Dominospanda's Charcters Stories

In this page you'll find mainly backstories and tales about my characters. You can meet them on AJCW. More characters will be added soon.


Sprucebloom's backstory begins in BreezeClan, his mother was Blossomstar, a beautiful elegant gray shecat. His father was Oakshield, a stunt brown tabby warrior. Both were very strict with his son Sprucekit. Sprucekit couldn't enjoy his childhood with the rest of the kits of the clan. His future was planned by his parents, he was going to be deputy and future leader of the clan. Sprucekit became Sprucepaw very soon. Eaglesky was his mentor, a serious, boring tom who taught Sprucepaw how to fight and how to be a noble warrior. But it was difficult for Sprucepaw to follow the Warrior Code, he didn't wanted those responsibilities, he wanted time only for himself. Eaglesky thought Sprucepaw only cared about himself, he had no future. This affected Sprucepaw's moral, creating a dark self-reproach inside his mind. After a few moons, Sprucepaw became Sprucebloom, he wasn't deputy yet, but he was a skillful warrior, one of the best in the clan, although his parents weren't proud of him. Nothing could amuse Sprucebloom, his life was boring and controlled by his parents.

After 10 moons of his warrior ceremony, Sprucebloom was forced to be mates with another shecat called Bluestream. Sprucebloom wasn't sure of what to think, the other warrior was new in the clan, she had a good reputation around the forest. They both spent time together to meat each other, they laughed, they shared prey, they swam together, and eventually Sprucebloom fell in love with the shecat. Leaf bare arrived, killing various warriors in the clan. Bluestream and Sprucebloom were still strong, Blossomstar sent them to a hunting patrol. While both warriors walked together, Bluestream seemed worried, Sprucebloom noticed her nervous behavior and asked what was wrong. With a deep breath, Bluestream told Sprucebloom that she was expecting kits from another tom that she loved from WisteriaClan a moons ago after she met Sprucebloom. With pain in his chest, Sprucebloom reacted negatively, he raised his arm and scraped the shecat's snout without thinking it. Bluestream yowled in pain for a moment, but then she launched back attacking Sprucebloom, she bit his neck making it bleed, Sprucebloom pushed her away hurting her flanks. Bluestream, attacked him again by the back, both rolled down near the edge of the running river. Bluestream pushed Sprucebloom into the water with her hind legs. The tom was being carried away by the cold water, he hold himself from a block of ice stuck between rocks. He glanced terrified at Bluestream with blood on her face. She jumped on the block of ice and looked down at Sprucebloom with a furious expression. She clawed his paws deeply and sank him into the water again. There was no possible way for Sprucebloom to swim to the surface, his body was carried by the cold water, his blood tainted the water leaving a trail. More than physical pain, his thoughts were damaged too, Bluestream was his reason to live, and now those thoughts were destroyed by himself. He closed his eyes with no expectations to live.

The chirping sound of a hummingbird woke him up, he was still surprisingly alive near the edge of a lake. He looked around, it was an unfamiliar place for him. With a weak attempt, he got on his 4 large paws, he shook his frozen pelt, and walked into the woods, The snow was melting, it was a warm place. He took a moment to fix his appearance under a warm ray of sunlight. The place seemed to be free of predators. After taking a moment to gain energy, he walked into the bushes to find some prey. He followed the scent of other cats. He arrived to a nice clearing covered by snow, he observed a white tom with brown markings, Sprucebloom decided to get near when a voice interrupted him, a brown shecat appeared in front of him. It was the leader Sunstar. Both discussed for a moment, Sprucebloom explained how he couldn't remember how he got there, he lied about it just to start a new life at BearClan, forgetting the past. Sunstar allowed him to join. From that moment, Sprucebloom promised himself to be cheerful and positive, and to never show jealousy, animosity, or rage to anyone again.


