||Characters|| Edit

Tenshi ~ [Female] ~ A light blue-grey wolf pup with icy bright blue eyes. Her paws and underbelly are white and has a old chain on her right paw.

Meaning ~ Angel
Daku ~ [Male] ~ A dark grey-black wolf "apprentice" [Slightly older then a pup] with dim/dark blue eyes. Brother of Tenshi [Angel]. Has a old chain on his left back paw, with a light grey underbelly and paws.
Meaning ~ Dark
Senishin ~ [Female] ~ A light grey and white adult wolf with amber eyes. With a light blue-grey socks on her leg.
Meaning ~ Spirit
Tamashi ~ [Male] ~ A jet black wolf with bright green eyes and a dark grey under belly/paws. His fangs show and he has a large claw scar along his face and muzzle
Meaning ~ Soul
Kaminari ~ [Male] ~ A brown wolf with green-blue eyes and a light brown underbelly with white patches along his pelt.
Meaning ~ Thunder
Hanabira ~ [Female] ~ A German Shepherded with a bright pink collar and light grey eyes.
Meaning ~ Petal
Zero ~ [Male] ~ Black wolf with blood stains along his chest. He is father of Tenshi [Angle] and Daku [Dark]
Meaning ~ Zero

||Writing Set-up|| Edit

Due to Japanese names i will just be stating the English version. The list above was just to state out the main names and their meaning. Ex 1 is what i will be doing of this page [Story]. Ex 2 is what i WOULD look like if i didn't use the English version.

[Ex 1] ~ Angle quickly ran across the forest floor.

[Ex 2] ~ Tenshi quickly ran across the forest floor.

~Prologue~ Edit


[Five years before Zeros pups]

"Quickly! Everyone inside, we cannot risk the lives of our members!" A sleek grey-brown wolf barked out. His amber eyes burning with rage and fear as he watched the thundering pack members retreat inside the empty buildings.

Zero came to a halt next to the grey-brown wolf. "Pack Full Of Sins is growing near..." Zero said with a deep and uneasy feeling within his voice. "Wish will be endangered if they find out she...We...are planning to have pups.." Zero's worried expression stayed staring at the wolf before him.

"Do not speak of you plannings to the Alpha, Beta, Omega, or any pack member of theirs. If they find out we will keep your mate safe, she is the last female...And we cannot lose the last one of our pack." He lowered his voice and turned heading back into the building.

"Ax..Your Alpha can't you do anything to stop the other packs from 'checking' on us?" Zero whispered following by his side.

"I cannot...We are the lower ranking pack, we must be checked by the highest ranking pack to make sure we are in check. If we are not in check we will be all killed..." Ax said calmly looking at the pack as they lined up in their formations. "Plus...If we pass this time your mate will be protected and nothing will harm her" He fell silent then spoke quieter "Unlike the others..." He sighed his tail swayed side from side.

A large group of black and rusty brownish-red wolves walked up to the entrance of the old broken building. "Salutations, Pack of outcast. " A large wolf said slowly as his sharp blue eyes gazed at the lines formed.

Zero tensed up and looked at Wish then at Ax, "Run Zero..." Ax whispered his tail twitched before he moved it signaling it for an attack. All the wolves darted forward with rage and Zero raced back to Wish and they both darted out through a small opening in the back. The two raced along until Wish couldn't bare to carry her own weight

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