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Medicine cat


Medicine cat apprentice






























Sparrowstar (Mother to Firekit, Sandkit, and Metallickit)





Tornado Warning





Prologue Edit

Firestar, wild with panic, flung himself across the cats. They had a battle with Shadowclan. A Shadowclan cat raked his claws across Firestar's flank. Firestar screeched in pain, and turned and locked his jaws around its neck, flinging the cat. He panted, and kept running to help his clanmates. He slashed his claws across a warrior's muzzle, and batted his paws on its head, sending the cat running to its territory. He felt claws lash at his legs, and Firestar leapt backwards from the aim. Screeches and Yowls flooded the forest. Firestar caught Sandtail, his sister, pinned. Wide-eyed, he slammed the cat out of her way, and the RiverClan cat fled to its territory. Firestar felt claws rake his hindlegs. Firestar yowled with pain, and he fell to the forest floor, the battle still around him. He closed his eyes, letting the caliginous wave splash over him, taking him away from the waking active world. He had never told his secret to any cat...

Chapter 1 Edit

The wind howled through the night. Whispers went running across the trees. Firekit glanced around the nursery. He had discovered his father wasn't real from the incident of Sparrowstar and Duststorm arguing. Sandkit and he had eavesdropped, surprised. But they had never got who was the real father, and so Firekit vowed to discover this secret. His sister was sleeping beside him, her flanks rising and falling peacefully. Firekit cuddled beside her sister, and one brother, yawning. His mother, Sparrowstar, was curling around them, protecting them. Firekit huddled closer to her belly, and felt comforted by his sister and mother. But there was one tiny little piece of the puzzle, and that was his real father.. He pushed the thought away. Right now he had to concentrate on being the greatest warrior any other cat can be. But the thought came flooding back to him again. How would he become the greatest warrior if his real father couldn't see it. He could imagine what he would say. "That's my son!" But, again, it would probably never happen. He kept squirming around, still thinking of the thought. Firekit stared at the entrance of the nursery, the entrance covered with ivy wall. He sighed, and put his head on his paws. The next morning he had sleep because he woke up with a yawn.

Chapter 2 Edit

One of his brothers, Metallickit, woke him up by sharply prodding a paw against his flank. Firekit slowly woke up. "Leave me alone.." Firekit muttered, and Metallickit hissed in his ear. "There's a ceremony that's going to happen!" Then Firekit shot to his paws. "Who is it?" Firekit asked with curiosity."It's Darkpaw and Hawkpaw, they're getting their warrior ceremonies. I really think they are-" Firekit stopped listening to his chatty brother. He looked around, and saw that Sparrowstar and his sibling were gone. He slapped Metallickit with his tail, and beckoned him to follow Firekit. They both exited the nursery, and saw every cat gathering under The Highrock. He gazed at it in awe. "Wow!" He saw Duskstar and Amberstar there, sitting on the top of the rocks. "C'mon!" Firekit shouted at his brother at all of the cats chatting. Firekit saw their mother and bounded toward her with Metallickit right by him. As Firekit sat besides his mother and siblings, he scratched his ear with his hindleg, realizing how boring it was. "Darkpelt! Hawkfur! Darkpelt! Hawkfur!" The clan chanted. Firekit joined in, and Duskstar silenced them. "You two are going to sit vigil, I'll come to you to tell you you're done." The clan congratulated the two newly made warriors, and slowly went back to their dens or to go hunting.

Chapter 3 Edit

Firekit watched the clan, as it was busily working again. He blinked, and then an idea popped into his head. His eyes had a spark of mischievous in them, and knew exactly what he was going to do. He noticed it was dusk, and thought to himself, "Perfect", As dusk settled, His mother and his siblings including himself went back to the nursery, then Sparrowstar looked at her kits, and meowed, "You all go to sleep now, you'll need it for tomorrow." Not one of the three were tired, and Firekit whispered to Sandkit and Metallickit, "Hey, wanna get out of camp tonight? Maybe we can hunt something, but when Mom's asleep." The two thought, and quickly nodded, as they both loved that idea. Some time later, Sparrowstar was already asleep, and it was dark outside, with the crickets chirping, and the owls hooting in the air. Firekit then mewed quietly to them, "C'mon, follow me." They all slowly got out of their nests, with no sound. The three exited the den. The wind was blowing hard. Firekit dug his claws into the ground. He signaled them with his tail, and they left camp. Their eyes lit in the dark forest, leaves, branches, tall trees surrounding them. Firekit gasped with awe. "Wow!" Firekit breathed. Firekit couldn't even see Metallickit's pelt, only his icy pale blue eyes. Then something swished, and it flashed by Firekit and his siblings. Firekit quickly stood back, and thought, "What was that?!".

