By Pogo

~ Important Kitties in the Story ~Edit

Lostwillow (aka Nightmare) - She is a gray and black she-cat with amber eyes that have a red tint to them. She was killed by a she-cat named Foxfur.

Foxfur - She is a tortoiseshell and tan she-cat with white eyes, which used to be an icy-blue until Lostwillow blinded her. She was a medicine cat of ShadowClan, but she was banished and then joined BlazingClan.

Silent Scream - She is a she-cat whose black pelt merely looks like shadow. She has haunting blue eyes. She is the ruler of the Dark Forest.

  • Lostwillow
  • Foxfur
  • Silent Scream

~ Chapter 1 ~ Edit

The light was fading farther and farther away. Consciousness was slowly drifting apart, as was the ear-piercing shriek of a cat. Finally, everything went black.

Lostwillow opened her eyes. She was in a terrible-looking forest. There was no light, except for the moon that shined high above in the sky. Hmm... Lostwillow thought as she continued to look at her new surroundings. I'm in the Dark Forest. Perfect. She began to pad around.

The scent of other cats made her stop. Lostwillow's eyes narrowed as two cats came out of the undergrowth. They didn't notice her until they turned her way. The two cats stopped their chatter and stared. Lostwillow stared back.

"You new?" The muscular tom asked. "I can still see the scar of the death-blow on your neck."

The she-cat, standing next to the tom, snickered.

Lostwillow's voice was cool. "Yes, I am new to the Dark Forest. Are you two new as well?"

The tom shook his head. "No, we've been here for a while."

"Really?" Lostwillow asked, sarcastically.

The tom caught the sarcasm. "Look, I'm going to let you off with a warning. You. Do not. Mess. With us. If we see you again, we won't show you any mercy."

Lostwillow laughed. "You think I'm scared of you, and that tiny excuse for a cat? If you had any brains after you died, you would have ran away by now."

The tom looked a bit surprised at her reply. The orange and dark brown she-cat growled. "Hey, cat. We were tryin' to warn you. Don't get smart with us."

"Oh, I see. You couldn't understand what I was saying. Must I get down to your stupid level?" Lostwillow said with a big smirk.

Now both of the cats were furious; their claws were unsheathed. "You are DOOMED!" The she-cat spat.

"Why don't you put your claws where your mouth is?" Lostwillow unsheathed her claws, and she stood up straighter, making herself look even taller than the other two.

The two cats growled. They leaped at her at the same time. They both give her hard blows on the muzzle and side. Lostwillow swiped at the she-cat's small head. The she-cat went to the ground, slightly dazed. The gray tom was able to trip Lostwillow as she swiped at the other cat. Lostwillow stumbled, but quickly regained her balance. The she-cat had gotten back up, and she knocked into Lostwillow as hard as she could. It barely made Lostwillow flinch, but it was enough to distract her so the tom could claw her flanks. Now fully enraged that these to might beat her, Lostwillow lunged at the tom. I will not be beaten by idiotic cats in one day! She thought, angrily. Her weight made him collapse. Lostwillow didn't hesitate, and she started tearing out his throat.

The she-cat screeched. "Stop it!" She tried getting Lostwillow off him, but Lostwillow refused to stop clawing.

Lostwillow felt the satisfaction when the she-cat's screeches turned to horrified and pleading mews. Lostwillow lashed out at the she-cat. The she-cat dodged and backed up.

Lostwillow turned and padded over to her. "Love makes you weak," she hissed at the cat.

The she-cat glanced at the tom.

"How you two made it here, I have no idea." Lostwillow's voice was sinister.

The she-cat looked back at her. She lifted her chin, and ran.

Lostwillow watched her go. "She won't be here much longer. Hmm... Too bad. They would've lived if they weren't foolish and had fallen in love."

Lostwillow awoke the next "day." She could still feel the wounds those two cats had given her, but the one on her throat hurt the worst.

"I'll come back for you, Foxfur," Lostwillow growled as if the cat could hear her.

She stood up and stretched. She decided to walk further into the Forest. Lostwillow spotted a few cats here and there, but she never made contact with them of any sort, and neither did they.

Lostwillow suddenly stopped. "Well, that's odd..." She stood at what seemed to be a border. The other side was completely filled with darkness. The light from the moon never touching that place. Lostwillow took a step forward.

"I wouldn't go in there if I were you," a meow sounded from behind her.

Lostwillow turned around. There was a golden tom that stood a few fox-lengths in front of her. "What?" Lostwillow narrowed her eyes at him.

"You shouldn't go in there." The tom warned her again.

"Why is that?" Lostwillow questioned.

