Prologue: Edit

"Come on,Void! Push!" A ginger tom meowed incourageingly,A completely black she-cat lay on her side,shreiking in pain everytime a spassem hit her.A kit slowly came out, and the spassems stopped.She lay panting on one side."Is the kit alright?" She said,anxiously.Her voice quivering with exhausting."Yes, the kits alright.Its a she-kit.What are you going to name her?" The ginger tom asked, purring at the newborn kit.Rubbing against its side to get it warm."I think...Flintkit.Because it looks as sharp as a flint" She purred in amusement.The she-cat pushed her against her belly to suckle.Flintkit's paw pads pressed against the belly as she was feeding.

Chapter 1: Edit

"Haha! I got you I got you!" Squeaked Heatherkit."Did NOT!"exclaimed Ashkit.Flintkit rolled her eyes.Flowertuft had had her litter a few moons ago.She had Heatherkit and Ashkit.There a pain in the neck!.Flintkit groaned.And watched Flowertuft drag them back into the nursery."Heatherkit,Ashkit.You know your not supposed to be fighting like that!" Flowertuft snapped.And Heatherkit and Ashkit looked at her with large innocent eyes."Yes, Mother.We wont fight like that again." They said at once, and ran to there nests,curling up in the bracken.Flintkit looked at her mother,she was sitting up,looking out of the entrance of the nursery.She shuffled out of her nest, and went out.Huh?Wheres she going now..Flintkit thought,tilting her head in confusion.She ran after her mother."Mum?Where are you going?" She tugged at her soot pelt,her eyes where full of shock."Oh, ermm...Just seeing the medicine cat" She said, awkwardly.And half ran,half padded into the compact den.Shes never like that,something must be up.Flintkit thought,and sneaked into the entrance without being noticed.The darkness of the compact den made her amber eyes only seen.She blinked,listening to the conversation."I dont know about this, But I think im expecting a second litter" She said, looking at her round belly.How come I never noticed that!Flintkit gasped.And the medicine cat spoke."Have you been feeling sick every morning?" The medicine cat asked, pulling out some small-leafed herbs."Yes, and my stomach is growing bigger everyday.I hope Flintkit hasnt noticed yet".She sighed, and ate the herbs that the medicine cat had given her."Hmm...You look like your expecting.Your scent HAS changed.We'll see what happens,If your still ill in the morning and your bigger,then your expecting.Don't tell Flintkit about this"She finished, drying off her paws in a nearby puddle.The water was crystal clear."Okay,I wont Emberfeather.Thank you for everything" She said,and dipped her head politely.Padding out of the entrance.Flintkit groaned and padded out, without being seen by Emberfeather.She saw her mother in the nursery.And padded inside as the sun began to lower down.

Chapter 2: Edit

Yowls escaped the nursery,shrieking and spassems attacked her mother.She woke up with a start, and ran for Emberfeather."Void is having her kits!" She yowled over the noise of her mother.Emberfeather blinked at her, and nodded quickly.Grabbing all the herbs she needed.And ran off to the nursery."Stay here at the entrance,its to compact in there.She needs to breathe" Flintkit nodded quickly.And sat down at the entrance.Trying hard to ignore the shrieks and yowls.At sunhigh it died down.Flintkit woke up,her mouth gaped open in a yawn.Showing her crystallized white teeth.Has she done yet?She must of done.Otherwise she would be still yowling.Flintkit headed inside the nursery.Where her mother lay,3 kits beside her belly.Her mother wasnt breathing.Mother?Is she dead...She looked at Emberfeather,who nodded.As if reading Flintkit's mind.Flintkit let out a saddened yowl, which shook the camp.Tears fell off her night like face.And she grieved over her mothers body.Do not grieve,my child.For I will always be beside you.She heard her mothers voice echo inside her ears.She frowned,But..I wont ever see you again until Im up there with you.Flintkit thought.And she heard no reply.She sighed.Voids spirit was already in starclan.She plodded out."Clan meeting!" The leaders yowl shook her completely,and she shivered,leafbare was almost here.She could feel the coldness.She sat down near her father.And the meeting began."Unfortunatley,Void has died giving birth to her 3 kits.Which we have called Gingerkit,Brightkit and Brackenkit" The cats in the clearing gave grieffull looks, and bowed there heads respectfully.Remembering Void made Flintkits heart ache with pain.She sighed."But we do have something good this time.Flintkit,please step forward."Flintkit heard her name mentioned and she blinked at her leader.Im 6 moons already?!She purred, and stepped forward with pride.Beaming as her leader said the ceremony.And finished off."You shall now be known as Flintpaw! Your mentor shall be Featherdust"

