Stagpaw's Leap

Find out how Stagpaw lost his leg, was brought to PebbleClan, and many more secrets you might not have known.

Stagpaw Cinnibean


"Alpha, when X'ato and his patrol returned from their exploring of the new territory we are going to claim. They smelled cat, and not just one an entire pack." A dark brown dog barked to his leader. "All that means is will get a good feast when we get there." Returned the Alpha in a gruff voice. "We'll set off tommarow mid-day and kill them all. Then we feast!" He howled as he walked out of the den, to let all of his pack to hear. A long line of howls followed, "We will feast!" Into the night air.

Chapter 1

Stagkit jolted away, perking his ears a loud sound of many voices came through the night and slowly ended. He was lying beside his mother, Cloverstone and sister, Nightkit. Stagkit prodded Nightkit with fear in his eyes. "N-Nightkit, did you hear t-that?"Nightkit rolled over with an annoyed twitch of her tail. "It's nothing, Stagkit." Go back to sleep. Stagkit looked towards the entrance of the nursery, and shivered snuggling deeper into his mother's belly. "But there was.."

Soon he went back to sleep. When he woke, light was filtering through the den entrance. His sister was jumping around him after a moss ball, and his mother was speaking to two other queens, Daisyleaf and Pebbledusk . Nightkit trotted over to him. "Hi, Stagkit!" She squeaked. "Cloverstone, can we go play outside? Please?" The brown tabby she-cat nodded. "Alright, but say out of trouble."

Stagkit darted ahead of his sister towards the entrance. Running past the two other queens. "Come on Amberkit, Silentkit!" He called as he passed. The four kits tumbled out of the den with Stagkit in the lead. Silentkit crashed into Stagkit. "Sorry!" He squeaked. Amberkit and Nightkit where locked in a play-fight near by.

Stagkit looked around spotting his older brother from his mother's second litter, Fleetrunner eating a rabbit near the prey pile. Next to him, was his older brother from his mother's first litter, Shadowflame eating a trout. "C'mon let's get Fleetrunner."

Amberkit joined them, as Nightkit went over to watch one of the tom apprentices, Ridgepaw practicing battle moves. "So what's the plan?" Chuckled Amberkit, an orange tabby tom-cat. "We go around him and attack from the back, that way he won't have a chance!" He chuckled.

Amberkit and Silentkit circled around the other two sides of Fleetrunner. Stagkit came in from the back ready to leap. Stagkit leaped into the air, letting out a yowl but it was unheard as a loud bark came from the forest. He tumbled over Fleetrunner. "Wow, I din't know I could sound the fierce!" He chirped. "Better watch out for me!" Fleetrunner had gotten to his paws, sending one glance at Stagkit. "That wasn't you, Stagkit." He mewed, sniffing the air. "Dogs!"

Chapter 2

Stagkit was pushed into the nursery by Shadowflame. The barking continued to grow louder, wile catuwauls of fear filled the air. A loud voice echoed throughout the camp, "Warriors! Out of camp, suround it. Apprentices, Elders and Queens, surround the entrance!" The leader, Blackstar ordered. Cloverstone turned to her two young kits. "Stay safe.." she mumbled, though there was dout in her voice, and Stagkit knew the dout was dout of survival, for all of them.

Stagkit huddled beside Nightkit, Amberkit, and Silentkit. Once, Shadowflame had told him a story about dogs, then he had thought he could defeat one but now hearing their loud barks he was shivering out of his fur. "We'll b-be fin-fine!" Amberkit mewed, though he looked like every other kit in the nursery shivering with fear of death.

After a few moments he heard brambles breaking, and cats still yowling some had been cut off and he knew what that meant.. some cats of his clan where dead and there where more to come, much, much more. 

"I-im scared.." Nightkit cried. Just as she finished a large brown snout bushed it's way into the nursery. "Look, Rambu! It looks like we're going to have an appatizeer." Another snout pushed it's way in, this time it was white, with a large brown nose. "Those little things are more like a small snack." He growled and tilted his head so the kits could see a large brown eye, staring right at them with hunger in it's eyes. 

"O-oh no!" Stagkit looked aroud, wild. "Mama! Mama save us!" yelped Silentkit. Stagkit scrambled around. "He-ah!" His call for help was cut off as the dog's teeth clenched around his back right leg, and pulled him out of the nursery. "Help! Leave me alone!"

Everything was blurry as the dog ran out of the camp with Stagkit in it's jaws. He felt his paws hanging in the air and let out wails of fear. After a few moments of runing through the forest he saw a flash of black and white. He heard yowls of fury. "Leave my brother alone!" he reconized Shadowflame's voice and the yowl of Fleetrunner with him they where here to save him.

Blood trickled onto Stagkit from the dog's ear ripped by Fleetrunner. The two toms where deafeating the dog! He let out a screech as the dog twisted and turned and almost dropped Stagkit. It grabbed Stagkit by the leg and began dragging him off getting away from Fleetrunner and Shadowflame. 

Fleetrunner and Shadowflame went on each side of the dog trying to confuse it, but the dog whipped his head. Tearing Stagkit with it, a deep pain soared through Stagkit from the leg the dog was holding his back right. Everything went black and he heard a yowl of horror from Fleetrunner.

When he awoke he was no longer in the dog's jaws, instead under a hedge, in a small nest. Stagkit let out a wail of pain, his head spun. He closed his eyes, trying to get rid of the pain. It was all over, but mostly he felt a huge amount of pain in his right back leg. Something was missing.

Chapter 3

Stagkit looked back at his leg. His eyes wide when he saw his leg was gone, the stump left was covered in cobwebs and he could smell a tang of comfrey root. His mouth hung open, as if to let out a yowl of fear. Stagkit flopped back onto the nest, the pain was easing but he lay shocked for many, many hours.

Finally, Stagkit looked around. It was very small, in the middle was his nest. The only thing else in the hedge was a few comfrey roots. As he sniffed the air, Stagkit realized he was still in BettaClan's territory. He could still smell their sent marks from border patrols, but most of it was covered by dog sent.

Stagkit struggled to his paws, tilting on his two left paws. Wobbling a bit, he finally gained his ballance. He began to limp towards a small entrance in the hedge. He tumbled over, and rolled right out. He tumbled into a lump of fur.

"Im sorry!" He squeaked. He scrambled back to his paws, almost tumbling over again. He realized the cat was Littlecrow, the medicine cat. "Littlecrow!" he squeaked with relief.

The small black tom lay on the ground. His back faced to Stagkit. Littlecrow! I need you're help. My leg went away." He mewed, nudging the tom-cat. He didn't budge. "Please, can you bring it back?" Stagkit asked nudging the tom again. "Littlecrow, wake up!" He chirped, his hopes lifting. Littlecrow will bring my leg back! He thought.

Stagkit scrambled over Littlecrow's back, tumbling down onto the ground on the other side of the tom. His eyes grew wide, as his paws touched crimson colored liqued. Stagkit looked at Littlecrow's belly, it was ripped open. Dog sent covered the tom's body.

"No!" Stagkit screeched flopping onto the ground. He closed his eyes, trying to make it all go away shaking his head. Stagkit had always wanted to become Littlecrow's apprentice, he wanted to be a medicine cat. Now, his dream was crushed.

Stagkit turned around, he had to find his mother. He realized, he was not tha far from the BettaClan camp. He struggled through the thorn tunnel, it was crushed but it was big enough for the kit to fit through, or a small apprentice. When he finally made his way out of the tunnel, his jaw dropped.