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Well, Shadowstrike's story has its up's and downs.

Once on a sunny day of summer, tigerstar and wolfpelt became parents of 3 kits. One, a big tuxedo tom, second, a small shecat, third, a jet black shecat. Once they started there traning, they recived there names from there leader . the apprentices carried on there duties training for 2 moons. The last moon of there traning, shadowpaw snapped, and killed his father tigerstar, they forced me and my sisters to leave the clan. we were only loners for a short ammount of time, We quickly found skyclan and joined at warriors, are names were, Shadowstrike, darkpelt, and pebblepelt. Skyclan became very fond of us, about 3 moons later i became a seinor warrior. after a while my sisters did too, but when Branchstar made a new idea, he assined me as the 2nd leader. I had alot of friends by then, yurei, pebble, dark, foxeye, and shadowheart. Somthing happend though, and i just snapped, stressing out everyone, scaring them, and just going crazy, this led to me quitting and within 30 minutes pebblepelt my deputy, took my spot and became leader, i goined again shortly after that, becoming deputy straight away. Pebble obviously getting demoted to a warrior. That was the last roleplay of Skyclan before it became disbanned. This led me to becoming stressed and taking it out on my mate, yurei. After this we broke up, taking out own paths, everyone did. I didnt overthink anything, and joined thunderclan with my friends who lead it, aspenstar along with the other leaders. sure it took forever to be noticed, but it pulled off after getting my apprentice, Ashpaw. This is were everything became better, i was noticed, lead attacks, and lead hunting patrols often, Aspenstar got demoted with a bunch of other leaders though. This was a hard time, but we got over it easily. Then things got worse, my ex, yurei started accusing me of harassing her. I never did, so it was weird, but she got alot of my freinds to turn on me. This brings us to when i got my 2nd apprentice, Brairpaw. She caught on fast becoming a warrior. then everything got so much better, my close friend aspen ( blaze now ) and asked he to be my mate, were close now. and then lionstar admitted that i'd become her deputy. me and pebble barely talk, and i havent heard from darkpelt, lately but i'll get through it!