"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."


Wednesday, August 12th, 2015. 6 months, 26 weeks, 184 days. I can't believe this Pack was created that long ago. Little did I know that this Pack would grow so substantially. It all started on that one certain Wednesday. The Pack was merely an idea I had. It was only expected to be a few day role-play. I assumed it would be totally forgotten in roughly two weeks. I started this Pack with my closest friend at the time, Blueluvr. She was totally for the idea, and she was the one who sparked my interest in wolves and role-play originally. We made this un-named Pack, and we gathered a few buddies to join us. At first, we only had about 6 or 7 people with us, so we went to Sarepia Forest in Aldan to gather some eager people. Turns out my friends were good at advertisement, for we managed to get about 15 people. So, we had a Pack. We had wolves. We had a territory, and two leaders. But we had no name. How did I come up with Shadowed Paws? To be completely honest, I have no idea. I assume it was just an idea I had. I can't remember, 6 months later. I guess the name was catchy, for my little "Pack" was gaining some popularity. We were gaining more and more members like wildfire, and Alpha responsibility was piling up higher than you can say "Dusk". There were only two leaders, Alpha and Beta, so I needed more help. Thus, the ranks "Alpha Female" and "Backup Beta" were born.

After these two ranks were made, a lot changed in the time line of "Pack History". Drama started flooding into the Pack like crazy. Some familiar names joined, like Melody, Sweet, or Mystica. Each new wolf brought along a new dramatic story for everyone to deal with. It was getting hard to deal with as the Pack continued to grow rapidly, and I wasn't used to having something entirely relying on me. I think at one point, the Pack took a turn forwards that basically changed us forever. The event that took the name of The Grand Pack Division, even though it wasn't all that grand. This was the one day where a huge disagreement broke out over the fate of a murderous wolf. Half the Pack disagreed with my idea of exile, and wanted her to stay due to her popularity among the Pack. They went against me, wanting me to step down from the position of Alpha. I denied, of course, so they all immediately left the Pack. It was devastating. My creation that I was working hard to keep alive was falling apart. However, those who stayed loyal managed to convince me to keep the Pack alive, and we changed our name to The Pack of Forgotten Pasts, to resemble everything that got us to where we were.

I assume the new name didn't stick, for about 2 weeks after we changed it, we reverted back to The Pack of Shadowed Paws. We spent the majority of the next month working on recruitment and rising our numbers back up. Around this time is when a certain wolf joined. You may know her now as Ryka, but back then she went by Fang. Fang was quite an important part of the Pack. She helped immensely in growing the Pack and keeping us stable. She also introduced the next most important phase of the Pack to us. Animal Jam Clans Wiki. For me, I had personally never heard of this website. But Fang created us a page here. It was small, and not very good, design wise, but it was a start. Luckily enough, I was a striving artist (and still am), so I was pretty talented in website graphic design. I spent the next few days learning how to work the website and improve our little Wiki. We slowly added pictures, media, information, members. Everything we needed. As we continued to grow, we introduced our members to this site, and convinced them to make accounts and stay posted on the Wiki. Some of them brought edits and ideas to the table, and the Wiki was expanding and becoming better every day. I guess the last and most recent turn in direction for us was when we appeared on the suggested groups lists.


We started off being suggested second, right behind another Pack. However, roughly a month later, we hopped up to the top. This helped us gain tons of members, meaning we had to open Wiki recruitment. We formed alliances, some rivals, and our member level was fluctuating every day. We were slowly becoming popular, and it was a huge rush. Our Pack became more known across AJCW, and word of us was spreading fast. We were staying at number 1, and we weren't leaving anytime soon. Eventually, it was brought to my attention that we were OFFICIALLY number 1 on the Wiki. We were ranked the most visited page! It was unbelievable to imagine how far and fast we had grown.

So 6 months passed. 6 months of mere insanity drama wise, friendships, loyalties, and happiness. Now looking back at us, I really am proud. We are still the most popular page. 52 wolves. 13 allies. Close recruitment due to all the wolves wanting to join. 4 subpages. Highest suggested page. And I'm on the top of it all. I honestly am so thankful for everyone who helped in making this Pack a reality. All the Officials who tried to keep us alive? A huge thanks to them, wherever they may be right now. The people who stayed loyal to us for so long? A thanks goes to them. People who defended this Pack through everything? I adore those guys. And for those people who can consider themselves as a Shadowed Paw right now, thank you for taking interest in this Pack and helping keep us alive. No matter what happened, you guys were always there to help. In real life drama, Pack drama, your loyalty never faltered. It's thanks to all these people that The Pack of Shadowed Paws is where it is. No matter if you left, were exiled, caused trouble, or are still with us, you helped in making us a success. I was only the idea. You were the creation, and you will be the end.

Thanks for everything.

-Dusk, Alpha Male of The Pack of Shadowed Paws-