• Pack of Shadowed Wolves
  • Omen (Omega)
  • Alsis (Alpha)
  • Silver (Beta)
  • Heather (Delta #1)
  • Vince (Delta #2)
  • ??? (Healer)

Proluge Edit

The large alpha-wolf stood on the bloodstained boulder

"We will fight or die trying!" He howled as the large creatures with round black paws clashed into the trees, the alpha looked at his dark wolves "The Pack of Shadowed Wolves will live for generations and generations... These animals can't kill us." He howled he noticed his Beta gazing up at him

"You can stop ordering us around... We all know." He barked and waged his wounded tail "Knox..." Alpha scanned the fighting wolves for the snow colored creature "Yes... I thought..." Knox whined but was cut off

"We're all doing to die... Mind as well give you your name back." He rumbled to the she-wolf "R-really?" She barked cheerfully and Alpha nodded, he looked at his wolves and the Pack of Forgotten Wolves "We must stop! We have to face the large-pawed creatures!" His howl rang across the clearing and everyone froze to look at him

"He's right! Pack of Forgotten Wolves we must fight with them." Their Alpha ordered before both packs stood on the rocks next to Alpha gazing on the large-pawed creatures "Omegas must stay behind... To repopulate the pack if we don't make it." Alpha ordered 

before both packs charged off Knox and Cody (the other pack's Omega) stood on the rocks worried looks in their eyes and Knox's pelt looked silver while Cody's cream pelt looked gold

"This is the end..." He sighed

Chapter 1Edit

Omen laid on the frozen soil in the Omega's Den, If you could even call it a den, the icy wind ruffled his long thick fur as the patch started to wake, Heather... One of the Delta's... Walked past him and kicked dirt in his face

"Jee, thanks... I love getting dirt kicked in my face every morning." He sighed before stretching, He spotted Alpha's white fur next to Beta's silver fur "Omega, can you clean my den." Alpha barked, Omega nodded and walked out camp to collect moss, Healer should have some but I can't bother him for moss, it was hard to find moss in this snowy tundra. It felt like ages before he found enough moss for the Alpha's Den his black pelt covered in snow, it felt like ages before he found enough moss

"Heather lead a Hunting Patrol, I want caribou tonight." Alpha was barking, Omen asked permission before entering the den, it was warm tree branches and moss kept the heat in, he changed the moss and dumped the old moss in the Healer's Den "Just gonna run off." Healer barked

"I have to finish my work." Omen replied "At least stay." Healer asked "Fine... Can you tell me again how the pack came to be." Omen barked and Healer nodded

"Pack of Shadowed Wolves were fighting Pack of Forgotten Wolves were fighting

... The omegas Konx and Cody had to stay behind, no wolf made it out so the two left... They searched for a new home but decided to make their own, they stayed in our very camp." Healer started "Some pups left to make their own packs like the Pack of Graceful Wolves and Pack of Forgotten Wolves... Both packs were reborn and a new pack arose." Healer was looking in the distance as if he was remembering something "Well you should go finish your choirs." Healer barked nudging Omen outside

"What was thabbt about?" Omen sighed looking around the camp "What are you looking for." Vince barked "Something to do..." Omen replied "You can leave." Vince growled, he always wanted Omen out of the pack, once he framed him for eating out of turn luckily no evidence was found so no-one was punished "What are you staring at." Vince growled and Omen just walked into the Healer's Den "Healer I can stay any longer, I'm treated like buzzardfood... Im leaving." Omen barked

"Blue Horizon promised you'd be something great... I guess I can't control you... You were like a son to me." Healer sighed "Good-bye Healer." Omen licked his ear then left camp, it had stopped snowing this will be awhile till he was off the territory, it was large "This is the start of my new life." Omen wagged his tail, finally free.

Chapter 2 Edit

Omen's been traveling a entire Moon-wolf journey (month) he's currently on Pack of Forgotten Wolves territory, he's been eating their scraps for awhile now. Omen was walking close to Forgotten's camp, his ribcage was noticeable, his fur matted "What do you want... Coyote-dung." A dark grey she-wolf growled she had yellow eyes "Y-y-your... Dark furred." Omen almost jumped out of his fur "It's true... they're dark furred!" "Yeah and...?" She tilted her head "Crumble get your tail out here!" She sighed "Y-y-yes m-ma'am." A black wolf with white stripes walked up his muscles tense as his gaze rested on Omen "W-w-who a-a-re you?" He asked "Im Omen... The old omega of Pack of Shadowed Wolves." Omen wagged his tail weakly "Hello Omen, Im Vi." The grey she-wolf barked. (Vi is pronouced like... V-eye)
  • Pack of Forgotten Wolves
  • Night (Alpha)
  • Vi (Beta)
  • Kendhis (Delta #1)
  • Crumble (Delta #2)
  • Toby (Delta #3)
  • Kaze (Scrapper)
  • Nuki (Scrapper)
  • Kite (Scrapper)
  • Twister (Watch)
  • Noda (Watch)
  • Canyon (Watch)
  • Kuroi Yuki (Scrapper)
  • Dart (Scrapper)

