Icestar's Destiny Edit

By Katdora


       The Rise of ProphecyClan

                                          A story of how ProphecyClan came to be

                                                                  Book 1

                                                          Winterheart’s Destiny



Leader: Nightstar

Deputy: Hyperheart

Warriors: Spiritrose

Apprentices: Birdpaw


Leader: Prophecystar

Deputy: Skystripe

Warriors: Gingerstripe, Blackclaw, Ivyclaw, Talonfur, Harepounce, Featherflight, Yellowstripe

MedicineCat: Beetail


Adder: Brown tabby tom with bright golden eyes

Snowy: pretty white she-cat with gray and blue speckles in fur

Pure: Pink but used to be white she-cat with green eyes

Ice: Gray she-cat with white underbelly and blue speckles in fur

Claw: Black tom with mysterious orange flame-like symbols

Bridget: Pretty light-brown she-cat with blue eyes

Lily:  blonde she-cat with bright blue eyes

Bearclaw: brown cat with a swollen eye due to a fight with a clan leader


Blackclaw: a black furred tom with a white underbelly and gleaming stars in his pelt.


AquaClan: Cats with claim over brisk wet territory

ProphecyClan: A newly, orderly clan that is on the verge of collapsing, lives and adapts in a variety of territory

The Loners: A band of cats that work together to stay out of trouble, settle, and survive!

Ice looked around the forest eagerly, exploring and absorbing all the new sights and sounds. Just recently, she had turned 5 moons old, and Adder, her father, had said that now she was 5 moons old, she could go off on her own, as long as she was back before dark, and as long as she did not leave the Loners Forest, unless it was to go to the Lake of the Loners. Or Twolegplace.

Ice ran up the Twoleg made gravel path that led to Twolegplace, and she walked to the familiar brown house that she always would visit. She went throught the flap in the door.

“Bridget?” She mewed quietly.

“Oh, hi Ice!” Said an entusiastic Bridget.

They touched noses for a few minutes, then they walked out to the Loners Forest. As they walked, they bumped into Lily.

“WATCH IT!” Said Lily argumentally when Ice any Bridget tried to apologize.

That was very typical, considering the fact that she did not really care about anyone at all.

They went into Pure’s den, and they heard a shriek of excitement.

“HI KITTIES!!” She said happily. She ran up and touched noses to Bridget, then Ice.

Then, they heard shrieks of fear and howls.

“Oh no…” said Claw, as he rushed past with mighty paws.

Snowy rushed to Ice and said “Quick Ice! Get to the Clan territory! ProphecyClan is helping us!”

She said in a hurry-like voice.

Ice, Bridget, Pure, and a very grumpy Lily ran for their lives as they rushed to ProphecyClan territory. Lily ran into Twolegplace, along with Bridget and Pure. But Ice ran on. She dodged wolves, and, very soon, she got to the Cliffs. She tripped over a branch, and she fell down… down… down.

Into the river.

Ice woke up to a prod on her shoulder. She looked up, and a black tom with a white underbelly and some stars in his eyes and pelt was in her face. “Um… hello?” She asked quietly. The tom then disappeared, and a vision of a black she-cat with a snarling muzzle popped up in front of her. Then another vision of Ice killing a cat with bloodred eyes and huge claws, and then the water turning red. Then another vision of saving a cat’s life, and then a cat dying a hero.

She woke up to another prod to her shoulder. A Purely black she-cat was looking down at her. Ice looked up. It was another full moon. But how? A few days ago it was a full moon! Ice looked at the black she-cat with disbelief, “Who-who are you?” She asked The she-cat mewed: I am Nightstar, leader of AquaClan.” “AquaClan?” “Yes, we are a clan built of strength and loyalty. You are a faithful cat. I can see it in your eyes. AquaClan needs cats like you. Will you join?”

Ice stared at the she-cat suspiciously. Had she watched her fall from the cliff? She would have helped her! Then she recognised the cat in an instant: The cat snarling at her in the dream!

Ice bowed her head, and thought. She could have protection, but she was not sure. She would need to also hunt and do a bunch of stuff for this clan. She looked at the she-cat and nodded. She would need to if she ran into the wolves again.

“StarClan honors your courage, and we welcome you as a full AquaClan warrior.” Iceheart happily raised her chest proudly. She was scavenging through her thoughts of what happened earlier today. She heard a rustle in the bushes. “Ice?” Iceheart turned around. Pure! She held up her paw to be quiet, then she walked to Nightstar’s den and prodded her on the shoulder. “Hey, Nightstar, someone’s here.” She said quietly.

As they walked out of Nightstar’s den, Nightstar gave a hiss of frustration, and anger. She looked at Pure, and she said: “WHAT is THAT?!” “It’s a cat, Nightstar” Iceheart replied calmly. “It’s only just a cat.” Nightstar glared at Pure angrily “And WHY are you here?” Pure’s pink and tan pelt shone in the moonlight; and Iceheart had just noticed. Then Nightstar turned to Iceheart.

“Since you have let this cat into camp, you are exiled and shall no longer have your name. You will always be known as the one who betrayed us, and that, is final.” Pure and Iceheart stared in absolute horror. They ran out of the camp, all the way toward the river. A few cats chased after them moments later. Iceheart had that sudden feeling like she had when the wolves chased her.

When they went over the border, Iceheart and Pure walked over to the Loner’s Forest. It was a long, cold night. And when the cats reached the cave that Iceheart used to live in, a cat gasped.

“Iceheart!” Adder yelped with excitement. “You're ALIVE!” He rushed up and gave his daughter a hug. “I missed you SO much! No wonder i couldn’t find you in StarClan! All this time, you have been in AquaClan!” He stepped back. “How come you didn’t find ProphecyClan? Did you get lost? Did they TAKE you?” So Iceheart explained what had happened to her and all about how she had gotten exiled. “I might as well go back to the name Ice” said Iceheart unhappily. She wrapped her tail around her paws.

Adder looked at Ice right in the eye. “Actually, you can join ProphecyClan. We are in ProphecyClan ourselves.” He set a paw on his own chest “I am now known as Adderpelt. Pure is known as Pureheart, Claw is known as Clawstrike, Snowy, your mother, is known as Snowyclaw, Lily is now known as Lilypelt. And Bridget is now known as Leafpool.” He winked happily at Ice, and she knew: She is a Clan cat, through, and through. She is not Ice, but Winter, She is not cruel, but nice.

She is