Allegiances Edit

Shadowclan: Edit


Blackstar: A white tom with black paws


Rowanclaw- a ginger tom

Medicine Cat:

Littlecloud- a very small tabby tom


Crowfrost- a black and white tom

Tawnypelt- a tortoiseshell she-cat

Apprentice, Grasspaw

Owlclaw- light brown tabby tom

Scorchfur- a dark gray tom

Tigerheart- a dark tabby tom

Ferretclaw- black and gray tom

Apprentice, Spikepaw

Pinenose- black she-cat

Stoatfur- tortoiseshell and white cat


Grasspaw- pale brown tabby she-cat

Spikepaw- dark brown tom


Thistletooth- a massive ginger and white she-cat

Snowbird- white she-cat

Dawnpelt- cream furred she-cat


Snaketail- dark brown tabby with a stripe tail

Whitewater- white she-cat with long fur and blind in one eye

Ratscar- brown tom with long scar across his back

Oakfur-small brown tom

Smokefoot- black tom

Kinkfur- tabby she-cat with fur that sticks out from all angle

Ivytail- black, white, and tortoiseshell she-cat

RiverClan: Edit


Mistystar- gray she-cat with blue eyes


Reedwhisker- black tom

Medicine cat:

Mothwing- dappled golden she-cat

Willowshine- gray tabby she-cat


Mintfur- light gray tabby tom

Minnowtail- dark gray she-cat

Mannownose- light brown tabby tom

Grasspelt-light brown tom

Duskfur- brown tabby she-cat

Mosspelt-tortishell she-cat with blue eyes

Shimmerpelt- Silver she-cat

Lakeheart- a gray tabby she-cat

Heronwing- dark gray and black tom


Lizardpaw- light brown tom

Havenpaw- black and white she-cat

Perchpaw- gray and white she-cat


Icewing- a white she-cat with blue eyes

Petalfur- gray and white she-cat

Thunderclan: Edit


Bramblestar- dark brown tabby with amber eyes


Squirrelflight- dark ginger she-cat with a single white paw

Medicine cat:

Jayfeather- gray tabby tom with blind blue eyes

Leafpool- brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes

WindClan Edit

Leader: Onestar

Chapter 1 Edit

Hailkit yowled across the clearing, racing after her littermate Shattered, Hailkit pounced on Shattered, who paw her face, the two kit's rolled across the clearing. Shattered rolled on the ground, yowling playfully. Hailkit playfully snarl" Give up, I'm ShadowClan's leader". Shattered squeaked " Yes, I give up". Hailkit glance around, Juniperkit, Sleekkit and Strikekit was playing. The kit's was only 2 moons old, Hailkit and Tanglekit was 5 moons old. Beekit and Yarrowkit was 3 moons old, Yarrowkit was grabbing a mouse. Hailkit ran and snatched the mouse from Yarrowkit, running away as Yarrowkit shouted"


Hailkit, I am going to tell Thistletooth".

Thistletooth was her mother and she didn't care,Thistletooth told her that Reedwhisker was her father. She was related to evil cats like Mapleshade and a way she was related to Brokenstar, Thistletooth was Russetfur and Blackstar's daughter and Russetfur father was also Raggedstar's, and Brokenstar was Raggedstar's kit, but who gives a mouse, she knew she was a loyal Shadowclan cat. She sat down to eat the mouse before she could take a bite, a apprentice size pale brown tabby glare at her " Give Yarrowkit back her mouse". Hailkit was bigger then Grasspaw and she growl " maybe she should held her mouse tighter".

Grasspaw hissed" Your turning into Brokenstar".Hailkit hissed, flattening her ears" I am not Brokenstar". Hailkit grabbed the mouse and pad away, then Grasspaw hissed" That why, your father is a fat RiverClan cat". Hailkit turned hissing" What did you say". A dark tabby, who name is Spikepaw pad to Grasspaw side" Your father is Reedwhisker, the fat RiverClan deputy".

