By Nighteh06


Leader:Minnowstar-Black she-cat blue eyes

Deputy: Daisypetal -Cream she-cat green eyes

Medicine cat-Jayflight-Gray tabby tom blue eyes

Willowleaf-Golden she-cat green eyes Apprentice:Wisteriapaw-Dark brown she-cat lavender eyes


Tawnytail- Tortie she-cat green eyes

Ravenfeather- Black she-cat blue eyes

Thrushwing-One eyed brown tom green eyes

Eh, I'll work on Warriors later, there's lots of Warriors


Whitepaw-White tom green eyes

Cloudpaw-Gray and white tom green eyes

Reedpaw- Gray and ginger tom green eyes

Sparrowpaw-Tortie she-cat amber eyes

Dewpaw- Gray tom blue eyes

Shadepaw-Tortie she-cat blue eyes


Hazelpool- Ginger she-cat one white paw green eyes mother to Grayclaw's kits, Mothkit-Pale gray and pale ginger she-kit green eyes and Flamekit- Ginger tom green eyes

Goldenwhisker- Golden she-cat amber eyes mother to Stormflight's kits, Morningkit-Golden she-kit amber eyes, Sweetkit-Black she-kit amber eyes, and Doekit- Light brown and white she-kit amber eyes

Chapter 1 Edit

Doekit opened her amber eyes, staring at her mother, Goldenwhisker. "You should go play with Sweetkit and Morningkit." The golden she-cat mewed. "Alright...." Mewed Doekit, Did I really wake up so late Sweetkit and Morningkit are already awake? She thought.

To be continued.