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a new life Edit

A queen was kitting in the medic mostly known as creamfeather. some cats crowded the medic, a light brown kit with dark sky blue eyes hopelessly wiggled around for Milk from her mother. " eat these." Demand the medic, smog , telling the queen . " you can go to the nursery, I think that your strong enough ." Soonly creamfeather took her newly kit which she had told her father that her name was going to be " fawnkit". Still with her tiny eyes closed she had her other senses to rely on until she do so, after sometime of drinking loads of milk her mother took her out to meet the rest of camp . Lucky her older brother , grim , was their when her mother had to go . He started to show fawnkit around and other family members , enjoying the tour around she knew one thing . Days past and so did some moons , fawnkit was still fawnkit of thunderclan. Until one day....

Starclan's choice and rulesEdit

I wonder what going up!' Thought fawnkit as she raced around camp , nor so empty or so full this time but most cats just come in and go out. Joyful or the flows of the river a shecat came by hearing fawnkit talk to her self sad . " ugh I wish I was some one else!" Fawnkit moaned until the shecat came over and anger fawnkit so she left in look for a other clan . Not long until she joined mistclan and became fernkit . " welcome to mistclan " said her new leader , robinstar. As some more time past she tried to stay with her new clan , with at first having some problems between the two clans since random ow popped up at random times . Fernkit went to the river most of the times knowing at some times when you need a friend , water is always talking something nice drawing it with her shiny blue waves .