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Speck by Okami Rain

>>This is Grey, she is a bright and wild wolf with the spirit of pup. She always thinks positive and never lets anyone put her down. She can be serious at some time but is usually loving and caring toward others and her brother. Grey faces lots of problems throughout her life and cannot keep up with it all as her childish mind matures. She becomes stronger in words as if she's a leader but she doesn't believe in wars or battles because all can be stop by words. This is Grey's lesson on how she must learn to fight to survive in the world today. <<



>>This is Pike, he is a strong and protective over his younger sister, Grey. He is trains Grey about the wildlife of the forest and the pack's territory, he is next in line to led the pack but worries that with so much power it will get to his head. Pike speaks for his sister when she cannot explain anything. He is powerful and smart with great fighting/battling/hunting skills<<

Oc commission tribal wolf by seraphic a-d8yc7pg


>>This is Blue, the leader or alpha male of the pack now. He wears the blue feather to symbolize his leadership. He is strong and smart with the mind and heart of a leader. He has two pups Pike and Grey, Blue is teaching Pike how to be a strong and smart leader but worries that his pup is to close to his sister, Grey, and it to attached to her learning then his own. Together the family is pulled together<<

Setting: Edit

Forest~Dark and gloomy forest with rays of sunlight that just breach through the leaves of the massive oak trees that hang above the packs camp and territory.

Human Homes~Wooden boxes that seem to be hollow inside with these creatures with some type of substance that covers themselves.

River~Clear blue water with stones that surround the edges of the water and lay on the bottom of the water. Filled with fish and ocean life.

Packs: Edit

The Pack Of Hidden Mysteries~Blue is leader.

The Pack Of Hunting Paws~Fang is leader

The Pack Of Fading Dreams~Spark is leader

The Pack Of Never Ending Water~Spine is leader

Chapters: Edit

Chapter 1~ Into the pack

Chapter 2~ Forest terror

Chapter 3~ Battle scars

Chapter 4~ Icy peak

Chapter 5~ Fallen sky

>>Much more<<

Chapter One Edit

Snow trickled down from the sky as Grey followed her brother, Pike, around the packs territory. Her sea foam green eyes glittered with joy as she bounced around in the snow. She barked out but it was quickly cut of by Pike.

"Stay quiet sis, you don't wanna scare off any of the prey." Pike said over his shoulder.

"Oh, sorry i didn't mean to. I'm just so excited i get to be out here! With you!" Grey trotted up more next to Pike.