Prologue Edit

"You're too weak to overcome your fear of us." A dark, mischievous voice sounded in the depths of a shadowed forest, isolated from the light. "Too weak." The voice reiterated.

"I'm not weak!" The reply echoed, but abruptly ended as a flurry of snarls groped the air, choking the young feline as the hostility towered around her.

Turning to run, the feline stumbled as she reached a small dip in the ground. Landing face first, she hissed. The expression of irritation and the urge to hurry streamed through her petite frame.

Howls sounded, seeming to travel quickly. The cat scrambled up onto all of her paws, and ran, ran as fast as she could.

But fast wasn't good enough.

Chapter 1 Edit

The camp was still drenched from last nights' showers, along with the grass being saturated in blood. The dog attack has taken its toll on DawnClan. The used to be infamous Clan has lost many of its members, including their almighty leader, Sparrowstar.

The new litter of kits was also deceased, their mother still grieving from the horrific tragedy. The camp now only contains five cats, all who are brutally injured. DawnClan will be the weakest of the four.

LakeClan, ForestClan, and ShadowClan will surely attempt to take their territory during this time, driving the rest of DawnClan out.

- Edit

"Dewclaw! Get back here!" Opal tail hissed through gritted teeth as her companion scurried off in the middle of a hunt. A slender yet muscular tom stepped beside the she-cat, motioning his head in a disappointed manner.

Dewclaw pranced by the riverbed, excitement overwhelming her. "I'm a warrior! I'm a warrior!" She chanted aloud, a wide smile placed beneath her long whiskers, displaying a very cheery mood.

"Yes, yes, we know you're a warrior. And warriors have great responsibilities, especially hunting for the Clan." Waterleap's wise words made Opaltail wince in confusion, perking her ears up. Funny that he says that, he was a stupid little fur-ball himself!

Dewclaw slightly cowered, but continued to advance in the other direction absently.


"Fine, I'm coming..." The young feline hung her head downheartedly as she trotted back to her assigned hunting patrol.

Flameleaf, LakeClan's devoted deputy, reassured that the hunting party's attendance withheld every assigned cat as he recounted everyone. "Alright, Opaltail, why don't you lead us today? You've proven yourself worthy countless times before, and I believe you'll do quite well."

"Oh, uh, okay." Opaltail stammered, this being an unexpected event. She cleared her throat, and projected her brilliant idea aloud: "I think we should go to the shore. Last night, dogs assailed DawnClan and scared half our land prey away during the process. Since the fish have no where else to go, I think we'll have most luck there."

Flameleaf nodded, agreeing with Opaltail's choice.


The patrol settled amidst the rocky shore of what they call: "The Lake of Misty Waters". Opaltail was instructing Dewclaw on the basic fishing skills that she should possess as a warrior.

"The Right Flash is quite simple if you maneuver your paw sideways whilst reaching into the lake, but be sure to unsheath your claws during that time to snag the fish. They are fast creatures, you know." Opaltail murmured the "recipe" of the fishing move: "Right Flash" into Dewclaw's ear, making sure she followed the steps willingly and correctly.

Silence overtook the gloomy forest, only the occasional bird tweet sounded.

Then, instantaneously, a din of a splash erupted into the air, breaking the silence.

Dewclaw hooked her paw up, a fish dangling helplessly from her jagged claw.

"I caught one!" Dewclaw exclaimed as she struggled to control the fish, pinning it to the shore.

"Nice, it's a trout." Opaltail mewed as she advanced to Dewclaw. "When you get your catch out of the water, give it a quick nip to it's head area to finish it off. Do this abruptly, RIGHT when you take it out, or else you'll have trouble with it flopping around everywhere."

Dewclaw nodded, then scooped up her trout, clasping it between her jaws.

WIP (Work in Progress) Edit

I will be adding pictures to my story as soon as I get the most realistic ones! Sit tight!