By Pogo

~ Important Kitties in the Story ~Edit

Foxfur - She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with icy-blue almost white eyes. She is blind. She was one of the medicine cats of ShadowClan, and now she is a warrior of BlazingClan. Her brother is Nightstorm, and her parents are Viperstrike and Robinspirit.

Nightstorm - He is a black and gray tom with yellow eyes. He is Foxfur's littermate.

Lostwilow - She is a black and gray she-cat with amber eyes that have a red tint to them. She was a rogue that joined ShadowClan. Many deem her untrustworthy.

Redstone - He is a gray tom, who had been burned in a fire as a kit, making his pelt have some red patches. His eyes are green. He is a warrior of BlazingClan.

Blazestar - She is a golden she-cat with white paws and amber eyes. She is the leader of BlazingClan.

  • Foxfur
  • Nightstorm
  • Lostwillow
  • Redstone
  • Blazestar

~ Chapter 1 ~ Edit

"You are now a full Medicine cat of ShadowClan!" Littlecloud exclaimed, with a loud purr.

Foxfur's chest swelled with pride. I'm finally a full medicine cat! She thought excitedly. She looked at Kestrelflight's apprentice, who was the only one not chanting her name.

"Its not fair... She's two moons younger than me!" He mumbled, complaining.

Kestrelflight put his tail over his apprentice's mouth and looked at Foxfur. "Touch your nose to the Moonpool."

Foxfur nodded and she looked at the Moonpool, reminding herself how beautiful it was. She put her nose to it, as did the other medicine cats. An icy chill came over her, and she was asleep. She woke up in a clearing in the forest of StarClan. Foxfur sniffed the air and smelled a familiar scent wreath around her. "Flametail!"

He entered the clearing, and sat in front of Foxfur. "Greetings!" He purred. "Congratulations on becoming a full medicine cat."

Foxfur dipped her head. "Thank you."

"You've come a long way." He curled his tail around his paws.

"Yes, I have, but I still have plenty to learn."

"I suppose you do." Flametail paused, growing serious. "I must warn you though, Foxfur."

"What is it?" She asked.

"I'm going to get straight to the point: someone in ShadowClan wants to kill Rowanstar."

"What?!" Foxfur was shocked, then she grew angry. "ALL of ShadowClan is LOYAL!"

"All but one," Flametail responded, sadly.

Foxfur didn't respond. She was completely baffled.

"You don't have much time to stop her. She's planning to kill him soon. I can't tell you anymore. You know StarClan's rule..." Flametail added that last part as a joke.

"It's a stupid rule," Foxfur growled.

"I know."

"Flametail---" Foxfur began, but was interrupted because she was waking up. When she opened her eyes, the others were beginning to stir. She raised her head and sat up as Littlecloud looked at her.

"Did StarClan greet you well?" He asked.

Foxfur only nodded. Once they had said their good-byes, Foxfur told Littlecloud about what Flametail had said.

"Someone wants to kill Rowanstar?! But who would do such a thing?"

"I don't know..." Foxfur replied, quietly. "But we MUST find out who."

It didn't take long for Foxfur to figure out who. She had watched all the she-cats carefully. There was only one cat who showed suspicious behavior: Lostwillow.

Foxfur had never fully trusted Lostwillow. Foxfur would get a sickening feeling just being next to her. Now she knew why. Lostwillow was a big black-and-gray she-cat, who towered over the other cats. Her amber eyes seemed to have a red tint to them. Now that she knew what Lostwillow was planning, Foxfur would cringe with disgust when she looked at her.

One day, when Lostwillow went out to hunt alone, Foxfur followed her. She could hear the evil cat talking to herself. This cat is NUTS! She was busy thinking to herself, when she realized that she had lost Lostwillow. (Heh, heh.) "Ugh! Where did sh---" Foxfur was interrupted by a cat who had pounced on her, pinning her to the ground. "Lostwillow!" She snarled.

"Why are you following me? What do you want?" Lostwillow growled, viciously. Her eyes narrowed. "I know you've been watching me. Do you not trust your Clanmate, med-cat?" Her voice, almost teasing.

Foxfur snarled again. "Of course, I don't! You're planning to kill Rowanstar!" Foxfur immediately regretted what she had said.

"Ohhhh," Lostwillow said, slightly impressed. "You know more than I thought." She then put her muzzle close to Foxfur's face. "Stay out of my way, or I will make you regret living," Lostwillow meowed, sinisterly.

