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Leader: Nightstar - black tom

Deputy: Birdsong - grey she-cat

Med Cat: Bluepuddle - blueish grey she-cat


Redfox - ginger almost red tom

Duskstorm - black she-cat with green eyes

Nightstorm - black she-cat with blue eyes

Lug - previous kittypet, brown tom with ginger underbelly

Clawscar - grey tom with dark grey stripes on face and scar on both eyes

Mistbreeze - grey she-cat with darker stripes along side

Fry - previous kittypet (littermate with Lug) cream she-cat

Horrizonpeak - grey tom with ginger stripe on back

Twisterbreeze - greyish brown tom

Lionfur - cream she-cat with ginger neck

Hollowcloud - grey tom

Nightcurse - black she-cat with amber eyes

Wolfgaze - tall grey tom

Coppergaze - ginger tom with amber eyes

Violet - previous loner, silver she-cat, unusual violet/purple eyes


Velvetpaw - cream she-cat with velvet patches (due to mixing herbs and putting it on her pelt) Mentor: Bluepuddle

Puddlepaw - blueish grey she-cat Mentor: Mistbreeze

Voltpaw - creamish yellow tom Mentor: Lionfur

Treepaw - dark brown she-cat with brownish ginger patches Mentor: Twisterbreeze

Queens/Kits: Horseleg - tall white she-cat with black paws, Mates with Wolfgaze Kits: Unborn

Nightcrow - black she-cat with blue eyes, Mates with Coppergaze Kits: Darkkit - dark ginger tom

Venomfang - blond she-cat with blue eyes, Mates with Lug Kits: Applekit - ginger tom, Snowkit - white she-kit,

Thistlekit - grey she-kit with darker stripes and blue eyes

Elders: Crystalfeather - white she-cat with blue eyes

Daisyfang - cream she-cat with green eyes

Hex - black she-cat

Jinx - black she-cat (littermate with Hex)

Eagle - brown tom with cream head

Frost - white she-cat

Binx - white tom with grey patches

Aries - white tom with large black patches (littermate with Binx)

Fluffball - small white fluffy she-cat

Chapter 1 Edit

Thistlekit laid in her nest hearing the other kits play outside "Thistlekit come play." Thistlekit heard her brother Applekit's whine "Fine!" Thistlekit hissed before leaving the den "Tag, your it!" Darkkit meowed running off "You little pile of fox-dung." Thistlekit spat before chasing the closest kit, she tagged Snowkit "Hey I didn't think I was playing." Snowkit sighed before chasing Applekit "Hey... We can leave camp." Thistlekit meowed pointing to a hole in the barrier with her tail "No way." Snowkit gasped "We'll be in so much trouble!" Snowkit finished "Im going whoever wants to come can." Thistlekit meowed before running toward the hole after she made it outside she noticed Applekit and Darkkit tagged alone "So I'm no alone after all." Thistlekit meowed before dashing off "Come catch me!" "Wait we'll get in trouble if we're found far from camp." Applekit squeled (unfinished)