Prolouge Edit

The young cub chripped to it mother, her blue eyes glanced around. Fatal place a paw in the mud, it left a paw print. She waited for her mother, she knew she had to be here soon. Her brother Lethal

Fatalstar as a cub

Fatal, an american cheetah

let out a complain" Mother always hunting, she never spend time with us". Fatal glared at him" Stop being a selfish cub, mother hunts so we can have food and be big and strong, like our father". Lethal grumbled" You know father doesn't care about us, you know that he wants cubs so he got mother expecting then left her".

Fatal was tempted to nip his ear, how dared he talk about father when he the strongest american cheetah ever, everyone said he the son to the mighty giant cheetah and the giant cougar, the giant cougar made american cheetahs.

Lethal pad out of the den, Fatal hissed at him" What you think your doing mousebrain ". Lethal turned to Fatal" I think I can here mother chripping she must caught food ". Fatal pricked her ears, she heard a faint chrip, Lethal pad towards the sound. Fatal followed, her paws darting after her brother.

" Mother No", a yowl made her stop. Mother was lay on her side, a long, jagged wound ticked with blood, a massive elk was beside her. It eyes was sightless as stare into nothing, Fatal whispered " No". Lethal nudged her" Come on Mother, you have to walk up". Fatal choke on grief as she spoke" She dead Lethal".

Lethal gave a chrip of grief, and Fatal spoke" We have to stay with her, she might be sleeping, or she could be..." It didn't matter, her mother was dead and she knew it.Fatal curled to her mother side, closing her eyes, she fell alseep.

She hadn't slept long before she was hunrgy, she copied her mother, tearing off fur so she can start eating. Mother said that the fur has no nutritional values and it pointless to eat it. Lethal was tearing fur from the belly, and she instantly remembered how her mother taught her how to eat prey. First eat the liver and heart, then drink the blood from the chest, and eat the rest of the prey after words.

Fatal and Lethal tore into the elk, her belly slowly becoming full until a howl ruin the meal. Fatal and Lethal glance up, yellow eyes gleamed wolves, thought Fatal. Lethal tensed his giving a loud snarl, Fatal glance at him" What you doing Lethal, we have to run". Lethal gave Fatal a glare" This is our food our prey, I not going to be a coward and run".

Fatal nudged him" No, we fighting a losing battle, come on we can return at night, we can hid in the trees, wolves can't climb trees". Lethal sighed" Fine, we hide in the trees", Fatal dig her claws into the bark,

heaving herself up the tree. Lethal follow into the branch, clinging on the branch for dear life, Fatal gasp when she saw the first wolf.

He sniffed the Elk before tearing it apart, he snarled at his pack, there was so many wolves They eat all the elk, A flash of fur leaped down, claws unsheathed" Lethal no". Lethal landed squared on the alpha wolf back,the wolf howled and twisted his head. A wolf bit into Lethal neck and yank him off, a massive scar was on Lethal neck, his eyes rolled, and the wolf pack left barking.

Fatal scraped down the tree, her eyes widing at Lethal horrible wound. Muscle was visible and a long skinny blue thing was in two pieces. Lethal eyes was rolled back, staring into nothing, Fatal stared in horror when a deep voice made her turn" Fatal".

The male voice growled lowly" Come on", Fatal stared at the male american cheetah" Who are you". The male american cheetah growl" Your father, now come on", He grabbed her scruff and carried her away from her mother's and brother's body.

Chapter 1: Fatalkit's plans Edit

Fatalkit yowled as she dash across the camp" I get you", this is shadowclan it was nice here but she knew she would be leader one day and conquer all the clans. Fatalkit scrambled and pounce on Lizardheart's tail knowing she was already big as Lizardheart. Lizardheart hissed" Go away,Fatalkit it bad enough having to expand the nursery". Fatalkit hissed, her claws unsheathing" Back down mousebrain, I be 3 times your size


and 6 times your strength". Lizardheart snarl" Don't you even know the warrior code"? Fatalkit snarled, her tail swaying " Only kits follow the warrior code".Lizardheart flatten her ears, but hissed" I don't know why Rowanstar allow a outsider in shadowclan".

Lizardheart flicked her tail and pad towards Dawnpelt, who watched her kits play. Kinkfur was dozing outside the nursery,with Ivypelt at her side. Fatalkit snarl silently to herself" One day, I rule shadowclan".


The storm crashed as the rain slapped the marshly earth. Fatalkit lay next to Dawnpelt, who was her foster mother, only she really wasn't. Dawnpelt despised Fatalkit,but Fatalkit will end her one day in agony pain. Fatalkit muttered" Death what suits Dawnpelt best ". A yowl rang across the clearing making Fatalkit raise her head" Clan meeting".

Dawnpelt grumbled at Fatalkit" How you be a apprentice if you can't groom yourself". Fatalkit was already grooming herself, and she pad out and sat as Rowanstar yowl rang across the clearing" We have a new apprentice before us". Rowanstar flicked his tail for Fatalkit to come forward, Fatalkit padded toward Rowanstar, her head raised proudly and so was her tail.

Rowanstar meowed" Today, we have a new apprentice of ShadowClan, Fatalkit, your are now Fatalpaw, your mentor will be Tigerheart". Tigerheart meets up with a thunderclan cat named Dovewing, I can't be mentored by a traitor. But Fatalpaw touched noses with Tigerheart and sat down next to her mentor, her tail twitching with annoyance.