Welcome friends, I guess you wanted to see what happened to Trace? Yes indeed I thought so.


“Huh what, Lily is that you?”

“Yes but, Velvet was on your face. It looked like she was suffocating you. Maybe we should go to a hospital, you look. pretty crooked.

“No no, help me up, take me to my house.”

“You sure?”

“I guess, I’m ok it’s only a lot of scratches.”

“You’re funny.”

“You sound sarcastic.”

“I am.”

Lily helped Trace to his feet and Trace slowly limped home. He was leaning on Lily since his legs felt like jelly. His legs were throbbing and stinging in pain. Trace grunted as he looked down at the gnarled flesh. As they staggered onward they caught sight of a man. The man was wearing a gray jumpsuit. “Larry” it read on his nametag. Trace and Lily crouched down behind a bush. After Larry walked past. They got up and walked more, the searing pain was easing but still there. Trace was dazed, but still conscious. As they arrived the silver moon was high in the sky.

“I always called this moon the claw moon,” mumbled Lily.

The moon’s luminous  glow lighted the neighborhood. As they stalked up the driveway Trace’s parents, Nora Lee and Justin Lee brought him in. Nora Lee took him inside, to the bathroom to get patched up. She read the label on the antiseptic “Mercuroclear”, It read “Ask a doctor before use if you have an animal bite.” So Trace’s mom called the doctor reporting his lacerations and lesions. His mom wrapped the wounds in gauze, gave him new clothes since the old ones were torn and ragged. When Trace got to bed it was around 1:30 A.M

Hisss…. A gruesome sound.”A cat, but how, I don’t own a cat,” Trace thought. Another hiss this time right by Trace’s head. He jumped out of bed and looked to see nothing. The hiss faded. He looked over, his Beta fish was laying on the desk. “F-fishstick?” He rubbed his eyes thinking he might be seeing things. “Oh no,my fish!” And to Trace’s horror on the desk  lie a vibrant blue Beta fish.”I’m sorry Fishstick, my poor fish.”He set his fish in the toilet and flushed him. Trace climbed back into bed only to be awoken by his dog barking.”Uhh I’m never gonna get any sleep!” He said out loud.He glanced around seeing his dog, King snarling at a bookshelf. A book fell over, knocked over by the ghostly outline  of a cat. “Velvet?”The cat hissed and vanished.Everything was settled as Trace finally drifted into a light sleep.

The next morning Trace was awoken by a bright beam of light streaming through his open curtains. He looked over “Mr.Jangles,” Trace whispered seeing his hamster that was ominously still. He held his breath hoping his hamster was just napping. “He’s breathing,” Trace sighed in relief.

“Trace c’mon up for school,!” Mrs. Lee called. Trace got up as a tail whisked over his ankle followed by a searing pain. Trace shrieked making his dog King smack his lips together in a menacing snarl. Trace darted out of his room. He barreled over his parents who screamed in alarm. They got up a brushed off.

Trace walked into school. He was walking around the corner and Larry, the psychopathic shelter worker. He gasped and dodged around the lockers just to run into Larry’s big, fat gut. “Ahhh,” Trace screeched at Larry grabbed his shoulders. Larry shoved him into a empty classroom.

“Are you insane!” Larry bellowed. “Don’t you know what you’ve done?”

“N-no…” Trace stuttered

“You’ve let the a malice of a cat loose!” Larry screamed. Trade grabbed a vase and threw it at Larry’s feet. He screeched and jumped back Trace swiftly grasped the door handle and ran. He darted between open lockers and wrapped around corners in an attempt to outrun Larry. Trace finally reached his house at midnight.

Idea in brain he got to work on planning to kill Velvet and rule his life once again, without living in sheer terror. The revenant of a cat was going to die, once and for all. Trace picked up his hamster, Mr.Jangles and walked to Ms. Everitt’s house. He unlocked and swung open the door to face a room of animus cats. Some were missing eyes, limbs, fur and parts of ears. Some were hostile and others were a creepy sort of mild-mannered. There fur was ranging from  ebony hued to a soft, snow-like color. They hissed and spat at his, starting to lash out a claw. Trace opened the door to its full ability and let Mr.Jangles free. The hamster darted out the door and into the road, the cats hot on its heels ran after the hamster and as a truck drove by, was hit and killed. The spirit of Velvet, still known as a revenant roams the homes of Trace Lee, Lily Fargo, and Karen J. Everitt.

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