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Fire's Secret


    Firekit? Why her? Why must she join MistClan? She does not even have a destiny. But StarClan cats musn't lie. Firekit must join. She has not received an apprentice name. She is 9 moons, and is half clan. StarClan must be mistaken.                                                                 "Firekit is a traitor! You see it, Slystar!" Whirlpool, the medicine cat, swayed her tail. "I do, but this is what we must do. I will be dying soon, I can not be an old leader forever. You must tell Hawkflight. You must." Whirlpool nodded, as Slystar fell and suddenly went limp. Whirlpool nodded in understanding and dashed to Hawkflight. She would take her to the moonpool to recieve her nine lives, but first she must say what Slystar had said about Firekit.                                               Whirlpool raced to the warriors' den to find Hawkflight standing just outside, alone. Perfect. "Hawkflight, go to Slystar's old den." Whirpool meowed. "Old?" Hawkflight look confused. Whirlpool nodded and they padded there togther.                               "Where is Slystar?" Hawkflight demanded. "Dead. Old age." Whirpool sighed. "What? Take me to the Moonpool. Now!" Whirpool shook her head and turned back to Hawkflight. "Firekit must join. Slystar said." Hawkflight looked shocked but nodded, and without a word scampered to the exit of camp. "Take me to the Moonpool, let Slystar give me my lives." It was a custom that when a new leader is appointed, the newest leader that joined StarClan would give the new leader nine lives. Hawkflight and Whirlpool rushed to the Moonpool. Hawkflight lapped at the water, Whirlpool beside her. They fell into a bright world. StarClan. Slystar padded up to them, her eyes narrow. "Did you tell her, Whirlpool?" Slystar spoke in a deep voice. Whirlpool nodded.                                     Slystar turned to Hawkflight. "Let us begin. Your second life is for courage. You must have the courage to leap into battle when needed." Hawkflight felt a rush through her body, feeling like the ripple of a stream. Slystar continued, and Hawkflight felt the same for each one. "Your third life is for respect. You must take advice if needed, and though you are leader you must respect your clanmates. Your fourth life is for friendship. If a clan would like to ally with you, accept it. Do not be stubborn, and you may have friends in another clans. The fifth life is for strength. A leader must be strong in battle. The sixth life is for love. Leaders may have mates, for that mate might help them push through hard times. The seventh life is for forgivness. Forgive cats who need to be forgiven. The eighth life is for belief. You must never sway your belief in StarClan. Your last and final life is for acceptance. You must learn to accept you are a leader now."                                                                                                  Hawkflight nodded. "I will have a clan meeting when we get to camp." Slystar nodded and continued. "Goodbye, Hawkstar. Hawkstar narrowed her eyes, but widended them in acceptance. Her and Whirlpool's eyes opended at the next day.

Chapter 1
    Firekit struggled to get out of Hawkstar's grip. "Let me go! The warrior code says to never hurt a kit, even if I do not like you!" Firekit hissed as her little claws unseathed. "I am not going to hurt you." Hawkstar looked at Firekit. She laid her down. "This is your home now, and soon will be your apprentice ceremony. Won't you like that?" Firekit shook her head. "Not here!" Hawkstar sighed and continued to pad forward.                                                                                       "This is your home now. You have a nice nest, and you are away from The Pack of Darkend Thoughts. It is much more peaceful here." Hawkstar picked up Firekit. As she squirmed, she let her down. "Go to sleep." Firekit sighed and went to her nest. She saw Rockkit. She noticed Hawkstar wasn't looking, and innocently asked, "Do you wanna play, Rockkit?" Rockkit nodded and leaped onto Firekit. Hawkstar padded in.                                                                          "Rockkit." She growled. "I told Firekit to go to sleep, go clean out the elders' bedding. Now."     Rockkit padded out sadly and Firekit leaped into her nest. "It is so comfortable, thanks for letting me join, Hawkstar!" Firekit squirmed in the bedding.     "Ashcloud, my deputy, will be taking care of you." Firekit nodded as Ashcloud padded in. "Thank you for the introduction." Firekit yawned. I am so glad I was accepted. This will give me another chance to prove I can be the best warrior! Firekit fell asleep, and woke up in a dream.                                                                         "Wow, I am a Clan leader now!" She looked around. "I do not see any MistClan cats." Then she thought. This is my generation.

