Riverkits's life Edit

" mom can I go and play out of the nursery ?" Purred a small blueish grey kit named riverkit . " Fine but don't go outside of the camp !" Warned his mother , spotted fur , as she groomed her lovely pale white pelt . Riverkit raced out the nursery and into the warriors  , she was so happy because her mother almost never let her out of the kits den . " hi darkpelt , snowclaw , crowpelt , and whitepelt " she purred with joy . " hey little one why so happy ? " darkpelt smiled and hugged riverkit . " I missed you guys ". " well you shouldn't be here ! Go away before wispstar sees you , river kit ! " growled snow claw with hate . " come on snow claw , she's just a little kit " meow darkpelt as her blue eyes shined ." WELL I DON'T like nosey kits " growled snow claw back to darkpelt unshesting her claws at darkpelt . "  I better leave , I don't want to cause a fight " riverkit paded away to hug her mother but she stopped riverkit to tell her something . " river kit to tell you something I'm not your real mother " she said then riverkit ran outside of the camp and since shadow clan was near riverclan one of the cats trapped riverkit and clawed her neck deep .  " RIVERKIT ! " yelled darkpelt as she followed her and saw what the cat had done . The Tom and darkpelt both fought hard but the hecat failed to get the kit . " is that yo..." riverkit tried to talk but she was too weak as she layed on the floor . " I'm so sorry riverkit, I should have known better " darkpelt put riverkit on her back and went back to riverclan's camp . " will riverkit  live " she meowed worried to the medic cat , silverclaw   , as she nodded . Wispstar came in unhappy and growled " you didn't even save your kit from the enemy SO you are a USELESS cat FOR THE CLAN ! " darkpelt looked at wispstar then to her kit and nodded . She left right away not to agure with someone that she can't defeat . 1 day later riverkit was feeling a lot better but still too weak to leave the medical den . " where's darkpelt ? " riverkit looked around then to silver claw . " she was banned from the clan unable to being you back safe . " silverclaw answered riverkit . " But she fought hard with a shadow clan tomcat she can't leave ! " riverkit complained with a meow . Wispstar heard what riverkit said and sent all the warriors but snowclaw to find darkpelt . Crowpelt sneaked near shadow clan's camp . " well well darkpelt may join under a rule : leave your kit in riverclan " said tigerstar . Darkpelt nodded sadly knowing that she will miss her kit . Crowpelt hearing this , ran to wispstar and told him what she heard . " if she willing to leave us for the enemy , she will never come back but if she does we will end her ! " respond wispstar . 4 weeks had passed since darkpelt left and riverkit was already recovered from her wounds . Ugh it's not fair that darkpelt had to leave , I'm going to find her thought riverkit as she sneaked out of camp again . " darkpelt ?! " she yowled calling her , she got into shadow camp without being seen for now . " darkpelt and eagles go hunting " ordered tigerstar in the warriors den . " I smell a riverclan cat near " growled eaglefur to darkpelt as she nodded back . Riverkit ran as fast as she could but eaglefur  catched her . " hey darkpelt isn't this kit yours ? " eaglefur meowed to her as she looked . " yes , riverkit ? " 