It was a rainy night when Azure, beautiful queen of EbonyClan, gave birth to a large, healthy kit called Arrow. Dirt, Arrow's big brother was ecstatic to show his little brother all his fighting techniques because their father was too busy. A few days passed and Arrow was growing rapidly. He wasn't interested on fighting skills, or playing with other kits, or passing time with his mother. Arrow had his own world where he could express his own ideas. The rest of the kits didn't liked him. He wanted to find out the reason of things, why is the sky blue, how can birds fly, what are the monsters made of.  These, and many other questions grew in his head and as the time proceed, he grew bigger, but his heart got smaller. Nobody liked Arrow because of his stupid questions and his useless ideas. Arrow didn't had a mentor, the leader saw good things on him, so he decided to let Arrow teach himself. Of course this didn't helped on Arrows reputation. During lazy afternoons, Arrow liked to visit the twolegs nest and steal something they called "books". Even though Arrow couldn't read words, he tried reading and he learned basic twolegs words. Dirt was always there to protect his brother, all the apprentices warriors made fun of him and in some cases scratch him or bite him. Arrow never liked that place. It wasn't his home. The leader decided to give Arrow an abandoned den near the medicine cat's den, where he could stay in peace and away of the others. Moons moved faster and it was time for Arrow to become a warrior, of course an unusual one. 

One dark night, Arrow was resting inside his den, dreaming of having a family and friends, being a proper warrior, when suddenly a hard noise near his den woke him up. He ran outside and saw Woodclaw, a new warrior as Arrow, he was with other two warriors that Arrow couldn't see. He analyzed that the warriors were intimidating a young male apprentice called Birdpaw, and suddenly Woodclaw bit his neck. Arrow ran to them and attacked them leaving deep wounds on their cheeks and snouts. Arrow turned back to Birdpaw to see if he was okay, but it was too late, Woodclaw killed Birdpaw. All the warriors were in shock, they couldn't believe it, but then Woodclaw had the evil idea to blame Arrow for Birdpaw's death. "Arrow killed Birdpaw! Arrow killed Birdpaw!" Woodclaw started yelling for help. The leader rapidly sent all the warriors to knock down Arrow but he started to run away from the others.  Arrow escaped from the warriors and curled down inside a tree trunk, he could feel the tears rolling down his cheeks that now they mean nothing. 


Long ago, when there was a generation of different clans, WindClan was the biggest of the four clans in the forest. WhiteStar, leader of the clan, was very excited to announce the new deputy, Brownwhisker. Brownwhisker was the strongest of all the warriors, he was fair and protective. He had a mate, Yellowpelt, a sweet warrior soon to be queen. Everything was perfect, it was a time of no war but peace. A few moons passed and Yellowpelt gave birth to a little shekit, she had a nice greyish pelt, they decided to name her Lilikit. She grew happily with his clan and she was very curious. One day Lilikit was playing around following a butterfly, when she ended up in an unknown place, it was all dirty and desertic, she didn't know what to do. Lilikit tried to go back to the camp but the smell of that place was different. She heard some noises coming from the woods when suddenly an enemy cat from a dark clan jumps from the woods and grabs Lilikit by the scrub with his serrated claws, Lilikit started meowing for help but it was useless until Brownwhisker ran to her and attacked the enemy cat making it run away. both returned to camp and Lilikit had a wound on her back, Brownwhisker and Yellowpelt where so worried about the dangers around the forest, and they had to take the hardest choice of their life, Brownwhisker had to leave Windclan to find a safe place for Lilikit. 