    Firekit woke up. She stifled a yawn and sat up. "I forgive you, Firekit." Rockkit meowed. "Ashcloud, she is torturing me!" Firekit smirked. Ashcloud rushed in. "Rockkit, clean out your own bedding." Ashcloud meowed. Then they heard from a distance. "Every cat old enough to catch their own prey, meet beneath the Highrock for a meeting."             Firekit ran to the Highrock. "My ceremony!" Firekit smiled. "Today, we have a cat that is long overdue for her apprentice ceremony. Firekit, do you promise to uphold the warrior code?" Firekit nodded. "Then you are now, Firepaw."                       Firepaw smiled. "Ashcloud is your mentor." Firepaw nodded. "Let's train then." Ashcloud meowed, padding out of camp. Firepaw followed right after her. She had so many things to think about! What was being an apprentice like? Could she finally stopped cleaning out the bedding? Oh StarClan let it be true!     "Alright, show me your hunting crouch." Ashcloud began. Firepaw crouched down, sniffing the air for any sign of prey. She leaped onto a vole, tearing at it's stomach. It died, and Firepaw picked her limp prey up.                                  "Nice job, Firepaw." Ashcloud mewed to Firepaw. Firepaw lifted her chin, proud of her first catch in MistClan territory. She rushed back to camp.     When she had got to camp, she laid her vole down. She looked around, and slowly grabbed a small mouse, sneaking it. "You may have it, you deserve it." Ashcloud said as she padded next to her. Firepaw purred in delight as her and her mentor shared the small mouse. She was glad to be a MistClan apprentice, she would not leave. No matter what.

Chapter 2    
    Firepaw woke up in her nest. Something pricked her back. She sprang up to see a thorn. She picked it up, and put it onto Tigerpaw's nest. When Tigerpaw lays down, I will have my revenge! That will teach her not to eat the vole I caught without asking!         Firepaw padded into Whirlpool's den. "A thorn got into my nest!" Firepaw complained as Whirlpool sniffed the scratch.                                  "No sign of infection." Whirlpool reported. She wrapped a cobweb bandage of the scarcely bleeding wound and Firepaw padded out with a sigh.            "Do not leave camp today! I want those cobwebs to stick!" Whirlpool yowled when Firepaw left the den. Firepaw sighed. "Atleast I do not have to clean out nests anymore." Firepaw murmered. "You will when that's healed." Ashcloud said, suddenly standing next to her.                                     "But that duty is for kits!" Firepaw hissed. "It is mainly for apprentices. You won't just have to clean out the elders' either, but the nursery to."         Firepaw sighed. She would have to clean out the elders' den when she was done? What a waste! Her second day as an apprentice and on her third she would have to clean out a den.                     Firepaw limped back to her nest. She curled up. Her eyes shut as she fell asleep. Atleast her training would be cut short. Delayed for being an apprentice or not, you had to be a warrior at twelve moons. Firepaw was glad she was already half way through nine moons old. She was also glad there was a gathering tomorrow. Maybe she could go!        Hawkstar woke her up as she called the meeting words. She must be saying who is going to the gathering. Firepaw raced out of the den, and the cobwebs on her fell off. Whirlpool sighed. Oops! I will have to go back to the medicine den after this!     Firepaw sat down. "Alright. This is going to be my first gathering as a leader. The clans will be suprised when they see me on a branch." Hawkstar meowed. Firepaw sighed. Just say who is going already!                                            Firepaw looked up as Hawkstar continued. "As always, I will choose three apprentices, their mentors, five warriors, my deputy,  and one elder to come." Firepaw sighed. Wait a moment, her mentor automaticly went! She was going! Yes! "The apprentices will be Firepaw, Tigerpaw, and Mudpaw." Firepaw looked at Bumblepaw as he sighed. He would be the only apprentice left at camp. Rockkit looked exited. Oh ya! After the gathering announcement she is supposed to become an apprentice! Firepaw had a delighted face. She would be going to the gathering. Not Rockkit!                        "The warriors are Hollowtree, Mousescratch, Eargash, Longfang, and Blowshot. The additional warriors going are mentors. My deputy, Ashcloud, is going with Firepaw. Tigerpaw's mentor is Bluestripe, and Mudpaw's mentor is Whisperedear."                  All the apprentices looked satisfied with themselves, along with their mentors and the warriors that were going. Hawkstar continued, "The elder going is Linewing." Linewing nodded. Linewing seemed as though she was the youngest of the three elders. Hawkstar puffed her chest as she continued. Rockkit puffed her chest, too, knowing what was happening next. "We also have a new apprentice today. Rockkit, please step forward." Rockkit padded to the Highrock. "To check your strength, climb the Highrock." Hawkstar meowed. Firepaw watched as Rockkit tried to climb the Highrock.                         Firepaw did not understand this. If she did not make it, she would be an apprentice anyway. Maybe this determines if she should have a good fighting warrior or a better fighting warrior?                Rockkit didn't make it up, and Hawkstar leaped down. "Your mentor will be Scorchmouth." Firepaw thought, That isn't that great of warrior. I see, the ones who do not make it up get the good ones, and the ones who do get the best. I made it up there, so I got the deputy! Firepaw purred. The whole clan turned to her.                                    They must be thinking I'm purring because Rockkit did not make it up, oh no! Firepaw stopped purring, and they all turned away.                "Then you will be Rockpaw now." Rockpaw nodded. Firepaw looked to Rockpaw and stifled a chuckle. She stopped, thinking about what happend last time. The whole clan cheered Rockpaw's name, including her.

