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Briskcloud's story, overall, how she came to CragClan and met Whisperleaf and Shadestar.

Chapter 1 Edit

Brisk woke up, the warm scents of prey filling her nostrils as her mother, Ivory, strode back into the makeshift den. Her brother, Frost, let out a squeal, his dismal face still dull with hunger.

"Kits, you can eat now that I'm back. It's nearly moonhigh, so eat up," Ivory meowed in a gentle tone, her blue eyes filled with warmth as she lay beside her kits, who were eagerly wolfing up the mouse she had laid down for them.

Frost's eyes still stayed dull, and he meowed, "Why can't we go to Twolegplace, mother? There's food, safety, and warmth there!" The tom leapt onto his mother's back, leaving Brisk to finish the mouse.

Brisk rose up from her prey, glaring at her brother. "That'd be mouse-brained. Twolegs smell horrible! Even a mouse would stay away from them." She glanced at the mouse, wondering if it had encountered putrid Twolegs.

Gazing at her two kits, Ivory let out a purr of delight. "Maybe we could compromise. Brisk, we would stay in Twolegplace, but not with Twolegs themselves. And Frost, you'd probably have all the warmth and prey you would need for the rest of snowsky," responded the pale she-cat, who glanced outside of the bush's entrance.

"We could. But I don't want to touch any Twolegs, or that rabbit slop they feed to kittypets," Brisk meowed, shoving the prey under a few nearby leaves. She padded over to where her mother crouched, and sat next to her furry legs. Somehow, Ivory still kept warm even in the bleakest weather, which was astonishing to a small kit such as Brisk.

Ivory set her gaze on Frost, who was half-asleep on her back. "Frost, what do you think? Do you want to head to Twolegplace?" The kit glanced up at his mother, and gave a swift nod to her. "Alright. We'll sleep here tonight, but tomorrow, we'll move to Twolegplace. Hopefully our ancestors bless us with warmth and prey," she softly meowed, curling her tail around Brisk.

Brisk began purring, and soon settled into a dreamy sleep, where she imagined lush, abundant, rolling plains where prey resided. Dreams were the only way she knew to escape the bleak, frightening world outside of her den.

The next morning...
The white she-cat awoke to Frost, prodding her in the chest. "Wake up! We go to Twolegplace today," he meowed in a squeaky, excited tone. Brisk yawned, and stretched, noticing Ivory was gone out hunting.

"Is mother out hunting?" Brisk asked, and her brother nodded in reply. She would go out every morning to catch a few pieces for the day, then would bring her kits along to gather herbs. Currently, there weren't any herbs in the den, due to the gelid weather which killed most plants.

As Brisk rose up, she saw a ball of moss that Frost had most likely gathered during the night. The kit crept reluctantly out of the den, gazing around at the frigid snow that fell. She smelt a warm, tempting scent, which she figured was prey. Frost leapt out beside her, his eyes content and energized once more.

"Ooh! I smell prey!" gasped the tom, raising his muzzle into the air. Brisk let out a mrrow of amusement at her brother, who seemed to always have energy to spare.

As Brisk stepped forward, she heard a loud meow interrupt her. "Brisk, Frost? Twolegplace is abundant in prey, my goodness," meowed the soft voice of Ivory as she strode towards them.

"But I thought you were getting prey, mother," questioned Brisk, tilting her head. At least she and her kindred would be safe in Twolegplace, with much prey.