Based On Warriors

"Only Foolish Get Lost In Woods Like Those, Kip."

Book One: Lost

Book Two: Roamer

Book Three: Disappear

Book Four: Astray

Book Five: Drifted

Book Six: Forgotten

Lost - By Taykaei

Cover Art by Taykaei


The Lost

Sovereign: Bracken-slim brown flecked dog with deep green eyes - German Shepherd

Warmaster: Froth-pure gray coated she-dog with blazing amber eyes - Great Pyrenees

'Keeper: Azule'-slender light yellow she-dog with light blue eyes - Great Dane

Healer: Flinch-large tan and white slender dog with yellow eyes - Neapolitan Mastiff

Healer Trainee: Aciu-frail slender light yellow dog with dark blue eyes - Scottish Deerhound

'Warstands: Raso'-light gray and white dog with blazing yellow eyes - Dogue De Borderoux

Vae-large black she-dog with white features and sooty-gray eyes - Newfoundland

Fighters: Coyote-slim russet and black dog with tan flecks and gray eyes - English Mastiff

Snag-slim gray and black she-dog with camo-green eyes - Scottish Deerhound

Wound-long-furred russet and white tom with light features and soft amber eyes - Great Pyrenees

Wood-slender and tall dog with brown fur, and darker fur patterns, with light green eyes - Newfoundland

Trainees: Rascua-thin brown and tan she-dog with neutral yellow eyes - Saint Bernard

Rain-sleek black with blue tint dog with light blue eyes - Leonberger

'Youth: Kip Ran'-slender dog with brown, white, and gray colors, with misty gray-blue eyes - Saint Bernard

'Caretakers: Alva'-slender gray and white she-dog with blazign amber eyes - Akita

Salea- lightweight slender black, brown, and white she-dog with crystal blue eyes - Beauceron

Old: //-//


Bracken slipped through the ivy chambers, his pelt shaking. Today was the day where his mate, Alva, would birth the next generation into the world. Bracken noticed the gray and white she-dog, sitting, patiently lapping at a small puddle of water.

Alva smiled at his arrival, and Bracken slid beside her, nuzzling her. Salea, Alva's sister and fellow caretaker, was sitting near them. Her mate, Wood, was off hunting for the pack, and would not return 'till noon. Alva shook her pelt and said, "So, Bracken, have you decided who should be the new Warmaster? Since Traen passed, may the night rest his soul, we must decide a new Warmaster by moonhigh."

Bracken had not given thorough thought to this, and shifted a little, and lied, saying, "Yeah. I have... and I think they'll be excellent." Alva grinned, gratefully, and rested her head on the gravel flooring. The Healer, Flinch, was nearby, in case the birthing was to take place soon. Bracken was glad that Flinch was near, his white and tan pelt glistening in the afternoon sun.

Bracken had been able to trust Flinch, after he had saved one of the former trainees (now fighter), Snag. Snag was Bracken's sister, and Bracken had full trust of her, and after Snag had gotten caught in a fox trap, Flinch had sustained Snag to full health, though minor scars still were visible.

Bracken got up and said, "I should go hunting, since the stock is getting low. We need every food allontment we can get, if we are going to have new mouths to feed futurewise."

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