"There's a cat that lives in that darkness. She eats other Dark Forest cats. Anyone who goes in there, doesn't come out."

"If you are trying to scare me, you are failing miserably. I'm not a kit. I can tear you in two."

The tom shook his head at her reply. "I warned you."

"Fear is for the weak. I don't take kindly to weak cats." She stared at him.

"Fine," the tom meowed with a sudden coldness. "Let her rip out your guts!"

"You're a fool!" Lostwillow hissed as she turned and walked into the darkness. "Are all Dark Forest cats whimpy?" She muttered. "Where has their pride gone?"

Lostwillow ran into a tree. She shook her head and growled. She couldn't see anything. It was almost pitch black. She began to sniff, trying to catch a scent, but it was as if there was nothing there that smelled.

"Tell me when you're ready to die," A voice meowed from above.

Lostwillow looked up and squinted. "Who are you?" She asked the voice.

The voice of this mysterious cat, seemed to echo in a very creepy way. "Oh, that won't matter. You won't leave long in the Dark Forest anyway."

"Are you trying to test me?" Lostwillow looked around.

The voice seemed to be coming from all directions now. "What fun is a test?"

Lostwillow snickered. "Are you suppose to be this scary cat? Tell me, does cat taste good?"

The voice laughed loudly. It hurt Lostwillow's ears. "Both answers: Yes."

Lostwillow flattened her ears against her head. She did not like that. This cat was taunting her, it seemed. "Why don't you show yourself?" Lostwillow asked it, her angry rising.

"I'll show myself," the cat meowed slowly. "But you won't be seeing a cat. Not yet."

"What is that suppose to mean?" Lostwillow growled. Suddenly, their were enormous screeches. They echoed for a long time. Lostwillow thought her ears were going to bleed. Then, she was attacked from all sides.

~ Chapter 2 ~ Edit

Claws were tearing into her already wounded pelt. Lostwillow lashed out at her attackers, but she never hit one. It was like they were there, but they weren't there.

Lostwillow scowled. "I am fearless! How dare you try to defeat me!" Her words didn't affect any of the attackers.

Lostwillow could feel the blood dripping from her fur. And then, something hard hit her in the head, knocking her out.

"Well, you certainly tried hard," a mocking tone woke Lostwillow.

"What?" She hissed. She looked around her until her gaze rested upon a cat, barely visible in the darkness.

The cat stepped closer to her, and it got slightly brighter around them. Lostwillow studied the cat carefully. It was a she-cat with dark blue, liquid eyes, and her pelt seemed to only be a shadow.

"Who are you?" Lostwillow demanded.

The she-cat blinked at her. "I have many names. I am mostly called Silent Scream." The cat's voice was calm, but something about it gave Lostwillow a sickening feeling---it was either that or the loss of blood. "And by the way, you aren't as fearless as you want to be," Silent Scream snickered and it echoed all around.

Lostwillow growled. "You are wrong! I can---"

Silent Scream interrupted Lostwillow. "You can what?" The cat chuckled, then grew oddly serious. She seemed to stare right into the depths of Lostwillow's soul. "I can feel the fear coming from you. It is strong, as is the scent of it. You are afraid."

Lostwillow started to shake her head. "That isn't true at all!" She protested, fiercely.

Silent Scream only smiled creepily. "The more you deny it, the more it shows."

"What do you want?" Lostwillow growled, wanting to change the subject. "You haven't killed me yet, so you must want me for something."

Silent Scream nodded slightly. "Yes... You are correct." She paused, once again staring at Lostwillow. "You are smart, just like I thought."

Lostwillow narrowed her eyes at the she-cat's comment.

Silent Scream continued. "I wasn't going to let them kill you. The Dark Forest is your home, and it will be fore a very long time... That is, if the plan goes perfectly."

"What plan?!" Lostwillow hissed, slightly eager to know what this cat had in store for her.

Silent Scream's shadow-like tail twitched. "I assume you remember Foxfur?"

Lostwillow growled. "It's not hard to forget when she's the one who killed me."

"Good. Foxfur is going to have kits in a couple seasons from now. One in particular is rather... 'special' to me."

"Why does it matter that Foxfur is going to have kits?"

Silent Scream almost shrieked with laughter. "Oh, it matters because we are going to use the little brat! Also," she paused. "You have another task. When the time comes, you will be testing something I have recently discovered: mind-control. I hope it goes well... for your sake."

Lostwillow didn't feel scared of this cat anymore. She was glad she was being put to use. Lostwillow marveled at the idea of making Foxfur's future kit suffer. She looked at Silent Scream with a new craziness. "This is going to be fun!"

~ The End ~