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fAN clip

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A kit Born with fire..Edit

"Father?" a kit, eclipse mewed. Starring at a large rouge pack and at his surroundings. He then stared at his siblings, Softkit and others. He was horrified of where he was, he snapped as he saw a wolf pack tear into the rouge camp. The small kit yowled,mewing running from the wolves. As he relized that he got picked up. His father picked him up Patched thorn, the father. Threw him out of the small camp. As the kit seen fire, he ran quickly to it. trying to blow. He then made a fume that lead to a log. That where his father was staying. He mewed "FATHER!!!" he heared the roaring growls of vicious wolves. He then dodged a wolf. Hearing the log clinking, he ran to the den, realizing the den was crushed with fire, his family alongside...

Eclipse's journeyEdit

After moons of caring for himself, and crying as well. He was an apprentice. "Oh great morning, starclan has brought..." He meowed quietly, starring at his preypile and fresh kill. He got a mouse, "Welp, after my bad past, I might have a piece of a good life." he looked a a lost, white she-cat. He then ran up to her "Hey, who are you?" they both stopped, the white fae purred softly "I'm... Wihitcha, I've... had a bad past lately.. And others wont let me stay in their den." Eclipse stopped, replying "Well, I'm Eclipse, I've had a bad past too.. Mind if you stay in my den? Its short... but uh, worth it" Eira looked at him quietly "I would love too!Thank you Mr. Kindess!" He chuckled, as they both walked off.

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