Name: Cherry
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Pack: None so far
Mate: Soon :D
Kin: Mother:Golden Father:Blade Half brother:Soul
Tired? YES.

Some info down there 

I dont remember alot from when I was young but still I remember Soul.Yes I am alive but currently a rouge I hope to find a pack in the future possibly joining Souls pack. Me and Soul were twins but we do not look alike and I dont have a mate but I hope to get one soon!As of now im staying in a den I found.

this is still a wip but I hoped you enjoyed! <3

"Not all of us are the same, we all are different, things can change and some things can't." -Cherry

ART TIME! feel free to make art for me of cherry ill also post a picture of what she looks like soon!

The past is something I wont forget..