" I'm sorry mom , I just... " riverkit broke into tears . " aww there there little one " eaglefur standed up and smilled at her . " riverkit you should be in rivercamp before anyone else finds you " darkpelt meowed kinda showing that she missed her too . " I wish I could come back but... " " you can't , wispstar going to end you " riverkit stops darkpelt . " oh no some rivercats are coming near looking for riverkit " eaglefur warns them . " DARKPELT ?! RIVERKIT ! " hissed wispstar Mad . wispstar claws darkpelt pining her down making a yowl . "  mother ! Wispstar stop ! " riverkit growls . Eaglefur pull and threw wispstar to a tree. Wispstar left but also leaving deep wounds on darkpelt . Eaglefur takes riverkit and darkpelt to shadow camp  . " who is this kit and what happened ? " growls tigerstar . " we were attacked by wispstar from riverclan and this kit saved us . " eaglefur response to tigerstar . " take darkpelt to the medic , I'm fed up with Riverclan already but this kit can stay " tigerstar says as claws riverkit softly making her part of the clan . A moon later of the fight... RIverkit was made into an warrior apprentice . " your mentor shell be nightshade ." Tigerstar meowed as he made the meeting over, everyone padded to their dens . Riverpaw stared at his mentor as nightshade whispered something to the deputy, willowbreeze. Nightshade was a big dark Tom with scars all over him , never a fan of kits or apprentices ,he didn't seem so happy anyways . " at least I can learn how to be firece like a warrior " Riverpaw thought as she padded to the apprentice den and saw 6 other apprentices darkpaw,shadepaw, sunpaw, mistpaw, frozenpaw, and the ruddest of all... bloodpaw . " hi-hi? I-I riv-erpaw Riverpaw. " she said as fear flow from her pelt . " hi!" Everyone smiled but bloodpaw . " uh, hi mousebrain . "Growled blood paw bored . Sunpaw stepped on bloodpaw and murmured. " ok ok! " bloodpaw hissed and hid as being a dark grayish red pelted cat . 

darkpelt's death ==Edit

bloodpaw and frozenpaw were half mates half friends since they couldn't be mates yet both had 6 weeks of training yet . " sun-sunpaw , can you keep something for me without telling ANYONE else ???" mistpaw whispered in sunpaw ear as low as he could both looking at the wall . " of course, that's what buddies do!" sunpaw purred happily, they been friends longer then they could remember! " I like riverpaw..." " WHAT! riverpaw, that-that " mistpaw nodded as sadness flowed into her eyes , darkpelt would never let him be mates with riverpaw anyways . tigerstar yowled the loudest yet for all cats meet under the highrock, expect kits of course . " today we going to war... with one of our allies which joined forces with riverclan! all kits and queens must stay and everyone go! " he said clearly as after the meeting everyone got ready . at the war, blood got everywhere even on their pelts . yowling,hissing,growling, every noise thinkable was happening all at once. bloodpaw claws digged into spottedfur neck almost though her windpipe but they wont long enough . tigerstar pelt was red as blood of many cats got on it . half an hour have passed, before riverclan and the ally known as windclan had 60 cats and now down to 28 cats! shadowclan was left with 20 cats by now, just then the loudest yowled was heard, everyone stopped all at once. no one knew who clan's cat did that until a small clearing was opened between the cats . darkpelt lay there covered in his and many cats blood along riverpaw tears. her heart felt like a a house without a roof or walls, as riverpaw lay her head on darkpelt neck everyone stared for the longest time in a war . "im sorry riverpaw that I failed you was a mom and as a friend ." darkpelt heart stopped meaning she died, wispstar smiled looking more joyful then in moons . mistpaw stepped infornt of the other cats and patted riverpaw " riverpaw look, I know its a hard time for you now, c'mon . " he meowed knowing how sad she was . the leader of windclan, okiamistar , stepped up after mistpaw talked . " this remind me of the times and moons that I was a kit just long ago . " she said with a fierce voice . snowclaw , warrior of riverclan , looked up then to okiamistar . " we all have hard times when we have to give up our loved things or lost them , water is meant to kill some of us as it does with snow . " snowclaw meowed then stared at starclan again siting near the other warrior and cats of the clans . everyone stared at snowclaw even riverpaw , tigerstar growling knowing which cat snowclaw meant . " it wasn't water but me!" he growled sheashing his claws . All the leaders hissed and growled setting a fight as the wind rushed though their pelts . It seemed like only seconds but the war started even more blood-er. The war seemed darker then before , like a nightmare that anyone could have . If starclan let them they could do it or all blood war like moons before when their were no rules to live by .