Foxfur, not taking anymore of this, wiggled free and she sprinted back into camp, not looking back. She went straight to Littlecloud and told him everything.

"That's it! We have to tell Rowanstar." Littlecloud and Foxfur went to their leader and told him of Foxfur's dream, and her encounter with Lostwillow. Rowanstar was enraged, and told three warriors to go find Lostwillow, and bring her back to camp. When they did, Rowanstar questioned her. Lostwillow replied calmly to everything Foxfur accused her of, using her cleverly evil mind to trick Rowanstar. Without any evidence, Rowanstar couldn't do anything to Lostwillow.

"We'll still watch her, closely," Littlecloud meowed.

~ Chapter 2 ~Edit

The next day, the evening border patrol found Foxfur's mother, Robinspirit, dead by the border with ThunderClan. She had one big wound slitting open her throat. The patrol brought her lifeless body back to camp, and told Rowanstar and Foxfur's family the horrifying news. Everyone blamed ThunderClan, but Foxfur knew who really did it, and it only made her hate Lostwillow even more. They held a vigil for Robinspirit, then the elders buried her the morning of the next day. Foxfur had felt a part of her had been lost, and she could tell her brother felt the same way. Her father, Viperstrike, tried to cheer them up, but Foxfur knew he was hiding his own grief from them.

Two days later, a hunting patrol found Viperstrike's body on the border with ThunderClan. He had terrible claw marks all over his pelt, and one big wound on his throat. His body reeked of the ThunderClan stench. The patrol brought his body back. On seeing her father dead, Foxfur yowled, grief filling her heart. She accused Lostwillow of killing both her parents, but Lostwillow was already with Rowanstar, talking to him.

When she heard Foxfur's accusations, she looked at Foxfur. "I DID NOT kill your mother or father, Foxfur. I was THERE when your father and I got attacked by a ThunderClan patrol."

Foxfur protested, and looked to Rowanstar for help.

"I'm sorry, Foxfur, but Lostwillow reeks of ThunderClan scent and she has wounds all over her as well." Rowanstar looked at Foxfur, feeling great sympathy. "She's innocent."

Foxfur refused to believe what he told her and she ran out of the camp. All her pain, rage, and grief boiled over, and she had to get away. She started heading toward the lake, when she heard a voice behind her.

"Li'l med-cat, wait up!"

Foxfur stopped dead in her tracks, and spun around. Lostwillow skidded to a halt in front of her. "YOU!" Foxfur screeched.

Foxfur leaped at Lostwillow, claws unsheathed. "You killed my parents! You will pay for what you have done!" She clawed at Lostwillow's flank and sides.

Lostwillow fought back harder than Foxfur had expected. Lostwillow pinned Foxfur to the ground. "I never planned on killing your parents, med-cat. But after you tried to rat me out, I decided there was no other choice. If you ask me, your parents DESERVED to die. Now it's your turn!"

Foxfur let her rage take over, and she was able to throw Lostwillow off.

Lostwillow had underestimated the medicine cat's fighting skills. She had forgotten that Foxfur had trained as a warrior before becoming a medicine cat apprentice.

Foxfur was eventually able to pin Lostwillow down. She put a paw on the evil cat's neck. "My parents were the greatest warriors I had ever known. You took MY PARENTS away from me! Your heart is as black as your fur. And I won't ever have to see it again..." Foxfur could see that she had terrified Lostwillow. Those cold eyes filled up with panic.

In her desperate attempt to escape, Lostwillow was able to get a paw free. Foxfur ripped the she-cat's throat open. Lostwillow lashed out just as Foxfur began clawing, and she clawed Foxfur's light blue eyes. Foxfur yowled in pain and fell down, while Lostwillow lay unmoving from the wound she had received. Foxfur slowly stood up. She screeched because of how much the pain hurt. She began to head back to camp, but unable to see, she didn't make it far.

Because of all the noise Foxfur was making, it didn't take long for a few of her Clanmates to find her. When Nightstorm, her brother, saw her face as a bloody mess, he ran to her, asking a whole lot of questions. Foxfur finally answered him when he stopped meowing his head off. Nightstorm told the other cats to go get Lostwillow's body, while he guided Foxfur back to camp.

Littlecloud immediately began to treat Foxfur's wounded eyes. As he did this, Foxfur could hear her Clanmates talking about the incident.

