Rin was born in a dog meat farm in China, as a pup she was lucky to survive. Her mother had little milk to give, and disease spread at a alarming rate inside of the small wired cages. Through the harsh winters and the burning heat of summers she survived some how, all of her siblings died however. Rin wasn't a very emotional creature, she ate the rotten scraps she was given despite her despise for them. She ignored sadness or disgust or to long for freedom, she knew from her pup years she would die there. She wanted to change this of course, but she was in a locked wire cage outside with no way out. As she grew to a juvenile she was forced to bare many litters to provide meat for the humans that ran the dog farm, after her second litter she refused to name any of the pups. She didn't want to remember their deaths by a name, or waste another name. She began to refuse to mate, instead attacking all the males she was offered. Resulting in the deaths of a few, others injures were not cared for. So they died to anyways. She only had one use for the humans now, to be killed then served. As She was dragged out of her cage with tongs, she was hanged upside down in the slaughter house. She didn't struggle she waited. She recognized a face that was hanged next to her, in line. Her mother lay there weak and old, no longer able to bare pups. Rin stared into her mothers eyes, terrified. Her life was constant pain and abuse, she didn't know what happiness was. She never would know what happiness was, because someone was hungry. Rin seemed to experience hate so great that it burned through her soul, she waited. Staring at the man with the huge knife like hacket, he pinned the weak starved to death dog onto the table. This was a easy task for him as the dog was weak and barley able to move, a shiba inu she recognized. He lifted the hacket into the air and slammed into the dogs neck, the head detached from the dogs now completely limp body. Blood flew onto her upside down head. Her mother was next, hate burned through her body and she panted her body so eager to rip the flesh of these cruel humans. She looked away as she heard a final cry of agony from her mother, Rin was next. She was thrown onto the table, instead of laying and allowing the human to pin her. She got up on all four paws, she stared into the humans confused gaze. He grappled her by the neck, but she twisted slamming her jaw to wrap around his hand. She pulled and twisted her fangs into his flesh, drawing blood. The man screamed and attempted to strike her with the hacket, Rin was quick being a greyhound though she leaped off of the table, then throwing herself at the mans neck. She clamped her jaws around his flesh, hanging off of his neck the man tried to pull her off but that only tore his skin farther. She ended up mauling the man, his screams we're finally heard by another worker who ran into the room to see the sight. Rin bolted through the door, she had never ran before but it was a great feeling, she was free. She ran out of the farm grounds, taking shelter from a rain storm in a dumpster near by. She hunted, she was free and felt something new. Happiness, she traveled for years to find forest or any place away from the crowded cities. She found the pack of glistening hollows.

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