The three wolves walked in the camp "Crumble! There you are." A brown wolf sighed "Where's Onyx?" He barked "H-h-hunting." Crumble replied "Sorry if this sounds rude... Why do you stutter?" Omen asked but Crumble remained silent "He won't let anyone know." Vi sighed "Noda!" Vi called, her call rang around the camp


"Yes?" He poked his head out a den "Where's Kendhis?" Noda tilted his head "Ask Kaze or Toby." He sighed "Toby...? That's a No-fang's name." Omen growled in his head "Before you ask... Toby was born with no-fangs but he joined us when he was a pup... For some reason he kept his name." Vi barked and Omen nodded "Zuki might also know... She saw him last." Noda barked before disapearing in the den again, a light brown she-wolf with a white underbelly and blue eyes walked by she had a torn ear "Nuki." Vi stopped her "Where's Toby?" Vi asked "Beats me... I saw him with you, asking for Onyx." Nuki replied before continuing to walk

"At this rate we'll never find him." Vi growled in frustration... Their camp was pretty big "I-I-Im b-back." Crumbled barked "Oh... He left?" Omen sighed I must be loosing it "Crumble find Kendhis and Toby please." Vi sighed and Crumble nodded "This is random but... Who's Beta and Delta." Omen barked Vi looked at him for a moment "Im Beta... Kendhis, Toby and Crumble are Delta." Vi finished "Wait... 3 delta's?" He tilted his head, Vi looked at him like he was crazy "Doesn't your old pack have..." Omen shook his head "Only 2." He replied.

Omen had got a tour of the camp and their Alpha gave him permission to join the pack if he wanted, of course he agreed but he needed to fight a Delta to join. "Toby! I finally found you." Omen heard Vi bark, he turned his blue gaze toward the two wolves "I couldn't find Onyx." He sighed in response "She came back to camp already." Vi replied, Onyx was a rock grey she-wolf with green eyes "Dante took her to the river though." Vi quickly replied "So many names." Omen sighed

Chapter 3 Edit

Omen's been with Pack of Forgotten Wolves for 2 moon-wolf journeys, he's got a good rank too. "Omen can you lead a hunting patrol?" Vi asked "Take... Kaze, Onyx, Dante and Toby please." Vi finished "Yes ma'am." Omen replied and gathered his patrol and padded out camp "The elk's are returning." Kaze informed Omen. The hunting party came back to camp with a baby elk "Great catch!" Kendhis praised "Why thank you." Toby grinned and Kendhis rolled his eyes "Alpha the prey is here." Vi informed the alpha, after Alpha ate everyone except Omega ate, when everyone had their fill Omega ate the scraps then Noda dragged the rest out of camp

"O-O-Omen... A-A-Alpha wants y-you." Crumble barked and Omen went to Alpha's den "Hello?" Omen called "Hello Omen... I have seen you have advance and I wanted to ask... Would you like to challange a higher ranker?" Alpha asked "Wait if Alpha asks me... Should I say..." Omen thought "Im good with the rank I have... It's way better than the rank I had with Shadow Wolves." Omen barked "I wonder what Healer's up to..." Alpha nodded and Omen left the den it was kinda raining, more like a light mist "Im gonna be the BEST Alpha ever!" Ichigo, a grey pup with a ginger patch on his head smiled "No I will!" Exwee barked he was a grey pup with a white underbelly and black paws an muzzle

"Calm down." Their mother sighed "Sorry mother... We're excited today we get our ranking." Exwee waged his tail "Where's your other brother?" Their mother sighed "Yoh? He's in the den." Ichigo barked.

"Let every wolf who has killed gather here beneath Flat-rock." Alpha howled, Omen walked up toward the rock and sat down "I have gathered you for these 3 pups... Yoh, Ichigo and Exwee..." Alpha started Vi sitting on a rock slightly lower and Kendhis, Crumble and Toby sat on the ground "They have grown their fangs and ready to be Trainee's." Alpha barked "Beta Vi, You shall mentor Exwee... Scrapper Omen, You shall mentor Yoh... Seeker Onyx you shall mentor Ichigo." Alpha barked the named wolves walked up to their new Trainee, Omen copied what the other two did, nip their Trainee on the ear "From Omega to a Scrapper WITH a Trainee."