Nightstorm entered the medicine cat's den. He looked at his sister, then at Littlecloud. "Rowanstar wants to see Foxfur when you're done."

Littlecloud nodded and continued to treat the she-cat's wounds. After he was done, he guided Foxfur to their leader's den.

"Foxfur..." Rowanstar began. "You do realize that you've killed a Clanmate who was innocent?"

"Lostwillow was NOT innocent!" Foxfur protested.

"Foxfur, all of your Clanmates are waiting to know your fate." He paused. "I'm sure you've heard them talking about what I should do."

Foxfur growled, slightly. "They have suggested banishment, death, or torture." Then she added silently. "No matter what you do to me, you're making a mistake. Why won't you listen?"

"They have suggested THAT?!" Littlecloud sounded bewildered and angry.

Rowanstar nodded. "Yes. They have." He looked at Foxfur once more. "I could never kill you. Torturing you would be like torturing myself. The only thing that we have left is banishment. Can you make it without your Clan?"

"I think the real question is: can YOU make it without me?" Foxfur turned as if looking straight at Rowanstar.

"We might have to," he replied.

Foxfur's tail twitched as she waited for him to just say the words.

"I guess, I have to tell everyone my decision." Rowanstar started to pad out of the den.

"Foxfur, it scares me that you're being so calm about this," Littlecloud meowed, his voice shaking. He put his tail on her shoulder, and she could feel it trembling.

"Littlecloud, no matter what, Rowanstar was going to punish me. I... have to just accept my fate. There's nothing else I can do." Foxfur padded out of the den, and Littlecloud followed, slowly.

Rowanstar had gathered everyone and was telling them all the incident, even though they already knew. "I have come to the decision that Foxfur is to be banished from ShadowClan. When she leaves today, she will no longer be our Clanmate, medicine cat, or friend."

Nightstorm padded in front of everyone, looking straight up at Rowanstar. "I'm going to leave with Foxfur."

Shocked gasps, sounded from the crowd of cats.

"What, Nightstorm?"

"I've lost my parents. I will NOT lose my sister, too. So, I'm going with her." Nightstorm spoke confidently to the leader.

"Are you sure you want to leave us?" Rowanstar questioned him.

"Positive. You think you're doing the right thing to punish my sister, but you're wrong. I KNOW Lostwillow is guilty. The evidence is in the ground. The elders buried our evidence."

More gasps were heard from the other cats.

"You are the only one making the mistake, Nightstorm," the leader growled, getting VERY annoyed.

"I don't care. I am NOT losing my sister, too. I couldn't bear to see that." Nightstorm choked out the last part.

"Fine." Rowanstar meowed. "Be with your traitor."

Nightstorm didn't respond.

"Foxfur and Nightstorm are banished from ShadowClan, never to return!"

Littlecloud lowered his head in sadness. "Foxfur, follow me. Get your brother as well." And he padded to the medicine den.

Foxfur tasted the air, the scents bathing her tongue. Found ya. She went over to Nightstorm. "Littlecloud wants us in his den."

Nightstorm and Foxfur went to his den. "You didn't have to do that, ya know."

"Of course, I did." Nightstorm looked at his sister. "I can't leave you alone."

Foxfur purred. "Well, I'm glad we're in this together. It's just another adventure, like when we were kits."

Nightstorm snorted. "Sure, it is."

When they entered the den, Littlecloud had put out leaf wraps for them. He turned to them. "I don't know where you two are going to go, so I'm giving you some herbs. You might have a long journey ahead of you."

Foxfur sniffed the leaf wraps. "Thanks, Littlecloud." She began to eat hers.

Nightstorm wrinkled his nose and sighed. "I hate eating herbs," he mumbled as he ate his leaf wrap.

Littlecloud looked at them again when they had finished. "I'm going to miss you two knuckle-heads."

Foxfur and Nightstorm went over to him, and they each licked an ear. "We're going to miss you, too," the siblings meowed together. The three of them padded out of the medicine den.

They went to the entrance of the camp. Rowanstar met them there, along with their Clanmates. "Good-bye, Nightstorm and Foxfur. I wish you well on your own." Rowanstar looked at them with a cold stare.

"And good-bye to you as well," Foxfur replied. We'll try not to miss you, she thought, sarcastically.

Littlecloud brushed against them. "Be safe. Please."

Nightstorm and Foxfur nodded, then they left the camp side by side.

