Prologue Edit

  • Wolfstar >>Leader<<
  • Stripedflower >>Deputy<<
  • Maplepuddle >>Medicine Cat<<
  • Oaktail >>Warrior<<
  • Crowscreech >>Queen/Warrior<<
  • Ravenstripe >>Warrior<<
  • Rippletail >>Warrior<<
  • Wintersky >>Warrior<<
  • Rippleclaw >>Warrior<<

"Wolfstar!" A she-cat screeched from the nursery and the silver tabby rushed toward the cries "What?" Wolfstar meowed, her icy eyes wide "They're coming." The Med Cat purred "Why call me? Why not get the father?" Wolfstar sighed, the she-cat screeched again

After what felt like ages, four newly born kits laid in the moss "They're beautiful." The Med meowed "Thank you Maplepuddle." The queen purred as she pulled her kits forward "Th-This one isn't moving." The queen started cleaning it "Crowscreech... He's still-born." Maplepuddle meowed "Of course it was I who had the unlucky kit." Crowscreech sighed

"What will they're names be?" Wolfstar meowed "The ginger one will be named Ripplekit, in honor of his father who died in battle." Crowscreech meowed licking the ginger tom's head "The grey and black one will be Ravenkit and the last one, the white one will be Winterkit." Crowscreech meowed "Wonderful names, for such wonderful kits." Maplepuddle meowed "Get some rest... We can burry...?" The Med meowed "He shall be Stillkit, for he was still-born." Crowscreech meowed "We will burry Stillkit in the morning." Wolfstar meowed before padding away

Chapter 1 Edit

"Im gonna win!" Wintersky meowed racing across the forest "Not so fast!" Ravenstripe called slowly catching up, birds sang in the distance and a wolf howled "What about me!" Rippletail panted "You gotta keep up!" Wintersky called back, she could see the camp

"Im gonna win!" Wintersky repeated "Wintersky, Ravenstripe what are you doing!" Wintersky could hear Crowscreech's hiss from camp "Racing!" Ravenstripe replied "Ravenstripe... It's a sparrow." Wintersky gasped "Where?" She meowed "I don't see anyth-" Ravenstripe meowed

Wintersky could fell her sister's glare as she raced into camp and crashed into Russetclaw "S-Sorry." Wintersky meowed standing up "It's fine." He replied "Racing you siblings again... It's not fair for Rippletail." Russetclaw chuckled "I know, that's why we race him." Wintersky smiled before trotting to the fresh-kill pile

"You cheated!" Ravenstripe growled "No I didn't." Wintersky smiled "Your a little Dark Forester." The grey striped she-cat snorted "Are you sure your not over grown kits." Wolfstar laughed "I am." Wintersky meowed "Take a quick rest." Wolfstar meowed

(Unfinished) Edit