Everyone thinks the darkness is filled with misbehaving cats and creatures who will kill in with one bite. Their are many lives in the darkness that are nice but are stuck in the shadows due to their past. Brightflower was once a medicine cat, she purposely killed Twistedstar leader of GoldenClan due to him betraying her trust, and injuring her. She was exiled and banished from any clan lands, she was forced to live among the shadows she was lonely once more. This is her story... How she was a kind little cat to a brutal killer.

Chapter One Edit

The snowflakes slowly floated down to the earths floor, every cat in GoldenClan was rushing around the camp trying to keep all of the fresh kill in a good hiding place. Twistedstar had ordered all the cats to hide as much food and make sure the Wall Of Life, also known as the camps walls, were nice and strong to last through the blizzard coming their way. The kits were forced to stay deep in the nursery and the warriors quickly covered every den entrance with moss and sticks. Once every cat was stuck in their dens did the blizzard hit. The sound of howling winds echoed throughout the camp. Terrified mews came from the kits in the nursery as their mothers tried to keep them nice and relaxed. Brightflower the med-cat was curled up in her den, her nice grey pelt was smooth and soft to the touch. After the sun had set and the blizzard ended did every cat pushed down the moss and sticks covering the front of their dens.

"Every cat please direct yourself to the highrock for a clan meeting!" Twistedstar yowled out.

Every cat bounded out of their dens to greet the strong leader as he leaped up on the large rock. His amber eyes glowing brightly with joy and happiness as Brightflower joined in for the first time. He always liked Brightflower but the warrior code forbid his love for her.

"I am proud to say no cat was touched by the harsh coldness!" He yowled out with pride. "My deputy Thunderstripe will lead the first patrol out for borders and we will get back on are normal night time foraging today." He added and nodded over to Thunderstripe.

Brightflower mewed out from the crowed "May i go with you Thunderstripe to get some more herbs?"

Thunderstripe nodded as he leap down to greet his patrol group and Brightflower. They bounded off out of the camp grounds and to the north side of the territory. Brightflower stayed close by them, she dug near a trees roots and pulled out from comfrey roots. She held is tightly within her jaws as she followed the patrol around the whole territory and back into the camp. Once they returned yowls of panic echoed within the camps walls. Brightflower drop the comfrey and race off toward the yowl, she skidded to a stop running into Twistedstar.

"Sorry Twistedstar, whats going on?!" Brightflower mewed out with worry.

Twistedstar felt warm as Brightflowers pelt was pressed up against his. For that brief moment he didnt answer till earth came back to him.

"Oh uh... Northstep is over reacting again like usual about how the his backstory is so serious for the kits to hear." Twistedstar laughed a bit.

"Well, he needs to pipe it down before my ears bleed from his yowling...almost gave me a heart attack.." Brightflower slowly turned away.

"Brightflower, uh can i show you a place that may have some good herbs for you?" Twistedstar mewed feeling his face get warm.

"Sure!" Brightflower turned back facing her leader and before she knew it Twistedstar touched noses with her.

The two cats paused and pulled their heads back.

"S-sorry" Brightflower blushed badly before heading out of the camp flicking her tail for her leader to follow.

The white snow covered the whole forest, the two cats bounded around the territory. With small laughs and giggles did the two cats share story's of remembering them growing up as kits. Until, a loud yowl rose up from the warriors den. Brightflower looked at Twistedstar with worry then darted through the clearing pushing her way through the crowding cats and into the warrior den.

"Whats going on?!" She yowled out with worry and fear.

"We don't know Shadowblade had said he's seen a sigh from StarClan about a ambush..." Crystalsong mewed softly.

Brightflower's worried expression turned into terror for a brief moment every cat was quiet even Shadowblade.

"Get him into my den now! I must speak with him alone!" Brightflower yowled out to some of the male warriors before rushing over to her den getting a moss bed ready for the tom.