~ Chapter 3 ~ Edit

The brother and sister padded along beside the lake.

"Foxfur, where ARE we gonna go?" Nightstorm asked, breaking the peaceful silence.

"I'm not sure, but I know we can't stay in RiverClan territory. It's still several hours 'til moon-high. They're probably going to---" Foxfur was interrupted by a shout from behind them. They turned around. "Oh, great! A patrol," Foxfur muttered.

Reedwhisker, RiverClan's deputy stopped in front of them. "Greetings, Foxfur and Nightstorm. What are you doing here?"

"We are suppose to be meeting Blazestar." Foxfur meowed quickly.

"What happened to your face?!"

Nightstorm's fur began to bristle, but Foxfur calmly looked at the RiverClan apprentice. "Oh, this?" Foxfur sniffed and got closer to the apprentice. "A traitor tried to kill me is all."

The apprentice flinched, and took a few steps backwards.

"A traitor?" Reedwhisker questioned her.

"Yes, but I shouldn't waste any time telling you the story, and besides," Foxfur went back to Nightstorm. "It's all taken care of."

Reedwhisker narrowed his eyes, but didn't ask anymore questions. "Well, you two better get moving. You might be late for that... meeting."

Foxfur nodded. "Yes. We'll be on our way."

Reedwhisker and his apprentice walked with them to the border. Nightstorm waved his tail in farewell, and Foxfur walked to the edge of the water.

"Nightstorm..." Foxfur murmured.

"Don't worry, I'll help you get across."

Reedwhisker, who was still there, went over to them. "I can help you as well."

"Thank you."

They got on either side of Foxfur and they slowly went into the water. It wasn't long before they made it to the other side.

"Thank you, Reedwhisker."

Reedwhisker dipped his head. "Not a problem." And he swam back to the other side.

"I forgot about the river," Nightstorm meowed, disgusted. "Now we're all wet."

"At least we were able to get across without any problems."

Nightstorm murmured his agreement, although he was still angry about being wet.

They went back to walk beside the lake.

"We're going to have to cross through the heart of BlazingClan, if we're going to head toward the mountains," Nightstorm told his sister. "It might be dangerous."

"I'm sure it won't be dangerous. We just don't run into anymore patrols, and we should be fine." Foxfur was positive (kind of).

Nightstorm shrugged. "If ya say so."

They left the lakeside and started into BlazingClan territory. They brushed pelts as they walked, listening and smelling for any BlazingClan cat. Suddenly, they heard a twig snap and a cat curse from behind some bushes a few fox-lengths in front of them.

"We should NOT go over there," Nightstorm whispered.

No kidding. Then, her ear twitched with amusement. "I wonder if that cat lost its prey?"

"Probably," Nightstorm snorted.

They avoided going any nearer to the bushes. "Oww!"

"Nightstorm, hush!" Foxfur scolded him, quietly.

"Sorry," he mumbled. "I stepped on a thorn."

"Oh. Well, try getting it out, while I go look for some dock leaves."

"Okay, but don't go too far."

"I won't." Foxfur flicked her tail as she walked away.

She sniffed her way around. She entered a small clearing. The scent of dock overwhelmed everything else. Jackpot. She started toward some dock, when suddenly, she heard fur brush against a bush. Someone else had entered the small clearing. Foxfur turned to the stranger, her face toward the ground.

"What are you doing here?" A voice growled.

"Well, I was about to collect some dock leaves. Figured that would've been obvious. Dock's all around this clearing." Foxfur replied, ignoring the urge to just attack.

"Wait a minute. Have I seen you before?" The voice softened a bit. "Oh, I know! I saw you at the last Gathering. You were that medicine cat."

Foxfur lifted her head as if looking straight at him.

"Although," the tom continued. "I swore you had EYES then."

Foxfur unsheathed her claws, and took a threatening step toward the cat. "Oh, I can't see now, but that doesn't make a difference. I could still shred you."

"Pfft, so much for a medicine cat."

Foxfur growled.

"Relax," the strange tom meowed, calmly. "I was just messing with you."

"Messing with me?!" Foxfur took another step closer to him. "Sounds like your being insulting to me."

The tom's tail twitched. "I didn't mean to insult you. I was trying to make a joke. Oops."

"Well, maybe it's time you learn to shut---"

"Hey, Foxfur? Are you okay?" Nightstorm interrupted her as he limped into the clearing. His eyes narrowed when he saw the strange tom. "Who are you?" He growled, slightly.

