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Animal Jam Clans Stories Wiki was created for the stories that are made by users of Animal Jam Clans WikiEveryone is free to edit, create a page, and chat with the other users of this wiki.

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This an easy way to make a page for your story. Type in your story's title to begin writing. Remember to make sure whatever you are writing follows our rules Have fun!:

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Jonas The Pupper
A Ravens Conspiracy

A Ravens Conspiracy, written by Wickedtrashdude is a story about a cat, small and stubborn, whom lived on his own in the vast wilderness. A cat who traveled, who grew up too fast. One who never did have a normal childhood. Grieving the death of family, all the while finding a new home and forming new bonds. This is a story about a cat, small and stubborn, who found a sense of purpose.

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Lemon's Sack

Lemon's Sack Is By Taykaei is about a apprentince about to become a hunter, but escaped to see the outside world. Will she safely escape? Find out!

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