Next day, in the morning, Brownwhisker took Lilikit asleep and said goodbye to the rest of the clan. He waked near the thunderpath so he could find the twolegs nest and stay with Lilikit. As he arrived he found a twolegs nest safe enough for Lilikit. Brownwhisker got close and scratched the door, he was aware of the warrior code, but his daughter was more important. A nice old woman opened the door and looked down at Brownwhisker with Lilikit in his mouth. The woman looked around for the owners but they weren't there, she was feeling alone, so she slowly took Brownwhisker and Lilikit to their new home. Brownwhisker got the name of Whiskers and Lilikit got the name of Katy. Two years passed and Katy grew happily with her father, but she forgot about her past life in the wild. Whiskers was old, weak, and depressed. Katy met lots of other house cats and fell in love with a strong and brave mottled cat named Arthur, the neighbor's cat. Both spent lots of time together and decided to have a family. Katy was expecting kits, she was so happy and Whiskers was happy as well. Everything seemed fine, until the neighbor moved from the country, Arthur away from her. Weeks after that, a big storm came, and Katy was about to give birth, Katy and Whisker's sweet owner called a vet to help Katy give birth. The vet arrived and gave Katy a few treatments so she could do it well. Katy gave birth to three beautiful kittens, the biggest one was a big and large shekit with a grey pelt, Katy called her Kiara, the second one was a crying orange and white male kit called Duck, and the last one was a diminutive, dark as the night, little male kit with enormous ears, and Katy named him Fluffy. She cleaned and licked them but suddenly, Katy started feeling bad, she had a big heartache and started closing her dull eyes. The vet tried to wake her up and he gave her medicine, but it was late, Katy died.

The vet sadly explained that this happened because the mother didn't had enough nutrients to give birth, and the three kits were going to die as well. Whiskers got closer to Katy and the dead kits, and started crying, he left his mate, his responsibilities, his clan just to keep his daughter safe, and now she's gone. The vet carefully took Katy, Kiara, and Duck and placed them inside an special box to take them to the crematory. He was about to take Fluffy when he noticed that his big ears were shivering and he sneezed a little. Fluffy was still alive, so the vet told the cat's owner that she could feed Fluffy and raise him to be a healthy cat. And she did, Fluffy grew a little, he was still a small kit, but Whiskers decided to train him like a Warrior, he told him how to hunt small insects and little rodents. Fluffy had a nice blue collar, he liked to hear his grandfather's stories about the clans and the warriors.

One night Whiskers was sitting on the fence, looking at the endless darkness of the forest, he was aware that he was an old cat, and he had very short time in the earth. The next day he talked to Fluffy, he told him that when a cat goes away he joins StarClan, and he would never come back. Fluffy couldn't believe his words, tears rolled down his face and slowly backed off running away, Whiskers was his only family and he was going to leave. The next day, Fluffy saw a twoleg with Whiskers in its arms, and putting him inside a box. Fluffy ran to him but the twoleg shut the door and Fluffy scratched it, he didn't wanted his grandfather to leave. A few days passed and Fluffy wasn't the same playful kitten as always, he liked to learn and listen about the warriors. At the next day, Fluffy was ready to find them, to join their adventures and be like his grandfather, so he climbed the fence with difficulty and jumped down landing stupidly on the dirt. He contemplated the great forest with his round blue eyes and slowly walked inside, all the scents, all the sounds were unknown to him. He walked around for a few minutes when he accidentally rolled all the way down ending up in an open clear of the forest lighten up by the white moon. He stared at the stars and wondered what they were when suddenly he heard a voice saying "Look! There's a kittypet!" he looked around and lots of cats started to surround him they started whispering to each other when a tall silver tabby with beautiful green eyes appeared in front of him. He stayed quiet when he called a cat named Soulpelt, and ordered him to take Fluffy away. Fluffy started meowing to the warrior to leave him alone, Fluffy wanted to join that clan, but he was just a small kit, he couldn't do something to join them. Soulpelt arrived at Fluffy's home and left him over the fence, he stared at him for a while, and left. Fluffy observed how the warrior faded in the forest. Fluffy felt stronger, he didn't knew why, those creatures were powerful, free, and wild.