"I'm Redstone," the tom meowed, calmly. Then, he looked at Nightstorm. "Who are YOU, and what are you doing on MY territory?"

Foxfur answered before her brother could. "I'm Foxfur and this is Nightstorm, my brother. We are just passing through."

"Passing through, huh? Didn't you say you were collecting dock leaves earlier?"

"My brother stepped on a thorn. Didn't you SEE him limp, or are your eyes messed up as well?" Foxfur said, smugly.

"I DID see that, thank you. Want to use yours? Oh, that's right. You can't!" Redstone fired back.

Nightstorm's fur began to bristle and he unsheathed his claws, while Foxfur tried to be calm. "If you don't mind, I'm going to tend to my brother's pad." Then, she added silently. "So, we can get out of here and never run into you again."

Without waiting for Redstone's answer, Foxfur got some dock leaves, chewed them, and then spit the juice on Nightstorm's pad. While doing this, she had not realized that Redstone was next to her and watching what she was doing.

"How do you do that without being able to see?" He asked.

Foxfur sighed. "I do it as if I could still see. I act like nothing's changed," she answered him, simply.

"How did you become blind? Who did this to you?"

"Ugh! So, many questions!" Nightstorm moaned quietly in Foxfur's ear. "He is worse than getting banished."

"Banished? Did I just hear banished?" Redstone's eyes widened. "Were you two banished?!"

"No!" Foxfur and Nightstorm said at the same time.

"What did you guys do?"

"That's none of your business!" Foxfur growled.

"We should get going now!" Nightstorm started to nudge Foxfur onward, but Redstone blocked their path.

"No, you can't go! Uh, please? If you guys were banished from your Clan than that means you two are probably leaving the lake. The least I can do is give you guys food, water, and rest."

Nightstorm looked at Redstone, confused.

"You want to give us hospitality? We trespassed on your territory! Shouldn't you be chasing us away? What kind of a Clan cat are you?" Foxfur's mew was shocked.

"I thought we Clan cats were suppose to help one another in times of need. That's what I'm doing for you both. You don't have a home anymore. I... feel sorry for you guys."

"We don't need your pity," Foxfur growled.

"But he has a point," Nightstorm meowed, thoughtfully.

Redstone twitched his tail, face looking smug. "Then, follow me."

~ Chapter 4 ~ Edit

"Nightstorm, I don't like this," Foxfur meowed as she padded along beside her brother. "We shouldn't be going to his CAMP!"

Nightstorm's eyes were narrowed and his gaze was fixed on the back of Redstone's head. "Look, I don't like this either. I just wanted the mange-pelt to shut up!"

"We shouldn't he here right now. We should be out of Clan territory by now, not by an enemy camp! We---"

"Okay," Nightstorm interrupted her. "You're getting on my nerves, too."

"Are you two done blabbering?" Redstone asked. Then, he snorted with amusement. "You guys need to learn to have quieter conversations."

Nightstorm and Foxfur stopped. When they started walking again, they were embarrassed that Redstone had heard what they had said.

"We're here!" Redstone announced.

They entered an enormous clearing surrounded by trees. There were some bushes and rocks in the clearing, which seemed to have been put their by the BlazingClan cats.

"Redstone, what're you going to tell your clanmates?" Foxfur asked.

Redstone stopped walking. "Umm... I'll tell them---"

"Redstone, what have you got there? You didn't catch cat on your hunt, did you?" A joking voice stepped up to Redstone.

Redstone dipped his head. "Well, Blazestar, it would seem that I have." 

Why is the leader the first cat we meet? Foxfur thought.

Blazestar looked warmly at the two siblings. "Can one of you tell me why Redstone has brought you here?" The leader asked.

By now, more cats had noticed them, and came over to see what was going on.

"Um, we trespassed," Nightstorm meowed, awkwardly.

"Oh, you trespassed, huh?" Blazestar looked at Redstone for a second, then back at the siblings. "Redstone and Bluecloud, show these two to their... beds."

"Come on." Redstone flicked his tail, telling them to follow.

A cat approached them. Foxfur sniffed. She didn't like the smell of BlazingClan, but she had to admit, they smelled better than WindClan and ThunderClan.

Nightstorm and Foxfur followed the BlazingClan cats. They came to a big tree that had a hole in the bottom. It was big enough for about four cats. Moss covered the bottom of the inside of the tree.

