dark tabby, Bramblestar stood slashing his tail, he hiss" You think you will take back what was ours"? Blackstar stared defiantly" We will ShadowClan attack".

Chapter 3 Edit

Ghoulpaw hiss, why was Thunderclan so stubborn. Thistletooth was fighting Squirrelflight, she was swiping Squirrelflight backwards. Ghoulpaw lunge and bit into Squirrelflight hind leg, Ghoulpaw yanked it, her teeth scrape bone as Squirrelflight fell forward.

Squirrelflight screech in anger, Thistletooth hiss and lunge slashing her cheek. Ghoulpaw lunge and clawed her ear. Teeth bite into Ghoulpaw's shoulder and Ghoulpaw spun, it was Lionblaze. Ghoulpaw lunge at Lionblaze but Thistletooth bounded up" This is for my mother, Russetfur".

Thistletooth slashed Lionblaze face, Lionblaze tripped Thistletooth but Thistletooth recover and lunge. Snowpaw and Lilyheart was fighting Grasspaw. Ghoulpaw yowled in fury and lunge biting Snowpaw shoulder and yank it. Snowpaw screech in pain as Ghoulpaw slashed his belly.

Snowpaw turn around his eyes full of pure hate. Ghoulpaw slashed his face downward clawing his eyes, Snowpaw straggered and ran towards the bushes blindly. Ghoulpaw spun, Bramblestar yowled" ThunderClan retreat". Ghoulpaw chased after Brightheart, clawing her flank while she retreated. Shadowclan was victorious.

Chapter 4Edit