"Oh.. er.. should I talk now?.. Okay.. My name is Boobypaw- but you can call me Bird. That's what most cats call me. Bird, because im named after the blue footed booby bird. I've never seen one, but i've also never heard of another cat with my name. I like my name. Am I rambling? Sorry. Oh.. I'm so sorry! "

Chapter 1

Boobykit trotted after his brother, Ruspolikit. "Ugh," Ruspolikit shook a bannana peel from his paw. "I hate living in the Junk Yard." He complained looking up at their mother, Little Lady as she exited. "Now, now.." she mewed. "We're going to be a clan soon little ones, and you are the first kits of this clan. You should be proud to be here."

"Yeah, okay." Boobykit snorted. "My fur smells like fox dung!" He snarled. The small, long furred gray she-cat wrapped her tail around him. "Hush." Little Lady mewed. "That's enough." Ruspolikit began to climb up a small pile of junk, leaping off of a shredded chair and reached the top. "Come on, Bird! Let's play king of the hill."

Boobykit scrambled up the mound after him. Placing both of his hind paws on an old TV box, he reared up. Sending a blow at his brother, and let out a yelp of satisfaction as Ruspolikit stumbled a bit. "Watch out!" Ruspolikit screeched. "Oh, don't try and foo-" He began, but the box under Boobykit's paws gave way.

He let out a small cry as he tumbled down the mound. Instead of the ground, however Boobykit landed on soft fur. "Oh.. a kit hm? You think you can mess with a big ol' badger, eh?" Boobykit reconized his father, Wilbur's voice.

Boobykit scrambled up from his father's back to his head, nipping one of his ears. "You'll never beat me, ugly badger!" He squeaked. Wilbur through his head upward, sending Boobykit flying, but the tom leaped and grasped his kit in his jaws.