It was a bright sunny clear day in the meadow. Underneath a shady tree. 3 crys of 3 little kits mewling. "They are all boys!" Said the orange tabby tom in happiness. The gray shecat mewed. "Yeah, and one looks like you." She meowed grooming him. "We should name him Zinko." He said. "No way! I like Sulu better." She protested as he nodded. "And the other two should be Gohan, and Jet." she mewed. And the journey continues.

Chapter 1 Edit

"Gohan! Slow Down!" Said Sulu stumbling after his older brother. Jet was right behind Sulu being the slowest as he could. "Boys! SlowDown! You missed the creek!" Called Zahara walking down the other side of the forest. The boys blinked and ran after their mother Sulu in the lead. Once they got to the creek they all relaxed on the flat grass. Gohan flexed his claws on the grass. Jet and Sulu raced to the creek and jumped in. Sulu was having so much fun he didn't notice the other shekits across the bank. Sulu splashed hard giggling. "Hey!" yelled the white shekit. Sulu blinked and turned. "O-oh i'm sorry!" He said helping her up. "Thanks. Just watch what your doing nextime ok?" she smiled. Sulu smiled back. "Boys! Freshkill!" "Girls! FreshPrey!" The parents of the kits called. "Oh well it's time for fresh prey. My father is calling." She said. He nodded. "Wait, What's your name? I'm Sulu." Sulu said twitching his whiskers. "It's Tanar. Well i gotta go!" She said running towards her sisters. Sulu ran towards his brothers who were already stuffing their faces. "So Sulu? Who was that pretty shekit you were talking too." Said Jet swallowing a robin. "Her names Tanar and she's all the way over there." He turned slightly watching her eating a squirrel with her sisters. Once they all were finished both sides left the forest soon to see eachother at the meadow.

Chapter 2 Edit

"What a great surprise." said Zink looking at the Black Shecat. "Yes very, We should talk." She said and they all nodded and walked to a shady tree. The kits smiled at eachother as they talked slowly. "So Boys. I'm Malki." "I'm Tanar!" "And i'm Paton" The girls said. "Im Sulu." "I'm Gohan," "And I'm Jet." The boys then said. They each talked until the moon light up the sky. "Say you guys can sleep in our nest if you'd like." Said Gohan as the girls nodded. They each trotted to the shady tree and slept. Tanar slept with Sulu, Malki slept with gohan. And Last Paton slept with Jet. It was the best night of their lives. Lets head into a few more years and see who's still alive.

Moons Later Edit

Gohan After a few moons of finding out that Sulu And Jet Died he decided to move out of the area with Malki until they were sutied for a better forest. Until the arguement that him and Malki had Malki thought it was time for her to leave that area ending up living near a cave close to where Paton was staying until a Hawk scooped her up and killed her.

Malki After Paton and Tanars tragic deaths she stayed well hidden in the cave that she sleeps in till this day. For it's too tragic for her to visit the old home and visit Gohan after the ridiculous fight they had.

That's all the family i have still alive. Which is really sad. If you want to see my full family tree. ( that's still growing by the second ) Check out Tanari's Family Tree