Spikepaw meowed" Your name should be Fishkit". Spikepaw and Grasspaw chanted" Fishkit, Fishkit, Fishkit". Hailkit felt anger rising, she was 3 times their strength.Hailkit hissed and lunged at Spikepaw, biting his neck and clinging on like a flea. Spikepaw yowled, and start shaking his fur,Hailkit felt a claw scrape her head. Hailkit let go hissing in fury, Spikepaw neck was bleeding. Grasspaw lunge and bit her hindleg, while Spikepaw clawed her head. Hailkit, clawed Grasspaw neck while she clamped her Spikepaw neck. Something yowled out loud" Stop it now".

Hailkit let go of Spikepaw's neck as Grasspaw licked her wounds, a white cat with black paws glared at the scene" What is going on here". Hailkit hissed" Spikepaw and Grasspaw called me Fishkit, Blackstar". Blackstar turned to his amber eyes to the two half shredded apprentices" Littlecloud, check all three of these cats wounds". Littlecloud ran out cobwebs in his mouth, he checked over Shadowkit before putting cobwebs on her head and leg. Littlecloud then turn to Spikepaw and Grasspaw" To my den, both of you". Spikepaw and Grasspaw limped out of the den. Blackstar turned to Thistletooth who was glaring at Blackstar" Go to my den, Thistletooth, Rowanclaw you as well".

Chapter 2 Edit

Thistletooth disappeared with Rowanclaw behind her, Juniperkit squeaked" Nice fightHailkit, can you teach me how to fight". Hailkit mewed" I'm tried right now Juniperkit". Juniperkit nodded, but as Hailkit headed towards the nursery a yowl made her freeze" Let all cats who can hunt gather at the clanrock for a clan meeting". Thistletooth sat down, washing Shattered as Hailkit pad to Thistletooth" I'm proud of my kits, one day Hailkit, you will kill Blackstar and become leader" She whispered in Hailkit ear. Hailkit nodded unsheathing her claws, Blackstar meowed" Today we have two new apprentices, Hailkit come forward". Shadowkit came forward, her blue eyes gleaming" Your name is until you earn your warrior name is Hailpaw, Tigerheart , you will mentor her". Hailpaw stiffen, she wanted Scorchfur or Crowfrost to be her mentor. Hailpaw forced herself to lay down her fur as Blackstar countinue" Let you pass your loyalty to Hailpaw".

Hailpaw pad and after an moment of hesitation, she touched noses with Tigerheart. Blackstar turned to Shattered" Shattered, you wished to have a rogue name for I will allow you to keep it, your mentor is Owlclaw". Shattered bounded up to touch noses with Tigerheart. Yowls from the Shadowclan cats rose

" Hailpaw, Shattered"

" Hailpaw, Shattered"

"Hailpaw, Shattered".

Not every cat looked happy, Snaketail grumbled" I bet they be bringing us fish to eat and reeds to sleep on".Hailpaw flatten her ears, why can't every cat stop mumbling about who her father is, it doesn't matter. Shattered and Owlclaw left camp,and Hailpaw meowed exicitedly" Can we see the territory as well". Tigerheart shook his tabby head" Tomorrow". Hailpaw hissed " Shattered is seeing it so why can't I". Tigerheart meowed" Because it getting late". As Tigerheart turn, Hailpaw hiss" At least I didn't meet up with a Thunderclan cat and moon over her". Tigerheart stopped at this spinning" I should make you go do ticks from the elders". Hailpaw pad off, heading towards the apprentice den. Hailpaw collected some unused moss and bundled it up to make a nest for her.

Hailpaw curled in the nest but kept her black ears pricked. It seemed forever before Shattered came back, a frog was in her grip" Owlclaw show me the territory and even let me keep the frog I caught". Shattered dropped the frog at Hailpaw's paws" You want to share"? Shadowpaw nodded, Shattered tugged the uneatable skin off. Shadowpaw took a couple of bites, she was still full from the mouse she took from Yarrowkit.