Next night, Fluffy was disposed to return with a prey from his home so the leader could see what Fluffy was capable to do. Fluffy took the large mouse and followed the scent that he remembered. When he arrived to the warriors' camp, he waited for them to recognize him, and they did, they crowded around Fluffy like last night, and once more, the leader appeared in front of Fluffy. "Take this pest back!" he ordered, but a young grey apprentice said "Wait! Give him a chance, he brought a prey." Skeletonstar, looked at the apprentice and noticed that lots of warriors had the same idea. Skeletonstar decided to accept Fluffy. He felt so happy, now he could be like his grandfather, and have a wild life like him. Skeletonstar broke Fluffy's collar and ordered to Crimsonfur, an old queen to show him around. Fluffy wasn't aware of his destiny, all his adventures, and his new life.


A new generation in BearClan, a new leader, a new life. Rosestar was expecting kits, it was a surprise for all the clan, and her mate Tigertooth was happy as well. The clan continued with the daily chores and the moons passed rapidly and it was time for Rosestar to give birth. After giving birth to Tundrakit, Redkit, Freekit,Blossomkit,  Whisperkit , and Smallkit she decided to rest a little and watch how her kits grew up. Little time passed and all the kits were happy to play around the nursery, but not Freekit, he dreamt to be the biggest warrior of all times. Everything was perfect, until Rosestar's kits started to die, they died because of the low temperatures during leafbare. They all died except for Freekit, all his sisters died. Freekit didn't wanted to live like that, so he decided to leave the clan, he was still small, but he knew how to defend himself.

He ran to the twolegs city, and lived like a rouge. A year passed and Freekit had a new buddy called Squeaks, a rouge like him. Freekit was called only Free and he lived in the cold streets looking beneath the garbage for food. He forgot a little about his past life in the wild. But at least he accepted his new life. He liked to joke around with his buddy, they were always together. One night Free was waiting for Squeaks near the park, Squeaks was looking for food and Free was watching the sky full of stars. He looked at Squeaks at the distance with two big pieces of fried chicken. Free could hear his stomach rumbling when suddenly Squeaks got captured inside a net by a twoleg. Free ran to the twoleg and scratched its face, making it drop the net and letting Squeaks out. The twoleg took Free by the scrub and putted him inside the net. Free couldn't get out of there. He saw Squeaks at a distance shocked. Free stared at him waiting for Squeaks to rescue him, but Squeaks ran away.

The twoleg let the net inside the van and drove far away. Free was afraid, he tried to scape from the net but it was useless, a few minutes later the car stopped, and opened the van taking Free inside the net. The twoleg got inside a shiny building, the lights were hurting Free's green optics, he got inside a lab and a twoleg slowly opened the net and laid Free over a silver table. Free was trying to move and run away from the twoleg's strong hands. The twoleg inserted a vaccine with a medicine so Free could sleep, and he did, but he felt terrible. After a few minutes, Free felt something hurting his left ear. He looked at his long ear and saw a yellow label with the words "E38U9". Free saw other animals around the place, such as mice, bunnies, and one skinny dog. They all looked terrible and they had the same yellow label clipped on their ear. Free started yelling for help, but it was useless, he was trapped. The next days were like hell for Free, all the days he got medicine, tests, and operations. He started to forget about everything in life. Everyday was exactly the same, he loss weight, hair, and memory. 6 months passed and Free looked terrible. He felt like a machine in the hands of the twolegs. But one night, he was disposed to get out of that lab and free the other animals. After days planning his escape he told the other animals, they were all ready. Free waited for all the twolegs to leave the place. When they did, Free managed to open the cage with his claw. He landed carefully on the floor and opened the other cages. With the help of the other animals, they broke the door's window and walked through the labs. They got to the principal door and opened it, but the alarm started to sound and they rapidly got out of there, they all followed Free to a hidden place so the twolegs couldn't find them. They thank Free for letting them out of the lab, they skinny dog said "Thank you E38U9." and rain away. Free couldn't understand that last sentence, he didn't remembered his name, was E38U9 his name? He changed the topic and decided to walk away. He looked at the park that was near and remembered that wild place every house cat was afraid of. He decided to go back to the forest, to his clan, to his home.


