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In memory of my greatest OC ever made. 

July 24th, 2015 thru July 16th, 2016

~ Information ~ Edit

Name: Lightning

Alias: Mcqueen, Smart ( user )

Gender: Tom

Residence: Pack of Glistening Heavens

Age: 34 moons

Tribe of Frigid Waters - 29 moons ago Edit

Lightning was 3 moons old. The snow was invading the camp as the cats complained of it being too cold. This was the worst leaf-bare the tribe had seen. If it wasn't for the medicine cat, many would die of hypothermia. Lightning was lucky, along with his family. They had dense, fluffy fur coats that insulated them the best out of the entire tribe. Even though Fathom had the fluffiest, everybody in the family had warmth. Lightning was poking through a snow cave, not checking the stability. When he crept inside, the snow caved in on him, leaving him trapped in. "Help!" He squeaked, muffled by the snow patch. "Wait, Lightning's stuck!" Teighan's ears pricked as he heard his youngest brother from the other side of the snow. He pawed at the snow along with Lillith and Fathom. Teighan, Lillith and Fathom are my older siblings, by the way. They were making giant holes in the snow wall, as Lightning felt the snow come off. It was easy enough for it to pull me off. Everybody in the family laughed. "Just be more careful next time!" They teased. Lightning snickered. "Okay." he laughed.

Tribe of Frigid Waters, 4 moons later Edit

The winter was done. Although that may of happened, a horror for the tribe had awoke. WIP Section, gathering information!

Looks like Lightning's on his own now. While I am a loner, I will make this into chapters, just do divide it up equally.

Quest for a new home: Chapter 1 Edit

The tribe members began to flee from the camp in fear. Lightning was 7 moons old, just being apprenticed for a moon. He was taught how to hunt, and was already a natural. He tried to look for family, but the flood of cats descending from the camp had put him in a stampede of fur. What he didn't know was that his brother had gotten into the same situation, and had gone nearly the same direction as him, just lots faster. A race for a new home had begun, and the fall of the Tribe of Frigid Waters. His home was gone.

Lightning had ended up in a dense forest line, just near a lake. He began hunting for prey as hunger clawed at him. If he hadn't of learned to hunt, he would've died of hunger by now. He got next to the lake, and unsheathed his claws. The water gleamed in the sunlight, and ended up reflected onto the trees. He dove his paw into the water like a spear as he thought he caught a fish. He got one. Just as he pulled it out of the water and confirmed that it was dead, he dug his maw into it like a hungry dog, as he nipped at the fish. It replenished his hunger and his strength, and left him satistfied in delectable thoughts. 

As he continued on his journey, he found a deep underbrush of leaves and ivy. As he pushed through it, sunlight burst through the door like a man's best friend. Lightning felt the glory of the light reflecting on his fur, warmth covering him. "I'm kinda hungry again," He said as the sundown created a painting in the sky. He scented the atmosphere, his nose pricking. Mice, he recognized. He lowered his haunches as he crept into the tall grass fields. His tail crept under him to avoid ruffling. His paw-steps crept across the clearing, towards the mice. As the scent alerted their presence, he pounced on the mice, holding them. He clawed at them, killing all but one. "That one can go, I guess." He looked at the 3 mice he caught. Lucky catch, he thought as his tongue swayed across his mouth. 

As he carried his mice across, he found a sycamore tree. A big one. He pawed a piece of moss off of the tree, creating bedding. It was a duty for an apprentice in his tribe. Since he was alone, he grabbed more than usual. The sun put on its comfy pajamas and faded below the horizon and into sleep. He ate a mouse, and left the two in a prey pile for later. His tail curled around his mitts, his eyelids collapsing on each other. Snoring tinted the sound of night, as he faded away into sleep.

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