Flintpaw purred in pride, and a aqua silver she-cat padded up to her.Touching nose for a heartbeat.And then sat back down.Flintpaw climbed down from the step.And sat down back next to her father."Clan meeting dismissed" The leader announced,padding back into his lichen lined nest.The sun lowered down, the stars slowly came out.A speckled she-cat went up to her,"Here, I'll show you where the apprentice den is" She purred nicely.And you smiled back,following the speckled she-cat into a small,but cosy den.It smelled of the herbs which was the medicine cat den."This looks nice" Flintpaw said,curling a nest in the corner, which she guessed was hers.It smelled fresh."Yes, I like the apprentice den.But I cant wait to be a warrior!"She exlcaimed,exctiedly"Im speckledpaw,By the way" She added."I cant wait to be a warrior too!" Flintpaw smiled,picturing her warrior ceremony in her head."Im Flintpaw, is this my nest?" Flintpaw asked, incase it was another apprentices nest."Mhm,that one is free to use.Nice name,I got mine after my speckles on my pelt" She said, pointing with her tail to her speckles,which where on her back."I certainly think that name suits you" Flintpaw purred in amusement."Im named Flintpaw because Im as sharp as a flint.I was going to be called Slatepaw.But you know,that sounds boring and 'old fashioned'" Flintpaw meowed in amusement.And Speckledpaw let out a chuckle."Well,nice to meet you.We'd better get some sleep! Jaggedsky will never forgive me for staying up late!" She mewoed with a chuckle,curling up in her nest and snoring asleep.Flintpaw rolled her eyes, and smiled.Falling asleep as the stars where out.

Chapter 3: Edit

Flintpaw yawned,the sunlight gleamed through a deasen hole in the roof.Leafs where coming down from there trees, quickly and fast.She got up,seeing Speckledpaw was still asleep.And another apprentice she didnt know very well.Ooh,Im the first apprentice up!She purred, and wriggled out of the apprentice den entrance.Warriors where waking up in there dens,and Featherdust was already up, she padded to her."What training are we doing today?" Flintpaw asked Featherdust."Well, you need a tour of the territory first.Come on, we can go now." Featherdust whispered, and they sneaked out of camp.Once they got out of camp, Flintpaw gasped in amazement.Woahhh,This is A M A Z ING! The birds where singing,leaves falling off the trees.Scuttles of mice and falling chesnuts.It must be leaffall,by the look of it.Flintpaw thought.Seeing squirrels grabbing some nuts from a horse-chestnut tree.They scrambled down in fright as they saw Flintpaw and Featherdust.The she-cats padded on, going near a marshy sort of territory.Making her paws all wet and soggy."Ew...This is yucky!" Flintpaw exclaimed,wiping her paws on some leaves."I know, right? Thats Marshclans territory.I wouldnt go in there.I dont get how they stand that stuff!" Featherdust purred in amusement."This is our territory,Timberclans territory.We use the timber wood trees and the canopies for advantages."She nodded, seeing the canopy of illuminated golden and red leaves.Lightened by the golden rays of sunshine.Flintpaw nodded, going through a arch of leaves onto a moor like land territory."What territory is this?" She glanced at Featherdust."This, This is Breezeclans territory.They hunt on moors" Featherdust explained."With no protection,they must get cold every leafbare" Flintpaw pointed out."They do, I dont get how they can live through the snow.Its incredible" Featherdust blinked.And padded on,Flintpaw nodded.Hurrying to catch up with Featherdust.

"And whats the last clans territory?" Flintpaw asked Featherdust.She stopped near a completely covered with leaf part."This is Leafclans territory,as you can tell.Its covered in leaves.Rather clever though.They use the leaves for nests and to help there bracken walls stick together."That does sound quiet clever of them" Flintpaw said in agreement."But what now?" She asked."Now, we will practice some hunting.Since you now know the territory" Featherdust answered,Flintpaw nodded slowly.Trying to memorize the territory.This should be easy as catching a mouse in my paws.Flintpaw thought.And padded on after Featherdust.They arrived in Timberclans territory.And Flintpaw saw a mouse, she wanting to catch it,Although she had no idea how.She watched Featherdust closely.Her haunches where down,her belly just above the floor,her tail was upright.She crept forward,making sure to step on nothing sharp of loud to afraid the prey.She crept slowly up, her pelt was covered in leaves making her look like a pile of leaves.Then, she sprang.Her claws instantly unleashed apon the mouse.And sunk into the neck.She smiled with pleasure as the mouses dull eyes faded,and it went limp in her jaws.She buried it, remembering to save it for later.Flintpaw gasped in amazement.Her eyes became sore from staring