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Introductory Edit

This is about Sin, a massive white male pitbull with a taste for blood. When he and his mate Cinder come across a newly made pack they decide to join, seeing promise in the few members it has. Later on, Sin goes away unexpectedly leaving the pack to fend for themselves. When he gets back he finds out when he was away his friends and family have all betrayed him, and he will not stand for it.

Sermonize Edit

Greetings newcomer. You mustn't be afraid young one for this is no place for the faint of heart.

I was never evil. Nor did i remorse any of my Foul decisions. How can you blame me? My family betrayed me and I simply gave them what they deserved. Such a long time with such profound abhorrence left me numb. My lesson for you, young one, is be deceitful and scheming and always be two steps ahead of you're Enemy. Don't be vague to relish life and all of the blessings it gives you. But never forget all of the marvelous sins you may acquire at death.

Chapter 1: TBA Edit


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