Shadowstar's Message Edit

Made by: PoisonedSkulls, otherwise known as Aquila. Edit

Prologue- Edit

Shadowstar panted, running. "I have to get that message!" He muttered. Obviously he was getting chased. He didn't know who was chasing him, however. His lungs burned. "This is my last life. I have to use it on Gingerflame!" Shadowstar thought. The paw steps behind him stopped. "Huh?" Shadowstar heaved out a breath. He stopped and turned around. No one was there, only his own paw prints in the snow. Shadowstar heard a soft meow sounding from his other side. "Shadowstar!" Shadowstar recognized it. "Gingerflame?" Shadowstar meowed, his eyes widening. "Yes. I've come back for you. I miss you." The soft sound spoke again. No! I have to tell the message! Shadowstar thought gingerly. "Gingerflame.." He started, turning to face her, "Snow and Sun will collide. Blood and ice will be shed. No cat is prepared for the Scorch Snow plague."

Chapter 1- Edit

Graykit stretched his miniature limbs. "Paaaleeekitttt, Giinggerrrkiitttt." He moaned in a joking tone. "Whaattt Grayyyykittt?" The two female kits moaned as well, chuckling. "Leeettts goo exploreeee!" Graykit moaned before leaping out of his nest. He nudged Palekit and Gingerkit to their paws."Let's go come on!" Graykit meowed.The three kits bounced happily out of the nursery.They walked up to Finchfur. "Finchfur, can we go out of camp? Just for a moment?" Palekit asked. Finchfur shook her head. "You three are kits! You shouldn't be bouncing around out of camp!" She said, grooming Gingerkit's pelt. "Awwww!" The three kits whined, Gingerkit shoving away from her mother's tongue. Graykit whispered something into Gingerkit's ear. Gingerkit did the same thing to Palekit, and they dashed out of the camp entrance. "How about we go to the river, stand at the edge and feel the breeze?" Gingerkit suggested. Graykit had an uncertain gleam in his eyes, but meowed reluctantly, "Sure." The kits padded to the river. "Are you sure this is the river? It looks like the gorge.." Graykit asked Gingerkit. "I'm pretty sure it's the river." Gingerkit meowed, puffing out her chest. "Let's go to the edge then!" Palekit said. "Woah, look! There's a Twoleg place on the other side!!" Graykit yowled, flattening his ears as the echo rang. Palekit looked down. "They put so much black water inside the water. How? With their monsters?" Gingerkit shrugged. "Who knows?" Graykit shuffled his paws. "These rocks are slippery." Gingerkit rolled her eyes. "You're just being a baby. They're fine." The rock started to crumble under Graykit's paws. He didn't realize. It snapped vigorously underneath him. "Ah! Hel---" Graykit's voice faded away as he fell into the gorge. He landed in a thick patch of black water. It filled his lungs. He flailed his paws, but to no avail. Nothing he tried worked. He couldn't breathe. He traveled down the river.. Down.. Down.. Land! Graykit lay, limp, at the patch of land next to the gorge. Palekit, Gingerkit, and Finchfur scrambled at the edge. Finchfur grabbed Graykit's fur and brought him back into camp. "I told you not to go out! You don't listen!" Finchfur hissed and scowled at Gingerkit and Palekit. Graykit's paws trailed against the turf until they arrived. "Where's Mossflight?" Gingerkit asked Finchfur. "Come and you'll see." They bounded into Mossflight's den. "What happened? Who is that?" Mossflight asked. She couldn't determine who Graykit was, due to his black water soaked fur.

~I hope you enjoy so far, I will finish it when I get a chance!~