Prologue Edit

"Don't worry sis, its just your shadow it wont hurt you." Shadow said softly into his sisters ear.

"Why is it so scary brotha'?" Midnight turned her icy blue gaze on him.

The two siblings smiled at each other and ran out into the clearing barking at each other and tackling each other as if they were battling.

"Hey! Mind if i join the fun?" Fear barked out his tail wagging with joy.

Fear tackled Midnight and a wave of heat hit Midnight's feeling herself blush she glanced over as Shadow had a protective look of rage in his eyes and Midnight quickly pushed Fear off her. The clouds slowly covered the blue sky and thunder filled the emptiness of the forest.

"Somethings wrong..." Spice said exiting his den staring up at the clouds.

Quickly the camp filled with barking and snarling as Earthlings charged into the camp with their metal sticks and scaring off every young litter, trainee and carrier away back into their dens.

"Sista'!" Shadow barked out in fear shoving one of the Earthlings away from his younger sibling.

There was to many Earthlings... One of the Earthlings charged up to Midnight and kicked her across the camp sliding across the snow, she went quiet...

Chapter One Edit

The snow fell gently on to the flowery ground beneath the group of wolves paws. Midnight held her head high before her brother,Shadow, towered over her as he was a higher rank. They two siblings smiled until their Leader, Spice walked in front of them inspecting them.

"Everyone knows that the Pack Of Shadowing Howls does NOT tolerate kiddish behavior, isn't that right Shadow.." Spice glared upon his Warrior.

Shadow's smile faded off as Spice drew all the attention on him. He stared pass his leader not making any eye contact in any way.

"Yes, sir. Every wolf who doesn't act like a warrior will be punished.." Shadow's voice echoed throughout the pack.

Spice turned his gaze on Midnight, he smiled a bit and walked closer with an evil stare in his eyes. Before he could reach her Shadow spoke with a snarl.

"I'd like it much better if you were to step away from her Spice.." Shadow snarled making direct eye contact with his leader.

Midnight saw the rage in her siblings eyes and pressed her head against the side of his cheek glaring at Spice. Spice knew never to disrespect a males protective or hostile approach over a female, Shadow was protective of his younger sister because she was all he had left. Spice backed away and returned to his den sitting near his dens entrance.