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I still remember it... Something that haunts me the most... None know about it. And I don't understand it, myself. Maplefall never told me what is was. Maybe... I was in another body, another life... I don't know what it is... But I think, that it'll stay with me, until I join the ranks of StarClan.

It started happening when I was 3 moons old. It was leaffall at ThunderClan camp. Patrols were sent out usually, cats were spreading juicy gossip, and there was that one troublemaker as usual. I had padded to the river and stared into it. My mind went blank faster than you could say 'mouse'. I had a "memory" about a white and black former medicine cat falling helplessly in the fast-flowing river in a swift current. I thought I had background screeches and cries of pain for the loss of their retired medicine cat. I was surprised, really. The cat had died before she was born. I had guessed I had a good memory, is what I concluded. I decided to play with one of my kithood friends, Dustkit.

Unusually, I could heal cats. "I have a good memory." I had always told the medicine cats. Some seemed surprised at my knowledge, and some just decided that I was one of those kits who DESPERATLEY wanted to be a medicine cat apprentice. But my ambition was to be the greatest warrior I could be. Train apprentices well and have a wonderful, long and experienced life.

When I became 9 moons, all these... thoughts kept on coming repeatedly. Mostly in dreams and when I stare in water. I decided to have a little chat with Mummy Maple.

I was shocked at the discovery that I was once Snowfall. Another life. StarClan had decided to make Snowfall reborn. Her true destiny was to become a warrior, NOT a medicine cat.

StarClan was right to make Snowfall reborn.

It's strange, really. When I still look into the water, Snowfall stares straight at me.

I lived another life,

But there's more to experience.