Chapter 1 :: AwakenEdit

"Wake up Darkkit,"

"Are you sure they are not dead?" 

"Yes, I am sure"

" ... Wake up Darkkit" 

The room was filled with bright colours as Darkkit opened their eyes slowly.

"YAY! DARKKIT IS AWAKE!" A loud screech from one of the kits was bouncing near Darkkit's soft fur.

Darkkit yawned and smiled at the other cats who looked like giants from their view.

"Whisperfang, thank you for bringing my kit to life" One of them said to the other cat who was a shaggy grey cat with green eyes.

"No problem Bluefeather, happy to help another cat whenever I could" Whisperfang replied back licking their paw afterwards, looking down at Darkkit.

"You okay little one?"

Darkkit blinked and then nodded at the old cat.

Who are these cats?'

"I-I-I am fine" Darkkit stuttered, still confused about these cats.

"DARKKIT WANT TO PLAY A GAME OUTSIDE???" A yellow kit shouted in Darkkit's ear which scared him.

'Do you mind?' Darkkit growled, but didn't say anything to the kit.

"CREAMKIT!" A voice, louder than Creamkit's words screamed at him.

"Stop bothering that kit!"

Creamkit sighed, and sat down in front of Darkkit.

"I am Creamkit, son of Quailfoot the Deputy of this Clan" He said. "My mother over there is Whitewood, she can be a bit of a grumpy-grump sometimes but is very nice only to her clanmates and of course -- Quailfoot"

In the back of the den, Whitewood was sharing tongues with Quailfoot who came in to check on them.

"Want me to give you an exclusive tour of the Clan?" Creamkit bounced up and down.

"Ehm.. Sure" Darkkit mumbled as they headed out of the Queen's den.

Creamkit sniffed the air while Darkkit smiled as the sun grew brighter every time he blinked.

"Wow!" Darkkit mewed. "This is amazing!" 

"Oh this is just the start of the amazingness, you still haven't seen the Elder's den or the Medicine cat den yet"

Chapter 2 :: There's no getting out.Edit

Creamkit paused as he saw some of the Elder's go past him, and then Whisperfang followed as well.

"What's going on?" Darkkit looked at Creamkit in worry, as Whitewood picked up Creamkit and followed the rest of the cats.

"C-C-Creamkit?" He squeaked in fear. "HEY!"

Bluefeather picked him up as well and headed towards a large group of cats, with Whitewood and Creamkit beside them as well.

They finally both dropped the two kits and sat down, some of the Elders looked as if they were in shock and yowled.

"Huh? What happened?" Creamkit asked Whitewood quietly.

"I do not know, but whatever involves Quailfoot involves me" Whitewood replied back in a softer tone, but more serious.

A large cat suddenly appeared on the highrock above them, and meowed very loudly to quiet down the rest of the clan.

"Ooh! thats my father!" Creamkit mewed quietly looking up at Quailfoot, who had the same shining green eyes like his father.

"Attention Mallowclan," He said. "I have called you over here for some really bad news, of which our great leader Fawnstar ..."

'..Leader? .. Fawnstar?' Darkkit stared, for which he still didn't know what a leader was.

"H-H-has ... Gone to Starclan.." He continued, with sorrow in his voice and many cats gasped in fear and sadness.


"How did this happen?" Whisperfang spoke slowly.

"A Dog attacked us last night, while the rest of the Clan was sleeping .. It tried to attack the kits, and then Fawnstar pounced on the dog .... which made it go crazy and it turned over and they couldn't get a proper grip of the thing..." Quailfoot's eyes filled with water and their body shivered.

"Its way too violent even for the Elder's to hear ..."

"Quailfoot," Whisperfang blinked "You need to tell us"

Quailfoot looked at all the cats, this was his only chance to tell them and if he messed it up then there would be no going back.

"... Wait, but who is going to be the new leader?" One of the Elders joined in, with more cats meowing and chatting.

Darkkit looked at Bluefeather with confusion.

"Whats going on?" He asked. "I don't understand anything they are saying!"

"Hush now dear, this is important" Bluefeather covered his mouth with her fluffy tail.

Quailfoot jumped off the rock and walked over to Bluefeather quickly after while the cats were still meowing.

"Who is t'is little one?" He spoke calmly.

Darkkit blinked in confusion 'Why hasn't he noticed me at all! Has Whitewood even told him about ME?'

Bluefeather licked Darkkit's forehead while he just gave her an angry look.

"This is my son, Darkkit" She said "He is quite new to this Clan, and has already made friends with Creamkit"

"Ah, I see now"

Quailfoot's tail brushed against Darkkit's face as he turned around to go see his Mate instead, which left Darkkit feeling confused and embarresed.

"Hey, I was just thinking Darkkit" Bluefeather whispered. "How about we go see ye' father, Huh?"

Darkkit shrugged, and blinked quickly.

"Okay," He smiled, as they headed off and jumped into a bush on their way.

Chapter 3 :: Empty wallsEdit

30 Minutes later, they were still walking through the forest.

"... Are we nearly there?" Darkkit mewled.

"Nope, but close though"

Darkkit sighed, as his tiny little paws still couldn't keep on going and were getting sore from all the walking.

"Can we PLEEEASE have a break?"

"We can't I am sorry, its the only way on how to get to him"

"PLLLLEEEEEASE!!!!" He screeched.

Bluefeather suddenly stopped, which made Darkkit bump into her tail.


She sniffed the air, and her ears flicked and she suddenly turned around.

Darkkit looked around "Ma...?"

Bluefeather had a worried expression, until she heard rustling in the bushes behind them.

Pairs of multicoloured eyes blinked inside the bushes, and 3 shadows jumped out -- with one landing on Darkkit.

"HEY! Get off my kit!" Bluefeather looked at the shadow, and it hissed at her until another cat hissed at them back.

Bluefeather suddenly realised something, and she walked closer to the shadow as they went into the light.

"Cinder .... Tail?" Tears started filling up her eyes, as Cindertail smiled.

"To these guys I am called Cinder"

Darkkit was confused, was this his father? He had the same coloured pelt and eyes as him, but this cat smelled weird ... as if he didn't belong here in the forest.

"Darkkit," Bluefeather inhaled deeply "This is your father, Cinder"


Cinder bounced along to him, and sat in front of him.

"Hello kit," His tail touched Darkkit's paws.

Darkkit muttered about the strange smell coming from him.

"Oh, don't worry about him Cinder .. he doesn't know about 'Collar-pets' yet, or has ever met one before until now" 

Cinder's ear flicked, and the rest of the cats in the bushes walked to the cats as well.