The warriors grab Shadowblade and led him to Brightflowers den, once Shadowblade was spread out on his moss bed did the warriors leave the den for Brightflower to speak with the warrior alone. Twistedstar stared at the med-cat den waiting and waiting for Brightflower to breach from the shadowy den. After a few minutes did Brightflower melt out of the den with worry in her eyes.

"All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather here under the HighRock for a clan meeting!" Twistedstar yowled out leaping onto the highrock, Brightflower joined him to share the news.

"Shadowblade had spoken a message from StarClan... BrokenClan will ambush us at MoonHigh tonight... We must be ready!" Brightflower mewed out looking down at the crowd of cats.

"I want every warrior fed and well rested for tonight i need patrol groups and guards out of the camp and checking the territory! We cannot rest losing any lives!" Twistedstar yowled out.

The rest of the day the clan was in and out of the camp, with all senses alarmed and all muscles tense... Then night grew upon them..

Chapter 2 Edit

As StarClan started to shine high above the clan did tension and fear fill its camp as well. Twistedstar stared at the stars, he gaze sharpened as the last patrol of the night came back.

"Did you find anything?!" Twistedstar demanded.

"Yes, BrokenClan scents along the boarders.." One of the warriors mewed out panting from the rush back.

"I need all apprentices who's been in training and all healthy warriors to stand guard! Every other cat must stay in the elders den!" Twistedstar yowled out.

Brightflower slip out of the Med-cat den with herbs in bundles ready for any kind of wound. Brightflower's tail fluffed out with alarm as she heard battle cries from every direction.

"Twistedstar!!!" She yowled out with fear as the invading cats surrounded her and attacked harshly at the clans warriors.

Twistedstar's eyes widened then softened as none of the cats attacked him but ran by him like nothing. The invading cats were faking their blows on the warriors as GoldenClan's warriors looked at the cats in wonder. Twistedstar bounded through the group of cats around Brightflower with a evil smirk.

"Brightflower...I always had a slight interest into you but, I see your more into the other warriors then me." The leaders voice turned into a harsh jealous snarl.

"Twistedstar I heal the clan I don't have the time for a relationship. Plus you know the code..." Brightflower watched her leader circle her with his claws unsheathed.

Twistedstar slammed the she-cat into the ground with a loud thud did Brightflower squeak out in pain.

"BrokenClan was kind enough to help me for this exact moment!" Twistedstar smirked his eyes blazing with rage and compassion for the feline under his claws.

"Let me go Twistedstar!" Brightflower demanded.

Twistedstar felt his heart ache knowing she would never love him back and with that rage did he rank his claws across the med-cats face.

Brightflower laid under his paws with shocked. She stared at the stars and with a blink of pain did a star sparkle. Brightflower knew what she had to do for the greatness of the clan... She'd have to end Twistedstar...

"You were always a dark cat Twistedstar! Now its time you join the others like you!" Brightflower snap and threw the leader off her.

Twistedstar ranked his claws across Brightflowers sides and face until he yowled out but it was quickly cut off. Brightflower had her fangs deep into the leaders neck that has crushed his windpipe ending him. Brightflower let go of the limp body and step back looking at what she had done.

"He was no fit of a leader!" She yowled out to the clan. "He is now where he belong within the Dark Forest! Where no cat will be hurt like me or like all of our wonderful apprentices!" She explained before the clans deputy snarled.

"You shall be punished Brightflower!" Thunderstripe cried out from the other side of the camp. "You have killed your leader! And with that you shall be exiled and forbidden to touch clan land!" The deputy yowled out.

"I risk my life to safe yours Thunderstripe! If Twistedstar was still alive he would have used you as a play-toy those kittypets play with!" Brightflower mewed out shocked about her punishment.

"Get out of our territory TRAITOR! " Thunderstripe charged at the med-cat but before the deputy could touch her, Brightflower fled out of the camp and territory.

