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A Ravens Conspiracy

A Ravens Conspiracy, written by Wickedtrashdude is a story about a cat, small and stubborn, whom lived on his own in the vast wilderness. A cat who traveled, who grew up too fast. One who never did have a normal childhood. Grieving the death of family, all the while finding a new home and forming new bonds. This is a story about a cat, small and stubborn, who found a sense of purpose.

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Thorn's Scar

Thorn's Scar is newly made story written by Fashiønablylate. The tale is about brothers who run away from home and everyone who loved them to go on an adventure that would change their lives. Though this story was only made recently, the author captures the reader's interest by including words that are typically in human vocabulary along with words that the animals in Erin Hunters' books use.

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