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Forgetting her stealth and silence, Andromeda dashed into the den, her icy blue eyes glaring at her parents. "Did you happen to forget to tell me something? Like the fact that you've thrown me aside and let Polaris take the fame? Like the fact that I was meant to lead this pack one day?!" She screamed at her mother and father. Soon enough, the den was flooded with wolves, drawn to the screaming like moths to a flame. Her father lunged towards her, grabbing her by the scruff of her neck. He sprinted deeper into the forest, and the rest of the pack followed suit. Almost every wolf, including Andromeda's siblings ran behind their leader. When the camp was unrecognizable in every direction, the alpha male threw Andromeda to the ground. "You are weak. You will never be as strong as your siblings, and it doesn't matter how quickly you opened your eyes. You'll always be a sickly runt, through and through. You are never to disgrace this pack and return ever, do you understand?" Andromeda gave a soft nod, tears streaming down her soft and fuzzy cheeks. "Wait!" Her mother cried, running towards her daughter. "You can't exile our daughter!" She screamed at her mate, beginning to cry as well. Her pleas were cut short. With a swift slash to the neck by her mate, Andromeda's mother's limp corpse fell into the leaves, bathed in sunlight. Andromeda's brothers and sisters began to sob over the loss of their mother, but were interrupted by the harsh voice of their father. "Enough," He announced to the pack, and he turned to his youngest daughter, his gaze cold and unforgiving. "To remember you are always the runt," He said, carving the letter R into the flesh between Andromeda's shoulder blades. She cried out in pain, blood spilling out of her back. "Pack, we return to camp!" The alpha male barked coldly, and he turned away, no longer facing his wounded daughter. The fearful pack members hesitantly followed him, trying not to look at the pup. As he was padding away, Polaris caught the eye of Andromeda, who was silently sobbing as her pack abandoned her. 

"I'm sorry, Andy," He whispered to her as she faded from view. "I'm sorry."

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