• WillowClan
  • Nightwhisper (Warrior)
  • Morningsnow (Warrior)
  • Mudstar (Leader)
  • Littlepuddle (Deputy)
  • Appletooth (Elder)
  • Sandflare (Warrior)
  • Bramblestripe (Elder)
  • Lionfang (Warrior)
  • Lynxpaw/pelt (Apprentice/Warrior)
  • Tigerstorm (Warrior)
  • Swansky (Warrior)
  • Ashbreeze (Warrior)
  • Rippleshade (Warrior)
  • Cloudpetal (Med Cat)
  • Rosepaw (Apprentice) Mentor: Ashbreeze
  • Featherpaw (Apprentice) Mentor: Swansky
  • Wolfpaw (Apprentice) Mentor: Cloudpetal
  • Rowanshine (Warrior)
  • Honeybreeze (Warrior)
  • Nightfrost (Warrior)
  • Duskflight (Warrior)
  • Grayfoot (Warrior)
  • Dreamfeather (Warrior)
  • Birdsong (Warrior)
  • Lilypaw (Apprentice) Mentor: Birdsong
  • Yellowspirit (Warrior)
  • Snaketooth (Warrior)
  • Goldenheart (Warrior)
  • Reedpaw (Apprentice) Mentor: Goldenheart
  • PoisonClan
  • Arcticstar (Leader)
  • Winterfall (Deputy)
  • Quillfeather (Warrior)
  • Nofur (Med Cat)
  • Moleskin (Warrior)
  • RainClan
  • Graystar (Leader)
  • Hazelstream (Deputy)
  • Muddynight (Med Cat)
  • Duskfang (Warrior)

Prologue Edit

The black she-cat stared at the silver moon "How do we know this is what StarClan wants?" She meowed.

"Why would a Med lie about StarClan." The white she-cat behind her replied.

"But I can't do this... I wanted to grow old with my clan, and die a legend." The black cat sighed "If we do this you will die a legend." The white female sat next to the black one

"Nightwhisper, It's for the best." She meowed

"I know, Morningsnow." Nightwhisper replied solemnly.

Chapter 1 Edit

Nightwhisper PoV Edit

"Nightwhisper wake up! Mudstar said to tend the Elders." Littlepuddle, the deputy meowed his voice slightly annoyed.

"Huh... Uh... I'm up." Nightwhisper yawned. "Where's Morningsnow?" She meowed as she stretched

"She's already there." Littlepuddle replied, groomed his paws.

"Ok." She replied running to the Elder's Den

"Let me tell you the time PoisonClan ambushed us." Appletooth, one of the oldest elders meowed.

"No, that's ok." Morningsnow, another elder meowed. "Save them for the kits." Morningsnow replied

  • FalconClan
  • Hollowstar (Leader)
  • Leopardpool (Deputy)
  • Thintail (Med Cat)
  • Ligerstep (Warrior)

"What can I do?" Nightwhisper meowed "You can check Bramblestripe for ticks." Morningsnow meowed

"Ok." Nightwhisper started her task. It felt like forever till they finished the Elder's "How long could taking care of two Elders take." Nightwhisper sighed

"Apparently half a day... Let's wash our paws in the stream now." Morningsnow meowed "Good idea... Im not cleaning mouse-bile with my tongue." Nightwhisper replied, the two she-cat padded side by side the entire time, after washing their paws they padded back to camp.

"Where were you." Mudstar meowed "Washing mouse-bile off out paws." Nightwhisper meowed and Mudstar nodded. "Lynxpaw get your tail out here and check the fresh-kill pile for crowfood." Nightwhisper hissed

"Why is that darn cat always late."

"Im here!" Lynxpaw yelped, she should be a Warrior any day now "Finish your job." Nightwhisper sighed

"Oh... right." Lynxpaw meowed before checking the fresh-kill pile

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath Willow Branch for a clan meeting." Mudstar yowled

"I, Mudstar, leader of WillowClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn." Mudstar meowed

"Lynxpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?" Mudstar continued

"I do." Lynxpaw meowed

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Lynxpaw, from this moment you will be known as Lynxpelt. StarClan honors your cleverness and patience, and we welcome you as a full warrior of WillowClan." Mudstar finished

"Lynxpelt, Lynxpelt, Lynxpelt." The camp cheered

"She's finally a Warrior." Joy bubbled in Nightwhisper's chest.