"Here we are," Redstone meowed kindly.

Nightstorm nudged Foxfur into the tree. She slowly went in, sniffing. "We're in a tree?"

"Yup," Nightstorm replied.

"I will be right back with some prey for you both," Bluecloud meowed, then bounded away.

"Make yourselves comfortable." Redstone said as he looked in at them. "I don't know how long Blazestar plans to keep you here."

"You mean because you brought us in as prisoners?" Foxfur's mew was sharp.

"Hey! I---" Redstone was interrupted by Bluecloud, who had come back with two plump mice.

She dropped them at the siblings' paws. "One for each," Bluecloud meowed, happily. "We'll leave you guys alone to eat."

Redstone and Bluecloud padded away. Nightstorm narrowed his eyes when he saw Redstone glance back at Foxfur.

"Nightstorm, this place is weird. These cats are being NICE to us."

Nightstorm looked at his sister as he heard her shocked and confused mew. "At least they're not torturing us."

"They might later. This nice thing is just an act. I KNOW it is," Foxfur meowed as she took a bite of her mouse.

"Well, I can't wait to leave," Nightstorm huffed. He took a bite of his mouse.

Four days had past, and they were still kept in the tree den. Although, now more of the BlazingClan cats were coming to them and sharing tongues as if they were apart of the Clan. It unnerved Foxfur and Nightstorm.

"These cats are so talkative," Nightstorm complained to Foxfur, when the cats he was just talking to were out of earshot.

"Thanks for pointing out the obvious!" Foxfur growled, annoyed. "If you don't want to talk to them, then maybe you SHOULDN'T SPEAK!"

"Well, I don't want to be rude!"

"Ugh! You ar---" Foxfur stopped when she heard more paw steps coming their way. Oh, great. More words to make my ears bleed.

"Nightstorm, Foxfur, if you aren't busy, I'd like to speak to you both." Their ears perked when they heard Blazestar's voice.

"Well, uh, we aren't busy," Nightstorm told the leader.

"We haven't been busy, 'cause we've been trapped in a tree-hole for four days!" Foxfur added her anger peaking over.

Blazestar only snorted at Foxfur's comment. She sat down, tail curled over her massive paws. "So, tell me then, why have you been put in a tree-hole?"

"Uh, we're here because Redstone brought us here," Nightstorm meowed, hesitantly.

"You're also here because you have trespassed into our territory." Blazestar looked at Nightstorm then at Foxfur. "What happened to your eyes?" The leader asked.

"An evil cat did this to me," Foxfur said quietly.

"What made this cat evil?"

"She killed our parents," Foxfur's voice choked and her head was toward her paws.

"I see. Where is this evil cat now?"

"Dead," Nightstorm answered for his sister.

"You killed her?" Blazestar asked him.

"Well... Yes..."

"Oh, I killed her," Foxfur meowed, now facing Blazestar.

"You seem proud."

"Why wouldn't I be? I avenged my parents, and saved anyone else that cat was going to kill."

Blazestar's ear twitched. "If you had saved so many other cats, then why were you two leaving your clan?" They didn't answer. "WELL?" Blazestar prompted.

"We were banished," Nightstorm told her quietly. Foxfur flinched, slightly, when he said it.

"Banished?" Blazestar questioned.

"Yes! They thought that that wretched cat was innocent!" Foxfur snarled.

"Mhmm..." Blazestar meowed thoughtfully. "Well, I'm going to have you two stay here for a few more sunrises, then you may go. While you are here, I want you to do helpful things around the camp." Blazestar got to her paws and began to walk away.

"Yes, Blazestar," Nightstorm meowed, trying to be respectful. He turned to his sister. "Did you here that? Only a few more days, then we get to leave this place for good!"

"Yeah. I can't wait..."

Foxfur and Nightstorm never did leave BlazingClan. While they were helping around the camp, they had bonded with all the other cats so much, that when Blazestar said they could leave, they didn't WANT to. Nightstorm's main reason for not wanting to leave is: he had met Shadetail, a beautiful light gray she-cat with black ears and a black tail. Foxfur didn't want to leave because she knew Nightstorm wasn't going to... and because she had become best friends with Redstone, whom earlier she thought was an annoying, flea-brained tom. Blazestar, and all the others, welcomed them into the Clan. Nightstorm and Foxfur became warriors of BlazingClan, and there they would spend the rest of their days, living happily.