Chapter 4 Edit

Metallickit hissed, "Did you see that?!" Firekit and Sandkit nodded, and Firekit looked around, and angled his ears in every single direction, and heard a twig crack. His eyes narrowed. Then the shadow swished by them again, this time it looked like the structure was a kit. Sandkit screeched, but she forced herself to stay still, while Metallickit flattened his fur evenly again, and Firekit was bristling, and mewed "Come on guys, we can't just stop here, we need to keep going." Firekit then crouched, and prowled forward, but something made him stop. Icy pale orbs were shining ahead of him, although the darkness couldn't say who it was. Firekit's eyes widened. But he gulped, and kept going forward, with Metallickit and Sandkit behind. Then another kit, unfamiliar, mewed to them, and the voice confirmed it was a female, but the voice was icily calm. "I am Tornado Warning, nice to meet you three." Then she stepped forward, her paws avoiding the twigs and leaves, and from there, she had a purple collar, lined with cats' teeth, and dogs' teeth, all from defeating them all. She was a pure black kit, like Metallickit.

Chapter 5 Edit

Then another kit slithered beside Tornado Warning, with the exact same pelt, but with white chest fur, and her eyes were like a emerald forest, as they stared towards the three, and she finally spoke. "My name's Soot." She stared at the three, as the forest swayed at their paws. Sandkit stood up. "I am Sandkit, and these are my brothers, Firekit and Metallickit." She tried to meow bravely, but failed greatly. Firekit blinked. Then he whispered. "Let's get out of here before things get weird." They all turned back and ran for dear life, and to Thunderclan territory. Firekit looked over his shoulder, and sighed in relief as the cats weren't there. "Phew, glad they're gone." Metallickit hissed. "You mousebrains! You led those cats to ThunderClan Camp!" Firekit never though of that.. What would happen if the leaders found out.. Especially his mother...

Firekit shook his head. "I don't think they would follow us. Let's just get to our nests before Mom finds out." Metallickit took the lead, and Firekit and Sandkit followed him to their nests, and got in quietly, curling themselves by their mother. Firekit woke up the next day, and he yawned. He rubbed his eyes. "Huh?" He noticed his mother was gone, and his siblings were just waking up too, realizing the same thing. "Where's Sparrowstar?" Sandkit mewed. Firekit shrugged, and followed his siblings outside. There was a huge crowd, and Firekit's fur bristled when he smelled a familiar scent. Amberstar, Duskstar, Sunstar, and Sparrowstar were in the middle of the crowd. The crowd turned to look at the three, moving themselves away, forming a tiny gap. And there, the two familiar kits, were there. Amberstar hissed at them. Metallickit backed away along with Sandkit. "Never leave camp!" She snarled at them through angry eyes. Firekit gulped. Duskstar mewed. "Come over here, young ones." The three quietly padded to Duskstar, and he told them to sit, and they obeyed. "Now, these two told me that you guys were out at night, and they both saw you out in the forest, and once you left, they followed you. Do you think leaving camp is a smart thing? And who thought of that crazy idea?" Sandkit pushed Firekit toward Duskstar's paws, and Sandkit had a derpy face. Duskstar blinked. Duskstar looked down to look at Firekit. "What made you think you could go to the forest whenever you want, when you're kits, while there could be badgers, foxes, or even dogs?" Duskstar had a calm face, but his voice was stern. Firekit stammered. "I-I just though that the three of-f us could go hunting for the clan.." Duskstar meowed. "You can hunt for the clan when the three of you troublemakers are apprentices." Firekit glanced at the two black kits. He didn't glare at them, but simply stared. He then returned his gaze to Duskstar. Then Sunstar asked, "What shall we do with these two kits, Duskstar?" Duskstar mewed, "We'll keep these two from now on, Sparrowstar will take care of her since she's the only queen." The cats in the crowd broke out with shocked whispers. But Duskstar silenced them, and the clan went to work again.

Chapter 6 Edit

Firekit sighed. It was the time of year that snow would fill the place, and every cat would have to starve. Amberstar ordered an extra hunting patrol. Firekit yawned. He felt snow touch his nose, and he sneezed, blowing the snowflake away. Firekit shook his head, and padded back into the nursery. It was only his siblings, with Soot and Tornado Warning. Sparrowstar mewed gently to her kits. "You should all- including Soot and Tornado Warning- go to sleep. I will wake you guys when prey's here." Firekit went to sleep by Metallickit and Sandkit. He cuddled beside them, slowly going to sleep. Besides, all of the kits were old enough to have prey.

