The City of Shadows Edit

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The rain beat down on the rotted roof. The large brown dog lowers his ears, flinching at the sound of thunder. It was as if the thunder had tried to deafen the lonedog. As the rain slowed to a stop, the thunder escaping the night, the city was once again quiet. No sound of cars driving by, it was as if the city was asleep. The grim truth the dog knew though, is that the city never wakes. The roof creaks as it's ready to fall, but the dog didn't mind, he doesn't care if he dies in his sleep. Pack, let us show these dogs how wild packs survive. He remembers the memory of his old family, even though he tries so hard to erase the past. He has nothing to fill his past with, no happy memories outside of his family. A tear escapes his closed eye as he remembers.

"Chris, you gotta throw the stick back!" His brother says happily, his tail wagging. Chris cocks his head, "To you? Throw it? Are you sure you can catch it?" His brother chuckles, "Do you think I'm a tire-brain?" He crouches into a play bow. Chris smiles, happiness in his eyes, "Alright, Bret, here it comes!" He tosses the stick with his mouth towards his little brother. Bret watches it bounce off his nose and laughs, Chris notices he's laughing as well.

Chris, the brown dog in this dangerous world lets out a howl of sorrow. I miss you so much, Bret... He slows his howl, the grim memory returning to his darkened mind. Pack...pack...pack...

"You think you can waltz into our territory like a bunch of Tame dogs." The large dog spat at the word, as if it offended him. He nips at Bret and Chris snarls, "Lay another tooth on him, mutt, and I'll shred you!" He threatens. The rest of Chris's family cowers behind the brave dog. The alpha of the pack laughs, "You think you can take me? Hm? Tire-brained dog!" He leaps at Chris, his jaws opened in a fierce snarl.

Chris shuts his eyes tighter, he whimpers, It was my fault... He gets up, opening his eyes to the quiet city. He looks at the lamp posts, usually lit by the humans and now...dark. The whole street was darkened with no sign of life. It was a city...of shadows...

[To be continued]