~ Chapter 5 ~ Edit

(several seasons later)

"Aaaaaaaaand that's the last one!" Scarletlily meowed to Foxfur. The BlazingClan medicine cat put the kit next to Foxfur's belly.

Foxfur let out a quiet purr as she heard her two she-kits suckling.

Scarletlily went to the entrance of the nursery. "Redstone, you can come see your two beautiful daughters!" She stepped out as she called to him.

Redstone, who was pacing back and forth, stopped and ran to Scarletlily. "Is Foxfur doing okay?" He asked the medicine cat.

"It took a lot out of her," Scarletlily told him. "I-I'm sure she'll get better soon."

Redstone's ears flattened. "Don't lie to me Scarletlily."

Scarletlily looked down. "I'm sorry, Redstone. I've tried everything I could! But without any catmint I... can't cure her of her greencough. It... It will only be a matter of time before she joins StarClan."

Redstone's tail slumped. "I-it's okay. Y-you've tried your best." He slowly entered the nursery. "Foxfur?"

Foxfur opened her eyes and barely lifted her head. "Redstone?" She coughed. "Come..." Another cough. "Come see your kits. Tell... tell me what they... look like." Her mew was hoarse.

Redstone came over to her. He looked down at his daughters. "They both are beautiful. One has white fur with a light brown underbelly, and the smaller kit has black fur and also a light brown underbelly."

"We should pick their names," Foxfur meowed quietly.

"Already? But you---"

Foxfur interrupted him. "If we don't name them now, I might not be here to do it later." She coughed again.

"Oh, Foxfur, please don't say that!"

"Redstone, I'm sorry..." Her voice drifted off as she saw something. "Re-Red-stone!" Foxfur sat up. The kits squealed with protest. "I-I can s-see you!" Foxfur looked directly at Redstone.

For the first time, Foxfur was able to see what he looked like. He was handsome. He had light-gray fur and red spots on his back, his right hind leg, and a small patch on his head. He had a tan-ish underbelly.

"You can?!" His voice was as shocked as Foxfur's.

Foxfur looked down at the kits. "Yes... Yes, I can." She paused for a second. "This kit," she licked the top of the black kit's head. "Will be Mysterykit, because," she looked at Redstone. "Because her life is all but a mystery to StarClan. They know she will be great, but they don't know if she will get there. They will fear the choices she will make." Foxfur looked at the white she-kit, and licked her head. "My poor daughter. She will join her mother in StarClan soon."


"Redstone." Foxfur looked at him. "You will have time to get to know your little she-kit. But something will happen that will take her away." Her voice cracked as another round of coughing came. Foxfur lay back down, unable to see once more.

"Foxfur, why did you tell me that?" Redstone felt like he was going to burst with sorrow.

"I had to. If I hadn't told you now... You wouldn't have been prepared for what will happen."

Redstone shook his head, trying to clear it from the grief he already felt. "We still haven't named the other kit."

Foxfur tried to purr. "You may have the honor, then."

Redstone nuzzled Foxfur's ear, then he looked at the white kit, who was suckling beside her sister. "Her name is Pearlkit."

"That's lovely," Foxfur tried purring again, but this time it turned into a harsh cough.

"She's as pretty as a pearl," Scarletlily meowed as she stepped back into the nursery. She turned to Foxfur. "I think you should get some more rest."

"Alright," Foxfur replied quietly. She turned her head as if looking at Redstone. "I love you."

Redstone sat next to Foxfur, and began grooming her fur. "I love you, too." He looked at Scarletlily. "Can I stay with her a bit longer?"

"Very well. But she needs her rest, so I would let her sleep."

Redstone nodded. He lay down next to Foxfur and put his tail around her. He fell asleep.

"Redstone." A cat gently prodded him awake.

Redstone lifted his head. Foxfur felt cold beside him.

"She's with StarClan now," Scarletlily told him, quietly.

Redstone held back a yowl. He sat up. "Who will take care of my kits?" He asked as he looked sadly down at Foxfur.

"Blazestar has offered to, since she has kits of her own. She still has plenty of milk for two more."

Redstone nodded, slowly. "Good-bye, Foxfur. I'll miss you to pieces." Mysterykit and Pearlkit started mewling. Redstone put his tail around his daughters, and licked the tops of their heads.

~ The End ~