Chapter 3
    Firepaw ran into the nursery. Poppyclaw was having her kits! Her mate, Clawclear, rushed in. Clawclear's ear flicked.                             Poppyclaw breathed heavily as Whirlpool gave her raspberry leaves and a stick to dig her claws into.     One kit popped out. This kit was a white she-cat whose fur was smooth and thin. It was like Poppyclaw's thin fur, but white like Clawclear's. A tom kit popped out after. Firepaw watched Wirlpool lapped at the kit's heads from outside then den.        They will only be apprentices when I am a warrior! Firepaw thought. "The tom has a smooth, dark green fur like mine. He will be Greenkit. The she-cat is already running swiftly around." Poppyclaw mewed.                                    Whirlpool tried to pick the kit up, but it ran right past her. "She will be Swiftkit." Poppyclaw meowed. Firepaw was back away from the entrance as Clawclear came back out.                                                                 "You were not supposed to be in there, Firepaw!" Clawclear snapped as he padded out. Firepaw nodded and flattended her ears. Ashcloud did not seem mad, though she made Firepaw clear out the elders' nests.                            

    Firepaw rushed up to the patrol heading to the gathering. She ran up by Ashcloud, nodding in approval as they padded to the Four Rocks where they usually had their gatherings.                                                       "So, whose coming tonight?" Firepaw mewed to Ashcloud. "SwiftClan, us, and ThunderClan." Ashcloud responded.                                 "SwiftClan? What's that?" Firepaw tipped her head to one side, confused. Whisperedear rushed up to Firepaw. "It's the new Clan! The whole forest has been talking about it!" Whisperedear mewed exitedly. "I can't wait to meet them!" She almost squeaked, but held it back.                                        Firepaw nodded. She didn't see The Pack of Darkended Thoughts, luckily they didn't tag along again.                                             Slystar, Swiftclan's leader leaped onto a branch. So did Hawkstar. A lot of cats would be confused why what seemed like a warrior and a deputy were leaping onto branches.                              "Hawkflight, what are you doing up there? Slyflip, why are you on a branch, get back to ThunderClan!" Slystar shook her head. "I am Slystar, leader of SwiftClan now. And some of your cats came with me." Squaremind, Listenpaw, Bunchkit, Stripedstep, Harelick, and Clearpaw nodded.
    "You started a Clan? I'd like to join!" Timearrow, Cliffblood, Warriorclaw, Billypaw, Circlefang, Scrunchykit, Creamkit, Silverfang, Lionsave, Finescratch, Findbottom, Stiffclaw, Lovekit, Candypaw, Fireworld, and Foxbreathe stepped with a yowling Sevenclaws. They all nodded.            "We would all like to join SwiftClan!" They yowled. "Good, I have not chosen a deputy or a medicine cat yet." Slystar yowled. Rosepetal, a warrior of Thunderclan stepped with Foxbreathe.                          "I could be your medicine cat." Rosepetal mewed. Slystar nodded. "We also accept canines and large cats. That is all." Slystar nodded to Replacestar to take over.                                            Replacestar stood up. "We have lost many  members due to SwiftClan. Therefore, SwiftClan has become our enemy. I would like to have a meeting with Slystar after to schedule a battle."                Slystar nodded, her eyes narrowed. Replacestar continued, "Prey has been well, we have 1 new apprentice, or we did, and that was going to be Billypaw. Yet he left, so sadly we don't." Replacestar nodded to Hawkstar to continue.                     "Sadly, our Slystar has died for me to take over. Firepaw has been accepted into our Clan. You may know her as Firekit." ThunderClan gasped and Hawkstar continued, "Slystar, we ask to ally with you to help you out for the battle and get your territorys set."                                                Slystar nodded, "Alright." She meowed. Hawkstar continued, "ThunderClan, we are no longer your ally." Replacestar growled Hawkstar continued, "Prey has been quite well. The Greenleaf season has been giving us many great things to stock up for leaffall. We are happy about this. MistClan has been thriving even though Slystar has died. That is all. Good night Clans of the gathering!" Hawkstar yowled and Hawkstar grouped MistClan together and left                    I wonder what the battle will be like! Maybe I will get to fight! Firepaw thought. She raced back to camp in delight. =====