• Cherrytail
  • Sharpclaw
  • Frecklewish
  • Oakkit
  • Ravenkit
  • Branchleap
  • Leafstar
  • Yurei
  • Billystorm

Prologue Edit

A cry pierced through the storm heavy air of SkyClan camp. "Calm down Cherrytail..." A mottled light brown tabby sat next to the yowling tortoiseshell queen. A dark ginger tom paced near the opening of the cave, tail lashing. He finally sat, his broad shoulders hunched over. The yowling finally ended, replaced with mewls of joy. "Sharpclaw, a daughter and a son," the medicine cat beckoned him over with her tail.

He trailed over to his mate Cherrytail, and peered at the kits thoughtfully. Two small bundles wriggled near her, a ginger tom like himself, and oddly, a gray she-cat, who resembled neither of them. "Oakkit.." Cherrytail murmured, Frecklewish the medicine cat nodded silently. Sharpclaw nosed at the she-kit, who batted at his nose. She opened her brilliant gold eyes and stared at him. He drew his head back, eyes widening. "And you, little one, will be Ravenkit." Sharpclaw sat with his mate and new kits, pride sparkling in his green eyes.

Out of the Nursery Edit

SkyClan camp

"You're so slow Oakkit!" Ravenkit raced ahead of her brother, straight out of the nursery. Their mother, Cherrytail, watched them from the mouth of the nursery, forest-green eyes glinting in the dim dusk leaf-fall sun. She lay in front of the nursery, basking in the soft light, her tortoiseshell pelt warmed. The kits' father, Sharpclaw, watched from the river running through the gorge, muscles rippling under his dark ginger pelt as he groomed his fur. Ravenkit dashed towards their father, using his broad shoulders to grapple on top of him, out of reach from an agitated Oakkit.

Oakkit attempted to leap onto his father's shoulders, but slid off of his sleek fur. "Let me up!" he squeaked. Sharpclaw's eyes twinkled as his lifted his son by his scruff onto his broad shoulders, staggering a bit. The kits sat on their fathers hunched shoulders, watching the bustling camp excitedly. Branchleap, a senior warrior, padded up to Sharpclaw and started to speak about new hunting techniques. He paused, watching the kits shuffle around on his friend's shoulders. Ravenkit let out a squeak and leaped onto Branchleap, clinging onto his shoulders. Oakkit swiftly followed, grasping Branchleap's ruffled fur. The dark brown tabby chuckled and stomped around like a badger, the kits squealing in mock terror. He moved back towards the nursery, the kits clinging onto his scruffy pelt.

He crouched down, letting the kits slide off, but not without protest. He was attacked with flurries of, "We

want to keep playing!" and "Take us out of camp this time!" He chuckled and dipped his head to a drowsy Cherrytail, before padding back to Sharpclaw. Cherrytail nudged her hyper kits back into the nursery and curled into her nest. With a sweep of her tail, she pressed her kits against her. They soon settled down, inviting the darkness in, cushioning them in its dark folds. Sleep swept over them like a crashing wave, the soft patter of rain lulling them into a gentle sleep. Soft breaths puffed out of the cats, flanks twitching. Ravenkit's golden gaze sliced through the darkness, before, she too, was lulled to sleep by the warmth of her mother's fur and Oakkit's head resting on her flank.

Silent Night Edit

A bolt of lightning leapt through the sky, accompanied by an approving chorus of thunder. Ravenkit woke to wailing and hushed whispers. A Sharpclaw slipped through the cave opening, whispering to Cherrytail. Ravenkit perked her ears, catching a few hushed words. River... Overflow... Higher ground... Cherrytail nodded and beckoned to the two kits with her tail. "We are going on an..." Cherrytail paused, Sharpclaw finishing for her. "Adventure." He leaned forward and grabbed Ravenkit by her scruff. "Don't squirm, or I might drop you." Sharpclaw mumbled through the gray bundle of fur in his jaws. Ravenkit relaxed as Sharpclaw padded out into the stormy night. She spotted Branchleap coaxing Cherrytail out into the rain while holding Oakkit.

Sharpclaw padded towards the cliff of the gorge, onto one of the trails leading higher. Ravenkit glanced at the tortoiseshell queen behind Sharpclaw, Branchleap bringing up the rear. As they climbed higher, they passed a few cats moving steadily along the trail, they too going to the high caves. A flash of lightning bolted through the air, briefly illuminating the flooded gorge.

Sharpclaw slipped into the empty birthing cave, followed by Cherrytail and Branchleap with Oakkit. Branchleap dipped his head to the cats and slipped back out into the rain. Cherrytail swept the kits up towards a dip in the cave wall, lined with fresh moss and feathers. They all curled into the large nest, the kits tucked between Cherrytail's spine and Sharpclaw's belly. Sharpclaw rested his cheek against Cherrytail's back, looking down at the slumbering kits. His emerald gaze shot around the cave, before settling and closing, the calm of the storm settling around them like warm fur.

Sleep in PeaceEdit

"Ravenkit... Ravenkit.. Wake up.." Ravenkit slowly opened her eyes and yawned. She stood and stretched, tail swaying. She padded to the edge of the cave and peered down, the gorge full of small puddles of water, cats milling around. "Come back here," Cherrytail purred, sweeping her curious kit up in her tail. The queen covered Ravenkit's ears with gentle licks, holding the squirming kit firmly. She finally finished, Ravenkit leaping out of her paws. The gray kit tottered down the cliff trail, watching the other cats assess the damage. Cherrytail hooked her kit closer to her before she could jump away. "Where is Oakkit?" Ravenkit squeaked. The tortoiseshell queen pointed her tail towards the cliff-side, Oakkit bouncing around Sharpclaw's paws.

Suddenly a yowl pierced the heavy silence, "LANDSLIDE!" Cats scattered every which way, a blur of color. The kits stared at the crumbling gorge above them with wide eyes. Quick a a flash, Cherrytail snatched her kits up and ran, paws thudding against the damp ground. The queen skidded to a halt before she slammed into the rock wall. She looked back, to see her mate crushed under the sandy rocks that had once made up her home.