Talia is a young pup living a leash-dog life with her mother, the mystery of the wild might not draw much attention to her littermates, but it does spark attention to Talia. One day, a battle changes her life forever, f Talia's struggles and rise to power is about to begin.

Chapter 1 Edit

Talia open her eyes, beside her lay her brother, Chewy and her sister Rita. Talia glance to her left, her mother-dog and father-dog glance at them speaking about her being a show dog and being mates with Dodge, the eskimo's pack alpha's son. She desipe the idea, Dodge acts like his tail touches the sky-dogs.

Rita and Chewy on the other hand was boring and bullied her alot. Rita once clawed her head deep and even told her she was a lier when she explored the forest by herself. Chewy agreed with Rita, Talia tensed her dull claws getting stuck in the soft fabic" One day, Rita and Chewy, I tear you apart", she whispered softly to herself.

Talia lay back down, Rita prance towards her. " Hey tiny pup, the longpaws are going to take us to our new home and your homeless. " Talia growled lowly" So what". Rita smirked laughing" Longpaw will have to fire at your with it loudstick. As the word loudstick came out Talia's eyes open.

Rita laughed her tail wagging" You can alway just go in the forest, and get fleas and ticks and get eaten by a hawk". Talia sprang to her paws and lunge at Rita, her paw slamming on her cheek pinning her down, screeching" I tired of you bullying me". Rita kicked her off" Haha, mother-dog never taught you how to fight".

Talia screech loudly"I never need to learn how to fight to learn this move", Talia lunge and nip at her belly and back out backward,