Hummingbird ran though the tall grass, listening to the noises around. Once again he escaped from the boring lessons in his clan. He was happy running around and exploring, but his father, Darkclaw, always forced him to train to be a strong and coarse warrior. Hummingbird's mother wanted him to be a medicine cat, to save lives and have a big connection with StarClan. Hummingbird's parents used to always argue, they didn't loved each other.

One day Hummingbird was sleeping next to his mother when he suddenly dreamt of an empty place, with no one around. He tried to look for the others but it was useless. He meowed and meowed but the darkness got into his lungs. He woke up almost crying and nudged his mother, but Sunflower had a heavy breathing and her heart was beating slowly. Hummingbird understood that his mother was dying. He ran outside the den yelling for help, when his father stood in front of him with a contempt look and said "You are not needed anymore." Darkclaw hissed at Hummingbird scaring him and making him run away. The rain storm was so hard and Hummingbird didn't knew where he was going, he just ran as far as possible.

Hummingbird ambled around the forest, with no where to go, his stomach was growling and his paws hurt. He looked around for a place to rest when he identified an apprentice of a colorful brown pelt alone. Hummingbird got close and meowed in a greeting. They took a moment to meet each other; Hummingbird explained that he was a loner. Larkpaw smiled at the little feline and guide him to a big clearing. Suddenly, Scarletstar looked at Hummingbird and decided to let him join the clan. Hummingbird was happy to have a family again, Scarletstar nudged him and Hummingbird's green eyes started to cry.

Spiderear's Death By Sjcrocks2003

Spiderears limped through the cold weather in the deserted area. He was still weak from the recent attack. "I-I have to tell everyone about the attack..." he hacked out some blood. "Just a little more..." he told himself hoping it would encourage him to go further. His monumental ears perked up to the sound of loud movement. Although he couldn't see any of it he knew for a fact, the sounds, was a river down the canyon. He believed he was completely safe as he continued to limp through the deserted area. "It's done there, I'm up here." He repeated to himself. His bird Patchlime struggled to escort him through the enviorment due to the cold air around them. "Patchlime are we getting close?" He asked his bird. Patchlime let out a small chirp to signal him. Spiderears slowly grew weaker before tripping on a rock perked out of the side of the canyon. He crashed down ruggedly hurting himself on the way down. What felt like time slowing down he thought of his past. "Grandpa, what's the forest like?" Fluffy had asked his Grandfather Whiskers. Whiskers watched the outdoors and narrowed his eyes at the forest. "I had a friend who traveled in the forest, they never came back. I wouldn't want another person in there. Fluffy, never, and I mean never, go into the forest." He spat out discontentedly. Fluffy nodded, yet he knew he would go into the forest one day. His curiosity only filled him more. As Fluffy- now know as Spiderpaw-went through the Twoleg area searching for who knows what, he came across a small injured bird. "Hello little bird, you're injured." He said as he scanned the area around him. He found some cobwebs and patched the bird's wing. "You are green and pink, I shall call you Patchlime!" He told the bird as it chirped and vibrated happily. Spiderears watched Shadowheart talk to the black russet tom, angrily. "Don't worry Spiderears, she'll be fine!" Brokenheart told him as she brushed her fur up against him. "I'm not worried about that, I just don't trust that tom..." he said to Brokenwing. "Don't worry, I'm sure he wouldn't do anything to harm anyone." She said attempting to assure him. he sighed "Fine, believe yourself though, I don't believe in him." He said as he shifted his glare to a gaze and faced Brokenwing. She smiled at him and began to tickle him. Spiderears laughed and laughed, until he couldn't breath "Stop, stop! Okay, okay! You win!" He said. Broken stopped as she was asked to and smiled at him. "There's the smile I wanted.". "'All of those moment of mine' lead up to this. Those were my favorite times, and now, I'm leaving with them. Who knew though, that the great Spiderears would die that day, a rock hitting him. You could imagine what everyone else would think. Who knows, one day-" "Everyone can share their story." He said before he hit his head on a rock in the water killing him, as his body was drifiting through the water, carrying his body away.

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