Fernstar, as you may know, is the current leader of ForestClan. Fernstar has had a rough time. This is her story.

FernStar was born in Runeclan a small clan that was disbanded. She was the daughter of MapleSpark and RobinFlame but was adopted by Oakstar and IceWillow. All of her litter-mates died, but one lived on with her. His name was Redfur, but sadly he was murdered by Luna. FernKit and Redkit soon became best friends with Willowkit and Ivykit. The Four where all adopted-Litter-mates. WillowKit died, sadly after her mother died. She was IceWillow and Oakstar's kit as well as ivykit. Fernkit's real father was killed in battle against shadeclan and her mother died kitting. Fernkit now had no mother figure because MapleSpark and IceWillow were dead. Icewillow died from greencough. FernKit's parents were from two different clans. FernKit and Redkit were Half-Clan kits. Fernkit became an apprentice and her mentor was FlowerDash. FlowerDash was a small brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. Flowerdash was like a mother to fernPaw and trained her well. FernPaw had a lot of misadventures as an apprentice. Once she ran into a badger's den thinking it was a big rabbit hole and the time she ran into a Fox. FlowerPetal was there to save her each time though. FernPaw was in good paws. OakStar loved FernPaw as his own. OakStar paid a lot of attention to RedPaw and FernPaw. RedPaw's mentor was a mean old tom named, ShadowTail. FernPaw fell in love with StormPaw and the two promised that they will always be together. StormPaw sadly was killed on a raid on ShadeClan. FernPaw was broken hearted, but she saved a warrior from being killed. She got her warrior name, FernShade. FernShade was lonely and sad but a good warrior. She always had her litter-mates to take care of her. IvyPaw became Ivyclaw and Redpaw, RedFur. Runeclan's camp had a fire and almost all of the warriors died. Somehow Redfur, Ivyclaw, and FernShade escaped and met GalaxyStar. Right away Fernstar had a huge crush on him. Ivyclaw liked him, but already was mates with a rouge. Ivyclaw had given birth to two young kits and quicky one of them died. The other one would sneak off to hang out with her Father. RedFur was also mates with a rouge and had three kits and one of them died. FernShade was made deputy soon after the other leader died. Fernshade soon became a leader with GalaxyStar. Fernstar would blush up anytime he was around. GalaxyStar confessed that he loved fernstar and the two were happy. Redfur was murdered by Luna because she knocked over a tree. Fernstar and galaxystar became mates and he disappeared. WildStar forced Galaxystar away to become leader but galaxystar made it back. Fernstar have birth to galaxyStar's kits. The two were overjoyed. Sadly Fernstar was murdered by Hawk soon later.

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