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Glossary Edit

Scrapper = Hunter

Seeker = Patrol Wolf

Hourglass = Watch Wolf

Trainee = Apprentice

Loudstick = Gun

No-fang = Human/Person

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Proluge Edit

Arairu ran around camo with her brothers Burakku and Zencho "You'll never catch me!" She barked and ran faster "S-slow down!" Zencho panted, Arairu looked back Burakku was tail-lengths away while Zencho was slowly falling farther behind "Fine." Arairu stopped a flash of black and blue went by "Burakku!" She yelped and he stopped "Sorry... Didn't hear you." He sighed as Zencho caught up "I heared something... Let's get back to the caves." Zencho whined Arairu looked at him fear clouded his blue eyes "Fine." She sighed. They arrived at the caves before stepping in Arairu heard the noise... A loudstick.

Chapter 1 Edit

Arairu laid in the Scrapper den eyes half close "Wake up!" Kukki yelped "What." Arairu sighed, Kukki was bouncing "She's a pup at heart." Arairu sat up "Can you take out the Morning Hunt?" Kukki asked calming down slightly "Sure." Arairu wagged her tail "Who do I bring?" "You decide." Arairu nodded and walked out the den "Zencho, Shika, Daku and Ai." Arairu barked and the four wolves came running "We're hunting." She barked and the walked out camp

They arrived in the Elk Grounds, the scents fresh "Ai go up there and make sure no coyotes or bears are near." Arairu ordered and the she-wolf rushed up a hill, Ai nodded and the hunting patrol moved forward.

Arairu ran toward the caves "We took down the bull elk." She barked "We'll come." Alpha replied and the entire camp except Hourglasses left camp as tradition Alpha ate, the Beta, the Deltas and so on.

The wolves arrived at camp and Hourglasses left to eat "You got an amazing catch." Kukki praised "Thanks Kukki." Arairu wagged her tail "Now what...?" Kukki tilted her head "We don't always have to do something." Arairu sighed and she padded away "Hi Arairu." Zencho barked Arairu only nodded "Are you mad at me?" He asked "No! And if I was you would know." Arairu "Wanna go check out the frozen lake?" Her brother barked and she agreed.

Chapter 2 Edit

Arairu chased the deer is was slightly faster but it grew tired "Just... alittle... more." Arairu panted forcing herself to go faster she finally got close enough, she sunk her fangs in its back leg the deer crashed into the ground before she could take a bite she heard a distant whisper "Wake up." Arairu jumped to her paws just a dream.

"Arairu no... Wakey wakey." Kukkie whispered "Five more minutes." Arairu sighed "Neva!" Kukkie gasped "Don't make me speak Japanese." Kukkie sighed "Ok Im awake." Arairu sat up