Based On Warriors

"Only Foolish Get Lost In Woods Like Those, Kip."

Book One: Lost

Book Two: Roamer

Book Three: Disappear

Book Four: Astray

Book Five: Drifted

Book Six: Forgotten

Lost - By Taykaei

Cover Art by Taykaei


The Lost

Sovereign: Bracken-slim brown flecked dog with deep green eyes - German Shepherd

Warmaster: Froth-pure gray coated she-dog with blazing amber eyes - Great Pyrenees

'Keeper: Azule'-slender light yellow she-dog with light blue eyes - Great Dane

Healer: Flinch-large tan and white slender dog with yellow eyes - Neapolitan Mastiff

Healer Trainee: Aciu-frail slender light yellow dog with dark blue eyes - Scottish Deerhound

'Warstands: Raso'-light gray and white dog with blazing yellow eyes - Dogue De Borderoux

Vae-large black she-dog with white features and sooty-gray eyes - Newfoundland

Fighters: Coyote-slim russet and black dog with tan flecks and gray eyes - English Mastiff

Snag-slim gray and black she-dog with camo-green eyes - Scottish Deerhound

Wound-long-furred russet and white tom with light features and soft amber eyes - Great Pyrenees

Wood-slender and tall dog with brown fur, and darker fur patterns, with light green eyes - Newfoundland

Trainees: Rascua-thin brown and tan she-dog with neutral yellow eyes - Saint Bernard

Rain-sleek black with blue tint dog with light blue eyes - Leonberger

Kip Ran- slender dog with brown, white, and gray colors, with misty gray-blue eyes - Saint Bernard

'Youth: //-//

'Caretakers: Alva'-slender gray and white she-dog with blazign amber eyes - Akita

Salea- lightweight slender black, brown, and white she-dog with crystal blue eyes - Beauceron

Old: //-//



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