Brightflower glanced back watching GoldenClan's warriors chase out the rest of the invading cats believing it was a real invasion when it wasn't. Brightflower felt as if StarClan had betrayed her, until she looked up at the sky seeing them sparkling she gazed forward into the darkness that laid before her to see a starry figure approach her.

"Greetings Brightflower." The starry figure mewed out to her coming closer.

"Who are you?" Brightflower mewed her hackles raised.

"I am Spottedivy...The med-cat before you in GoldenClan you do not remember me because you were just a kit when i was ended and there was no med-cat. I have been watching after you and help mentor you from the stars above but i am grateful you ended that monster of a leader Brightflower.." The she-cat mewed.

"Why is that Spottedivy? Why are you happy for Twistedstars death?" Brightflower asked.

"He is the reason of my death, killed me in my sleep and blamed it on a fox as he dragged my limp body to the river and threw me into the water." Spottedivy mewed.

"Was this my fate Spottedivy...To be exiled? To have to leave my clan behind and live alone?" Brightflower's eyes clouded.

Spottedivy looked at the sad feline and replied with a soft tone in her voice.

"StarClan needs you to be strong... You were never supposed to be exiled but Thunderstripe changed it with rage of your leaders death, Thunderstripe will be a great leader Brightflower but you must learn to fight and survive on you own in this dangerous world. You will be a strong fighter and only kill when needed. Choose your choices wisely Brightflower they may be your last..." Spottedivy mewed dipping her head just a bit then faded away back into the stars above.

Brightflower knew what she had to do... She had to make her own path.... Brightflower's path

Chapter 3 Edit

It's been only 2 moons since Brightflower was exiled and she was surviving off of some berries but she knew they wont last her for long. She thought about what Spottedivy told her. She was ready to learn more about the forest and learn from her mistakes, and with these mistakes will she learn how to fight, hunt, and survive in the world around her.

"Twistedstar is where he belongs... Every cat mistreated by that flee brain must be grateful.." Brightflower told herself.

The run breached through the oak trees hanging above Brightflower. She scented rabbits and mice around her but thought it would be a waste of energy to try and catch anything. She ignored the smells of prey until a strong scent entered her nose. Brightflower's tail lashed about knowing it was another cat, one in which was not going to leave her alone if the feline spotted her. Brightflower darted into the a bush and crouched low hoping she wouldn't be found. A grey she-cat melted out of the shadows of the oak trees with a rabbit between her jaws.'That rabbit should be the only thing she can smell....Hopefully..' Brightflower thought to herself hoping it was true. The she-cat drop her catch and glanced around scenting the air.

"Who's there!" The she-cat yowled out fur bristled and claws ready.

Brightflower stayed put with fear as her claws dug into the ground staring at the feline before her. Soon the feline found Brightflower's scent coming from the bushes and locked eyes with her.

"Get away!" Brightflower hissed.

The she cat scent the air once more scenting a faint scent of GoldenClan on Brightflower. The she-cat's long tail lashed out with a smirk.

"Your far from home.." The she-cat taunted.

"I said get away!" Brightflower snapped once more.

The she-cat lunged forward at Brightflower biting down on her scruff and pulling out of the bushes.

"Explain yourself flee brain.." The she-cat mewed with hostility.

"The names Brightflower, former Med-cat of GoldenClan but was exiled from killing my leader Twistedstar..." Brightflower mewed with her head bowed until raising her gaze at the she-cat with pride and rage filled in her eyes.

"Names Captured,but you better scram if you stay with me much longer there wont be a you in the forest." The she-cat threatened.

Brightflower stared at Captured with signs of not leaving the boarder of her old clan.

"Did you hear me mouse brain!" Captured hissed. "Scram!!"

Brightflower didn't move. Captured growled and tackled Brightflower with great force knocking the wind out of her. Captured ranked her claws across Brightflower's sides and bite down on Brightflower's shoulder leaving a nasty wound. Brightflower threw Captured off back into a tree and ran off deeper into the forest.