Chapter 4 Edit

It's been two days since he got his Trainee "Can we PLEASE go train." Yoh sighed "Fine. We'll go with Toby." Omen sighed "Let's go!" Yoh pawed him as Omen got up "Toby!" Yoh howled and the brown/chestnut wolf popped his head out a den "Yes?" He yawned "Yoh wants to train... I don't know the territory well." Omen smiled awkwardly "Ok! I'll get Kendhis." Toby grinned.

The three wolves walked near a claw shaped tree "So Crumble's your brother?" Omen barked and Kendhis nodded "Do you... know why... he stutters?" Omen asked Kendhis shook his head "He won't tell me." He replied "Look! It's a fish!" Omen turned to see Toby yelping "Really! I wanna see!" Yoh yelped "I honestly think Toby's a pup still." Kendhis sighed and Omen nodded "Hey Kendhis, Hey Kendhis." Toby barked before Kendhis could say anything Toby through the fish at him "Aay... Tony!" Kendhis growled.

They arrived at camp "Well... That was intresting." Yoh wagged his tail "Go get some rest." Omen ordered and Yoh obeyed "Yuki!" Omen heard Toby's howl "Kuroi Yuki!" He howled again "S-s-she's h-h-hunting." Crumble sighed "I've been meaning to ask...What does Kuroi Yuki mean?" Omen tilted his head Toby and Crumble shrugged "Im back." Yuki barked with a rabbit in her jaws "What dos your name mean." Toby barked "My name? Kuroi Yuki means Black Snow." She replied "She was bred in Japan... She can't remember how she ended up here." Toby barked

"Tobi kima ga lkmasen hitsuyo ni tsutaemasu kare ni sore." Yuki sighed and everyone tilted their heads

"Toby you don't need to tell him that." She translated and everyone said "Ooh." And she giggled before walking away with her rabbit "She likes showing off her language." Kendhis barked before walking away

"Kumo! Soko's a kumo!" Kuroi Yuki bolted behind Omen "What?" He asked "Spider! There's a spider!" She repeated "You scared of..." "No! Im scared of the large furry ones!" She whined "I'll kill it." Toby barked and marched off "Kansha kima ga Tobi." Yuki was shaking still "Welcome." Toby grinned "I guess you I'll pick up on some of her language." Toby came back out with a large fuzzy spider in his jaws Kansha kima ga!" She smilled still slightly shaking "What does.." "Kansha means Thanks and kima ga means you." Yuki cut him off

"Can you teach me a sentence..." Omen barked slowly "Sure!" She cheered "What sentence?" Omen shrugged "Zencho watashi ika no yona kima ga to shite a yujin." She grinned "Translate now." He begged "Omen I love you as a friend." She smiled as she translated.

Chapter 5 Edit

Omen has learned some Japanese well... Only others names he practiced every morning "Dato means Dart, Tobi means Toby, Vi ni means Vi, Kyokoku means Canyon." He walked out the Scrapper's den "Yuki i've been training... Dato is Dart..." He started "Ika no mama ni watashi ni hitori de." She growled "Um... Do I have to quess...?" Omen tilted his head "T-T-That m-means... L-leave m-me a-alone." Crumble barked "Thanks Crumble." Omen barked as Crumble walked away "What's wrong?" Kuroi Yuki didn't respond she just walked away "Furaffu ofu." She growled again "Is she ok?" Omen slowly backed away

Black Shiba Inu

~Koun'na (Lucky)

"Toby!" He called and the brown walk trotted out "Yes?" He barked "Somethings wrong with Yuki... She's only speaking her language too." Omen barked slightly worried "When she's mad she only speaks japanese." Toby told him "Ikimasu hanarete!" Yuki growled "Let's go." Toby lead Omen out of camp "I hate it when she gets mad... It scares me." Toby barked "When she said furfyuloi or something.. what does that mean?" Omen barked and Toby shrugged "TASUKETE!" A howl was heard from in front of them "That sounds like Yuki's language..." The two wolves broke into a run toward the cry "TASUKETE!" The cry was heard again and they ran faster

They arrived at the cries hey saw a fluffy black dog with a white underbelly and brown stripes "Hello? Are you ok?" Toby asked "Tasukete." She begged "What does that mean." Omen tilted his head "Imu Koun'na." The dog barked "Onegaishimasu tasukete." She barked again Omen just noticed a log on her back legs "We have to help her." Omen's eyes widen, Toby an Omen pushed the log after what felt like forever it was off.

They led the dog to the camp Yuki was still in a bad mood but "Yuki we need help... She doesn't understand us." Toby begged "Fain." Yuki sighed "Hai imu Kuroi Yuki." Yuki barked and the dog's curled fluffy tail wagged "Imu Koun'na." She sat down "Her name is Lucky." Yuki sighed "Mai yujin Rairi arimasu fusoka shite imasu." Lucky barked "She said... My friend Riley is missing." Yuki sighed "Kuroi Yuki tasukete." Lucky begged "Watashi wa ishi." Yuki replied.