A paw prodded Firekit's side. Firekit opened an eye, seeing his mother. "Prey's here." She said, waking up the others. Firekit saw Soot and Tornado Warning curled beside his siblings. Once Sparrowstar woke up everyone, she went outside and came back, with prey full in her mouth. She then dropped the prey at the kits' paws. "Remember to share." Sparrowstar sat down. Firekit turned to look at his mother. "Aren't you going to eat?" He asked. "No, I'm not hungry." Firekit nodded, and he took a bite out of the mouse, tearing the skin and meat, and he chewed it, and gulped it down. He finished the mouse in careful, famished bites. Sandkit then asked, "Can all of us go outside?" She squeaked. Sparrowstar answered, "As long as all of you be careful, then yes you may." Excited squeals came out of the nursery. Then the group of kits left the nursery. Firekit had trouble padding on the snow, fortunately the snow wasn't thick, but it was thin, although it was puffy. Firekit made a ball, and aimed it at Metallickit, kicking the snowball with a hindleg. Metallickit squealed, pouncing onto Firekit, and batting him playfully. Firekit kicked him off, sending him flying toward Soot, who Tornado Warning was playing with, knocking them both down. Firekit laughed. Then Sparrowstar poked her head out of the den. "Time to go back inside, kits. You'll have more fun when afternoon comes." She grabbed them one by one, carrying them inside. Once they all had settled down, an apprentice came rushing inside the den, "Fox! Foxes are here!" The apprentice named Birdpaw was panting. Sparrowstar stared at the apprentice for a moment, and then meowed as gently as she could. "Okay little ones, we're going to play a game called the hiding game. The point of the game is hide from the foxes, so they won't come and eat you!" She said quickly. "Now now, come on, follow me." She beckoned her tail to the kits to follow her, and Firekit was excited to play 'the hiding game'. Firekit followed his mother quickly into a small gap in the nursery. It was wide enough for all the cats to squeeze in. Sparrowstar covered the entrance of the gap with moss and sticks. Firekit mewed with curiousity, "Mom, what's happening? Are the foxes going to chew us up into their bellies?" Sparrowstar looked at him worriedly, but she whispered to him, "No, they won't, I promise." 

They had waited for quite a while, and it was so quiet the only thing they heard was their own breathing. Then, Sunstar poked his head into the den. "Everything is alright. The foxes are gone." Examining his face closer, he had a torn ear that was bleeding. Sparrowstar gave a sigh of relief, her shoulders dropping. "Come on, kits." She pushed through the moss and sticks, leaving the small gap. The kits followed her, into their nests. "Sleep now." Firekit had many questions going through his head, but for now they'd have to wait.

Chapter 7Edit

"Wake up, Firekit!" Sandkit prodded at his flank. Firekit stirred in his nest, opening his eyes and seeing Tornado Warning and Soot were gone. What happened to them? He wondered. Sandkit, as if she know what he was thinking, mewed, "They left camp. Only I saw them leave. They said they'd be back. But they didn't say when." Metallickit was already outside of the nursery, waiting for them. Firekit and Sandkit padded out of the den. "Let all cats old enough to hunt gather for a clan meeting!" Duskstar's voice rang out around the hollow. Cats started filling the hollow, facing the Highrock. The four leaders leaped onto the rock, looking down at the cats. Sparrowstar is on the highrock? She usually isn't. Firekit thought, while sitting by the nursery.

"Today is a very important day." Duskstar meowed, his ocean blue gaze resting on the three kits. "Metallickit, Sandkit, Firekit, come to the highrock."

idea Edit

Ok so, people who want to join my story, write your name below and what you'll do. (example)


- Add Reedstar a slender, black tom with dark gray eyes. Maybe Thunderclan could be in battle with Riverclan, Riverclan loses and Firestar fights well earning his leadership or deputyship. (At the time he's Reedwhisker)

- Add Reedstar (xxdragontailxx) a ginger and brown tom with white belly, and Firestar along with his siblings will discover who their father is. Reedstar will join Thunderclan and live there.

- Add Lionfur (xxdragontailxx) a cat who looks like Sunfur but with amber eyes, Lionfur will be born when Firestar is a warrior, and he will give Lionfur's warrior ceremony.

- Add Perri, (xxautumndragonxx) when Firestar is an apprentice and Perri's a warrior, he will meet Perri in his first gathering.

- Add Yellow/Flame/Cloud (mrcoolio38920) a yellowish cat who will help Firestar and his siblings to find their father.

Sandtail/Sandy (Mundee) cause I wanted to do this:3, a ginger tabby shecat with a white underbelly and similar green eyes. She has oddly large paws oftenly tripping over them when young ans appearently I'm youngestestest so I'm guessing you like to mess with me?. (When I not be messin arounds, Sandy is sharptounged what whatever the call it in the books k) I is main character cause we be trying to find our dad.

-Add Stormstrike (Hjlee) a norwegian forest cat that is light grey and has grey streaks. She has a white underbelly. I will be at the gatherings

-Add Wolfkit, a lone kit who is 4 moons old. He has a silver pelt with hints of brown and tan in it and icy blue eyes. He eventually joins ThunderClan, is raised in the clan and given his warrior name, Wolffur. Wolffur eventually leaves ThunderClan and finds a tribe called ForestRose, which he ends up taking over. He then renamed himself Shiningwolf and uses the tribe in an attempt to take over ThunderClan, which fails and Shiningwolf is killed in a battle against ForestRose and ThunderClan later in the story.