Chapter 2 Edit

Morningsnow's PoV Edit

Lynxpelt had just became a Warrior, everyone was congratulating her. Morningsnow sat in the Warrior's Den she watched Lynxpelt keep vigil for a while before drifting to dreamless slumber. Morningsnow woke to Nightwhisper nudging her

"What." Morningsnow moaned "Lynxpelt's gone." She replied and Morningsnow bolted on her paws

"It's her vigil, she can't leave." Morningsnow tip-toed out the den Lynxpelt's scent was stale "I doubt she was here all night." Morningsnow sighed as the sun's rays were starting to be noticed

"What are you doing? Where's Lynxpelt?" Cloudpetal yawned "Uh... We sent her out." Morningsnow meowed sitting in Lynxpelt's spot

"Wolfpaw and I are collecting some herbs before the cold kills them." Cloudpetal meowed "Can one of you come?" She finished

"Uh..." Nightwhisper meowed glancing at Morningsnow "We both can come, one with you and one with Wolfpaw.

" Nightwhisper meowed again "Sure." The four cats padded out of camp Nightwhisper and Wolfpaw went toward The River and Cloudpetal and Morningsnow the Hunting Grounds "We need Borage Leaves, Catchweed and Coltsfoot." Cloudpetal meowed and described what they looked like

"Why did Nightwhisper suggest this, we're still not together." Morningsnow sighed as she searched bushes and hedges. They've search for awhile and was able to find all their herbs they also found Daisy Leaves and Dandelion. They met up with Wolfpaw and Nightwhisper they had Feverfew, Goatweed, Mallow Leaves and Ragwort Leaves "Ok, lets get to camp." Cloudpetal meowed. The four cats arrived at the camp

"Now... Where's Lynxpelt." Morningsnow scanned the camp, no sign of her

"Where in the name of StarClan is Lynxpelt." Mudstar spat "I haven't seen her all day... Her scent was stale too." Rippleshade a ginger she-cat with black patches meowed

"When she comes back..." Mudstar half hissed half sighed "Im here!" Lynxpelt's voice rang around camp, mud held her pelt against her muscular frame, her claws were unsheathed and she looked exhausted

"Where have you been." Mudstar hissed "Since, I was suppose to guard camp..." She started

"I heard a noise and investigated, It was a fox so I chased it out." She finished "How come your covered in mud then." Mudstar sniffed Lynxpelt

"As I was chasing it I ran over the edge of The River." She replied "If you say so." Mudstar sighed, he always had a soft spot for Lynxpelt.

Chapter 3 Edit

Nightwhisper's PoV Edit

Lynxpelt had came back to camp and said she left to chase a fox off

"It wouldn't take all night and half a day to chase a fox off... And there isn't any fox scent around camp." Nightwhisper wanted to believe her old apprentice but couldn't

"Littlepuddle, Rippleshade and Swansky... Can you lead a patrol on the FalconClan border?" Mudstar meowed "Yup."They all finished their prey they were eating and padded out camp Lynxpelt was napping in a pool of light next to dirt-tunnel

"Doesn't it stink." Nightwhisper purred

"Hi." Rosepaw meowed behind her "Rosepaw don't do that! You scared me half to StarClan." Nightwhisper sighed

"Oh, sorry." Rosepaw meowed looking at her paws "It's ok, it's a metaphore." Nightwhisper reassured her "Oh, ok." Rosepaw sighed in relief

"I wanted to know if you'll take me and my siblings to Mistic Pond." She asked "You, Featherpaw and Wolfpaw?' Nightwhisper double-checked

"Yea... Who else." Rosepaw teased "Just double-checking." Nightwhisper flicked Rosepaw with her tail "Let's go." The three apprentices ran for the Camp Entrance

"Wait... Where they come from... Do I really wanna know?" Nightwhisper sighed and followed.

Featherpaw and Wolfpaw were poking lilypads while Rosepaw was sniffing a bush

"Haven't you been here before..." Nightwhisper meowed, all three apprentices looked at her before exploring again the scent of toads and snakes so she decided to hunt, she stalked a snake and swiftly killed it, she lost sight of the apprentices and their scents were masked over by mud

"Rosepaw, Featherpaw and Wolfpaw where in StarClan's name are you three." Nightwhisper called... No response, she felt panicked, her pelt fluffed out as she searched for the apprentices

"How could I loose them.." She sighed, no sign of them, then when she thought they must of up and walked to the clouds she spotted paw prints by the size they were Featherpaw or Wolfpaw's, she followed them into RainClan territory

"What are you doing here... You understand your trespassing." Duskfang hissed "I understand, I have to find my clan's apprentices... Rosepaw, Featherpaw and Wolfpaw." Nightwhisper replied slightly sadden Duskfang nodded but insisted on coming with her, Nightwhisper knew this route... This was taking them to Moon-View

"Why are they going to Moon-View?" Duskfang meowed "I don't know... Ask them when we find them." Nightwhisper replied slightly annoyed

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