Chapter 6 Edit

Lucky has been with the pack for a Moon-wolf journey and she was named Omega she's learned bits of our language thanks to Kuroi Yuki "Hai Zencho." She wagged her tail "Hai Koun'na." He replied Omen had learned more Japanese thanks to Yuki and Koun "Wana teiku a arukimasu." She tilted her head "Um... Wana is wanna, arukimasu is walk.." Omen nodded the two walked side by side, she was smaller than him being a dog she told Yuki she wasn't full bred (full bred Inu's are ginger and white) "Dakara...." She barked "Dakara..." He barked "I heard Tobi suki Yuki." She said Omen tilted his head


~Rairi (Riley)

"I heard Toby... What?" He sighed "Gomen'nasai." She sighed "Rairi." She whispered.

Omen and Lucky arrived in camp "Where were you!" Dart growled he was faster then most wolves in the pack and he was smaller too, he was slightly taller than Lucky "She asked to go on a walk." Omen growled back "Fine..." Dart barked before walking off "Hai." Lucky barked as Kuroi Yuki walked into the clearing "Hi." She replied "Anata no tsugi no ressun." Yuki wagged her tail Omen heard this everyday he knew it meant You next lesson.

"M-m-me!" Lucky barked happily and Omen walked away, he walked out of camp and towards Claw-tree. When he arrived he saw a patch of snow? As he walk closer he notice the pile move so he jump forward "This isn't a pile of snow... It's a dog!" He let her up "Who are you and what are you doing." He growled "Im Riley an Albino husky... and Im not here to intrude." Her voice was full of courge but her eyes were filled with fear her tail was kinda like Lucky's but not as curled "Im Omen a Scrapper of Forgotten Wolves." He barked "I've been looking for my friends Koun'an." She sighed and his heart lifted "Follow me." He ordered

They arrived at camp "Rairi!" Lucky barked "Koun'an!" Riley barked back "Kawaii." Yuki smiled, the 3 got to know each other and "Riley will fight Crumble to join." Alpha howled "M-m-me?" Crumble sighed and Alpha nodded "The fight starts... now." Alpha ordered

The two canines stood in front of each other "S-s-sorry." Crumble sighed before leaping at Riley his fangs sinking into her neck "I'm not going down yet..." She batted his side with a paw then bit his tail, Crumble turned around and bit her muzzle two deep holes bled on her muzzle "I-I-I'm s-sorry!" Crumble barked and Riley nodded. They both panted blood splattered around camp and on pelts "Give up." Crumble growled "He didn't stutter!" Noda gasped as Riley leaped at Crumble again sunk her teeth in his throat "Uncle!" He yelped meaning he gave up.

Chapter 8 Edit

It's been a week since Riley beat Crumble, they didn't like each other much "H-h-hi st-st-street r-rat." Crumble would growl but Riley didn't take it as a insult. "St-st-street r-rat m-m-move over." Crumble growled "That's enough! You've been fighting for a week now... Your acting like pups." Alpha growled and both canines lowered their heads "Yes Alpha." Riley weakly wagged her tail "Y-y-yes A-Alpha." Crumble sighed

"Good... Next time I hear you fighting Im putting you in the Get-Along Cave." Alpha growled and Omen walked off "So much chaos as been going on lately." He sighed walking out of camp, he past Claw-tree and sat on Misty Rock he spotted a fox, he slowly snuck up on it then jumped on the brown creature "Get off!" The fox yelped "Oh... Wolf... Uh..." The fox slowly barked "What are you doing here?" Omen growled

Jasper reference sheet by mirzers


"I was looking for a pack..." The fox smiled "Oh no you don't... To many canines have been joining already." Omen growled "Then Im a cat." The fox smiled "Two-standers don't know if a fox is canine or catus." The fox sighed "Two-standers?" Omen tilted his head "Yea... The creatures with fur only on they're head sometimes face... They have prey-food teeth." The fox barked "Oh you mean No-fangs." Omen wagged his tail and the fox shrugged "Im Jasper." He smiled

"Omen." Omen replied 'Can you let me up so my terrified soul can come to ease?" Jasper weakly smiled "Oh..." Omen let the Jasper up and he shook a stick out of his brown fur "Wanna hang out?" Jasper tilted his head "I'll be in so much trouble if my pack found out..." Omen sighed "IF." Jasper smiled.

Omen rolled in coyote-dung then washed off in a slighlt frozen river before padding back to camp "Where were you." Vi growled "It was to chaotic..." Omen weakly smiled (Unfinished)