As some of you may know me in ThunderClan, madjasterxyz, I am Badger. I decided to make a story on Badger's history, when she was still a kittypet. I hope you enjoy my story <3.



Badger let out a screech as the rat bites infected. Jinxpaw widened his eyes. "Hold on, Badger! Don't die!" he screeched, as he tried to look for herbs that would heal the young medicine cat.

Badger let out a loud wail as Jinxpaw applied herbs to her wounds. But it was to late... The rat bites had infected her wounds. Badger screeched once more, before she let out a terrible choking sound. Her bright blue eyes dimmed, as she laid still. Her spirit was suddenly lifted into StarClan.

She looked around, and spotted a pure gray she-cat waiting for her, and a black she-cat, with a brown patched gray tom standing beside the gray she-cat. A tom with a scar sat beside a ginger she-cat with a torn ear. Badger blinked, and memory overwhelmed her. A white kit bounded beside them, his eyes glowing. "Snowball!" Badger gasped. A brown she-cat with green eyes padded up behind them, looking old, even though she was dead. "How did you get here!?" Badger exclaimed.

Didn't you know? Grandmother decided to go to the twolegden to give birth to her kits," Snowball replied. Raven nodded. "We're Clan blood!" Badger let out a quiet squeal. "I'm so glad to have reunited with my family," Badger whispered, and hurried to her family. "Welcome to StarClan, Badger...

Chapter 1 (Kin)Edit

Badger finally opened her eyes, struggling to see. She saw a pure gray she-cat, with a black collar, with funny looking bells on it.

"Welcome, Badger." She purred, nudging her gently on her ear. The kit opened her mouth wide, squealing. "Who are you?!" she wailed, crawling quickly away from her. "I'm your mother," the unknown she-cat answered.

Badger leaped on top of a white kitten, only to get pushed off. "Hey!" she hissed, her claws unsheathing. The white kitten got to his paws, lifting his head in triumph. "I thought you were dead! You didn't even make a sound!" he squeaked. "Who are you?" she asked, tilting her head. "I'm Snowball, your brother. That's Moth, our mother," he replied, glancing at the she-cat.

"Oh!" Badger giggled. Badger scrambled away from Snowball, brushing against Moth. The mother cat purred, and lifted her up.

"Come on, Snowball. Since Badger's awake, you two can go meet your grandma, Raven, and your father, Rockslide. Moth led the way out of the room, padding swiftly towards a black cat arguing towards a brown patched gray tom. Moth dropped Badger down gently onto the floor. Badger began sniffing around, her blue eyes bright in interest from the unfamiliar scents.

"Oh! Moth, they both opened their eyes?" the tom asked, as he turned around. "Of course they did. It's not like I would bring them in here if there eyes were still closed," Moth replied.

Badger spun around when she felt her pelt being groomed. "Enough!" she wailed, lashing out her flailing paws at the black, elder she-cat. The unknown cat grunted, then leaped away. "Is that how you treat your kin, you mouse-brain?" she purred. She licked a paw, and drew it over an ear. "I-I-I'm sorry," Badger stammered, her tail lowered. "I'm Raven, your mother's mother. Thyme, and Scar would love to see you and Snowball," Raven meowed, scratching behind an ear to get a flea.

"I think Scar is on the couch," the tom meowed, padding to them. Badger looked up, her eyes wide. "Are you Rockslide?" she asked, her blue eyes sparkling like shards. "Of course I am," her father replied, purring as he nuzzled the ball of gray pelt.

"Come on, Badger and Snowball. Let me lead you to where Thyme and Scar always hangs out," Raven meowed, leading the way swiftly. Badger followed her grandmother quickly, but Snowball was running quicker. Badger pressed harder, until she bumped into a wall. "Badger, you're not blind, are you?" Snowball teased, padding through a large door.

Badger leaped up, bristling. "At least I'm not a mangy fur-ball!" she shot back, following Snowball and Raven.

Snowball stopped in front of Badger, leaving the she-kit bumping into him. "Watch where you're going, Badger!" Raven meowed, picking up Badger. She dropped her away from Snowball. Badger followed Snowball's gaze, eyeing two cats: a dark brown furred tom, with scars on his eyes, and leg, and a ginger she-cat wresting with him. Badger shrunk down nervously. "What's a matter, Badger? Are you scared you'll get hurt? I'm not! Because I'd defeat them all in one blow!" Snowball boasted, and sped away, his claws unsheathed, and teeth bared.

Badger nervously shuffled her paws, and glanced at Raven. She nudged her softly forward. Badger sighed, and she followed her brother. She stopped in her tracks, and saw Snowball in the wrestle. He was biting on the tom's tail, and raking his tiny claws on the she-cat's leg. Badger squealed in fright, and pulled Snowball away before he could sink his claws into the tom's scars.

"You could hurt him!" Badger whined, pinning Snowball. Snowball growled, and kicked her off, raking a paw over her head, and nipping her ear. "A strong cat, like Scar, wouldn't even feel pain!" Snowball squeaked. The two unknown kin stopped fighting, and stared at the kittens. "Thanks, Snowball. But really. Even the strongest cats can feel pain. Emotional, and on their pelt," the tom replied, licking Snowball's ear. Moth came stomping in. "Thyme, Scar! Get away from Snowball, and Badger! I hate to have gossip spreading around the house, saying Snowball was in one of your ridiculous fights!" Moth hissed, nudging Snowball away.

Badger was about to follow them, until Thyme leaped in front of her. "Hey, Badger, is it? Just remember not to hang around with a white cat that strays into our house at night. That mangy intruder is dangerous," she snarled. Scar came up, nodding. "His name is Frostbite. He's a loner. He sometimes comes in our house to try to kill Thyme, and I," he hissed. Badger stared at them, her eyes wide. "Why?" she whispered. "It's none of your business," Thyme growled, stalking away. "Tell Snowball that, too," Scar muttered, following his sister.

Chapter 2 (Death Berries)Edit

Badger padded away from Thyme, and Scar, her paws itching with curiosity when they spoke about Frostbite. She searched around for Snowball, and Moth. She found Moth gossiping with Raven, and a brown she-cat with green eyes.

She padded to the group of cats, overhearing what they were saying, "...I found yew berries in our humans' garden," Raven had mewed, scratching rapidly behind an ear.

Badger blinked, and padded up to Raven, and Moth. "What's going on?" she had asked, stopping beside her mother. Moth looked down. "We're just having a conversation," she replied, yawning. "Moth, you better make sure your kittens don't eat any of those dang bright red berries. Or even Thyme! You know Thyme can be an idiot sometimes," the black she-cat rasped.

Moth snorted. "Thyme can be a mousebrain, but not all the time," she meowed to her mother.

Badger looked up towards her kin. "What are yew berries?" she questioned curiously. "Yew berries are poisonous towards cats," Moth explained. "Especially kits," the brown she-cat added. "Who're you?" Badger asked, staring at the shecat with hidden interest. "I'm your cousin, Russet," Russet meowed, licking a paw, and drew it over an ear.